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To Be Human Against All Odds

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To be Human Against All Odds

To Be Human Against All Odds [Pdf/ePub] eBook

To be Human Against All Odds by Frederick Franck Book Summary:

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Life Against All Odds

To Be Human Against All Odds [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Life Against All Odds by Alfred Cave Book Summary:

The Revealing Portrait of an African American Success Story Before he was in his teens, Alfred Cave was already an orphan, a runaway, and a homeless person on the mean streets of New York. Five decades later, he would retire after heading the nation's largest supported work program, as well as his own successful federal contracting company. This amazing story is recounted in Against All Odds, a stirring account of Cave's surviving and thriving despite all life could throw at him. A wide-ranging yet intimate memoir, Against All Odds follows Cave beginning with his earliest recollections in a violently racist South. But the deep-seated attitudes there don't disappear when he escapes to the North and, later, the U.S. Army. Cave brings readers along for the ride as he rises to a Major, commanding two battalions and receiving a Bronze Star. It's a revealing glimpse into an ambitious African American soldier's unique experiences navigating the military's hesitantly integrated ranks, and the challenges of raising a family along the way. As he returns to the private sector, Cave continues to document an engrossing cast of characters - some endearing, others maddening - that readers won't soon forget.

Against All Odds

To Be Human Against All Odds [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Against All Odds by Corina L. Petrescu Book Summary:

This study comprises an analysis of public spheres in National Socialist Germany. It investigates where and under what circumstances resistance to Hitler's regime was possible. The author focuses on the space of the crypto-public - defined as a politicized private sphere - as a potential realm for anti-state activism. Based on the activities of four organizations operating in Germany between 1933 and 1944 - the Jewish Cultural Association Berlin, the Kreisau Circle, the White Rose, and the Schulze-Boysen/Harnack Organization - she analyzes how this social locus functioned to foster resistance to National Socialism. She examines the artifacts of these groups - leaflets, pamphlets, politico-economic treatises, and theater performances - in order to establish models of crypto-public spaces and evaluate their possibilities and limitations as sites of resistance.

Global Ethics and Environment

To Be Human Against All Odds [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Global Ethics and Environment by Nicholas Low Book Summary:

As global capitalism expands and reaches ever-further corners of the world, practical problems continue to escalate and repercussions become increasingly serious and irreversible. These practical problems carry with them equally important and ethical issues. Global Ethics and Environment explores these ethical issues from a range of perspectives and using a wide range of case studies. Chapters focus on: the impact of development in new industrial regions; the ethical relationship between human and non-human nature; the application of ethics in different cultural and institutional contexts; environmental injustice in the location of hazardous materials and processes; the ethics of the impact of a single event (Chernobyl) on the global community; the ethics of transitional institutions. This collection will both stimulate debate and provide an excellent resource for wide-ranging case study material and solid academic context.

Metaphysics, Mathematics, and Meaning

To Be Human Against All Odds [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Metaphysics, Mathematics, and Meaning by Nathan U. Salmon,Professor of Philosophy Nathan Salmon Book Summary:

'Metaphysics, Mathematics and Meaning' brings together Nathan Salmon's influential papers on topics in the metaphysics of existence, non-existence and fiction. He includes a previously unpublished essay and helpful new introduction to orient the reader.

Good Morning Corfu: Living Abroad Against All Odds

To Be Human Against All Odds [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Good Morning Corfu: Living Abroad Against All Odds by David A. Ross Book Summary:

Often funny, always thoughtful, and surprisingly esoteric in nature, the forty-four short essays written by award-winning author David A. Ross deal with expatriate living in detail - from myth to reality, from novelty to stagnation, from glorious experiences to down-right gory experiences, and back again.

Winning Against All Odds

To Be Human Against All Odds [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Winning Against All Odds by Donald Shorter Book Summary:

Readers discover how to build a solid foundation in their inner man to weather the storms of life and turn those difficulties around as stepping stones for their future success. Dr. Don Shorter shares through extensive personal experience and scriptural principles that believers can move into a rewarding life through the Word of God. Opposition should not be a stopping point for believers, but another chance for God to show Himself strong on their behalf. By removing obstacles and hindrances through making simple adjustments, readers will be on their way to success. They will discover a winner's lifestyle of talking success, believing they are successful, and living like a winner. More than just another motivational book, Dr. Shorter reveals the importance of fighting the fight of faith in your thought life. By cultivating positive thoughts uncovered in God's Word, readers will renew their minds to the principles of a winner's lifestyle. Shorter gives inspiration and sound biblical advice to win in life much like John Maxwell's book, Today Matters. Where Maxwell encourages readers to focus on 12 principles on a daily basis for success, Shorter simplifies this process by giving readers spiritual principles and instruction on how to be led by the spirit of God in day to day decisions.

The Essential Sangharakshita

To Be Human Against All Odds [Pdf/ePub] eBook

The Essential Sangharakshita by Urgyen Sangharakshita,Sangharakshita (Bhikshu),Karen Stout Book Summary:

Profoundly knowledgeable and articulate, and equally at home with science, philosophy, myth, art, and poetry, Urgyen Sangharakshita uses every inner avenue to communicate the timeless Dharma to the Western mind. Engaging both the intellect and the heart countless times in a single chapter, the author draws remarkably apt examples from sources as diverse as Orwell, Aeschylus, and Jane Austen. This distilled volume is a primer to the breadth and depth of Buddhist thought and practice.

Against All Odds

To Be Human Against All Odds [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Against All Odds by Brad Christerson,Korie L. Edwards,Michael O. O. Emerson Book Summary:

Religious institutions continue to be among the most segregated organizations in modern America. This book looks at the problems faced by integrated churches & examines the development of integrated religious organizations.

Survive and Thrive Against the Odds

To Be Human Against All Odds [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Survive and Thrive Against the Odds by Shellie Jones Book Summary:

Survive and Thrive against the Odds is a compelling memoir of a determined sister who miraculously survived birth, death, and other traumas of life by keeping her faith. In this book, Jones shares a plethora of stories of her humble beginnings from a childs viewpoint to midlife. Shellie Jones made many mistakes in her life and because of them, she suffered the consequences. Sometimes her faith was strong and other times, it wavered. Although she has experienced many trials and felt so much pain, her life has entailed positive outcomes as a result of Gods love and His amazing grace. Her positive attitude, faith, gratitude, knowing who she is and who she belongs to as a joint heir of Jesus Christ, and her determination became the essential keys for living. The heavenly Father orchestrated circumstances in her life according to His divine order and her scars became her stars. In the latter part of this book, readers will find how her perspectives changed as she has continued to live her life. E-mail: [email protected]

Against All Odds

To Be Human Against All Odds [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Against All Odds by Senator Scott Brown Book Summary:

Against All Odds is the extraordinary personal story of the man who rose up to meet the challenge of terrific opposition and become one of America's most promising new political figures—Senator Scott Brown. Brown is famous for succeeding popular Massachusetts Senator Ted Kennedy after Kennedy’s death in 2010—but, as he reveals in a compelling memoir reminiscent of Sarah Palin’s Going Rogue and Clarence Thomas’s My Grandfather’s Son, his experiences with struggle and achievement go back a lifetime.

Looks to Lift the Spirit

To Be Human Against All Odds [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Looks to Lift the Spirit by J. Bernard Taylor Book Summary:

The format of this book is unique, featuring an acrostic on the word LOOK. The purpose of the book is to provide Biblical insights for daily living. The discussion of each Bible passage is an acrostic of the word LOOK. The letter L stands for the lesson or purpose of the Scripture. The letter O represents the outline of the passage. The next letter O contains an overview of the passage, and the letter K asks a reflective question about it. Each LOOK ends with a sentence prayer. Readers may browse for LOOKS which might seem appropriate for them at that time, or read them all consecutively. He sincerely hopes the book will benefit the readers in meeting their daily spiritual needs. These LOOKS come from sermons preached through the years, but the format makes them more than just a book of sermons. They are synopses of sermons with an interesting format getting to the main points of the message with an opportunity for response. A special section of the book deals with LOOKS in building a great church. These LOOKS including prayer, witnessing, teaching, and serving are signs of strong, vibrant churches that are on a continual journey of renewal and transformation.


To Be Human Against All Odds [Pdf/ePub] eBook


You never know how strong you are until you rouse the champion in you! AGAINST ALL ODDS is a collection of real-life stories of men and women, who through determination, perseverance, positive thinking and faith in God, turned adversities that should have made them nonentities to opportunities that made them celebrities In Against All Odds, you’ll discover, among other riveting narratives, how George Washington Carver overcame chronic disease, deprivation, and discrimination to become a remarkable scientist and renowned inventor; Elizabeth Blackwell rose above gender bias and fierce opposition to become the first woman to earn a degree in medicine; Abraham Lincoln became a celebrated lawyer, legislator, and president despite his prolonged battle with depression, defeat, and distress; Fanny Crosby, the blind girl from a backwater town, became the most prolific hymn writer in history; Harriet Tubman overcame the horrors of a turbulent and traumatic childhood to liberate herself from the bondage of slavery and helped to rescue many other slaves from the captivity of their cruel masters; Ben Carson successfully battled mediocrity and low self-esteem to change his reputation from being the “dumbest student” in the class to being one of the most brilliant doctors in the world.

The Odds Against Betting. Second Edition

To Be Human Against All Odds [Pdf/ePub] eBook

The Odds Against Betting. Second Edition by N.A Book Summary:

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Historical Pragmatics

To Be Human Against All Odds [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Historical Pragmatics by Robert E. Butts Book Summary:

For 35 years, the critical and creative writings of Robert E. Butts have been a notable and welcome part of European and North American philosophy. A few years ago, James Robert Brown and Jiirgen Mittelstrass feted Professor Butts with a volume entitled An Intimate Relation (Boston Studies vol. 116, 1989), essays by twenty-six philosophers and historians of the sciences. And that joining of philosophers and historians was impressive evidence of the 'intimate relation' between historical illumination and philosophical understanding which is characteristic of Butts throughout his work. Not alone, Butts has been, and is, one of this generation's most incisive thinkers, devoted to responsible textual scholarship and equally responsible imaginative interpretation. Brown and Mittelstrass said that "throughout his writings, science, its philosophy, and its history have been treated as a seamless web", and I would add only that philosophy per se is a part of the web too. Here in this book before us are the results, a lovely collection from the work of Robert Butts, who is for so many of his colleagues, students and readers, Mr. HPS, the model philosophical historian and historical philosopher of the sciences. July 1993 Robert S. Cohen Center for Philosophy and History of Science, Boston University TABLE OF CONTENTS BIBLIOGRAPHICAL NOTE IX INTRODUCTION Xl PART I EARLY MODERN PHILOSOPHY OF SCIENCE 1 1. Some tactics in Galileo's propaganda for the mathematization of scientific experience 3 2.

Power and Marginality in the Abraham Narrative - Second Edition

To Be Human Against All Odds [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Power and Marginality in the Abraham Narrative - Second Edition by Hemchand Gossai Book Summary:

Who will speak for Hagar or Isaac or Sarah or the daughters of Lot? With an interpretive trajectory that moves from the margin to the center, this book gives voice to the marginalized and voiceless in the Abraham Narratives. Further, this approach is based on the premise that there is a continuum of power in the various characters in these narratives and that the most powerful are those who are lodged at the center while those with the least power are on the margin or beyond. The intent of this study is to direct and perhaps re-direct our attention to the text and with fresh eyes seek a sometimes radical realignment of roles and power. It is true that many of the characters focused on in this book are women. This is not, however, only a book about women, though clearly women are the principal characters on the margin.

Advanced Oil Crop Biorefineries

To Be Human Against All Odds [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Advanced Oil Crop Biorefineries by Abbas Kazmi Book Summary:

This book explains how the use of whole plants and by-products can maximize efficiency in the European oil-crop supply chain.

A Dream Fulfilled Against All Odds

To Be Human Against All Odds [Pdf/ePub] eBook

A Dream Fulfilled Against All Odds by Harvey Smith, Sr. Book Summary:

This memoir is a story of Harvey Smith starting at the age of five having been injured in a truck accident and was thought to have died, but he survived. The injury created serious problems for Harvey as he tried to live a normal life even though the accident stunted his growth and created learning disabilities for him. This is a story of how Harvey faced several near death experiences, survived it all, and went on to achieve his dream of earning a college degree even though all the odds were stacked against him. This is a story of family life, romance, comedy, trials and tribulations, and an ending victory.

Three Theological Mistakes

To Be Human Against All Odds [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Three Theological Mistakes by Ric Machuga Book Summary:

- Is the existence of God a matter of faith or knowledge? - Does God sometimes act miraculously or are there physical causes for everything? - Is morality absolute or relative? - Are humans truly free or does God's sovereignty determine everything? - When bad things happen, is God the cause or are they the fault of humans? Too frequently Christians answer these questions with a Yes to one side and a No to the other side. Thomas Aquinas and Karl Barth answer Yes to both. Following their model, Machuga defends a "third way" which transcends the Enlightenment dichotomies of fideism vs. rationalism, supernaturalism vs. naturalism, relativism vs. absolutism, free will vs. predestination, and God's justice vs. his mercy. Machuga begins by showing how these false dichotomies grew out of the Enlightenment assumptions of mechanism, universal quantification, and mono-causation. He then corrects these demonstrably dubious assumptions by articulating a theory of dual-causation. The result is a thoroughly biblical understanding of God, miracles, and free will that can withstand the contemporary criticisms of both science and philosophy.

To Make Our World Anew

To Be Human Against All Odds [Pdf/ePub] eBook

To Make Our World Anew by Robin D. G. Kelley,Earl Lewis Book Summary:

The two volumes of Kelley and Lewis's To Make Our World Anew integrate the work of eleven leading historians into the most up-to-date and comprehensive account available of African American history, from the first Africans brought as slaves into the Americas, right up to today's black filmmakers and politicians. This first volume begins with the story of Africa and its origins, then presents an overview of the Atlantic slave trade, and the forced migration and enslavement of between ten and twenty million people. It covers the Haitian Revolution, which ended victoriously in 1804 with the birth of the first independent black nation in the New World, and slave rebellions and resistance in the United States in the years leading up to the Civil War. There are vivid accounts of the Civil War and Reconstruction years, the backlash of the notorious "Jim Crow" laws and mob lynchings, and the founding of key black educational institutions, such as Howard University in Washington, D.C. Here is a panoramic view of African-American life, rich in gripping first-person accounts and short character sketches that invite readers to relive history as African Americans have experienced it.

The NewMediaReader

To Be Human Against All Odds [Pdf/ePub] eBook

The NewMediaReader by Associate Professor in the Computer Science Department at the University of California Santa Cruz Noah Wardrip-Fruin,Noah Wardrip-Fruin,Nick Montfort,Associate Professor of Digital Media Nick Montfort Book Summary:

A sourcebook of historical written texts, video documentation, and working programs that form the foundation of new media. This reader collects the texts, videos, and computer programs--many of them now almost impossible to find--that chronicle the history and form the foundation of the still-emerging field of new media. General introductions by Janet Murray and Lev Manovich, along with short introductions to each of the texts, place the works in their historical context and explain their significance. The texts were originally published between World War II--when digital computing, cybernetic feedback, and early notions of hypertext and the Internet first appeared--and the emergence of the World Wide Web--when they entered the mainstream of public life. The texts are by computer scientists, artists, architects, literary writers, interface designers, cultural critics, and individuals working across disciplines. The contributors include (chronologically) Jorge Luis Borges, Vannevar Bush, Alan Turing, Ivan Sutherland, William S. Burroughs, Ted Nelson, Italo Calvino, Marshall McLuhan, Jean Baudrillard, Nicholas Negroponte, Alan Kay, Bill Viola, Sherry Turkle, Richard Stallman, Brenda Laurel, Langdon Winner, Robert Coover, and Tim Berners-Lee. The CD accompanying the book contains examples of early games, digital art, independent literary efforts, software created at universities, and home-computer commercial software. Also on the CD is digitized video, documenting new media programs and artwork for which no operational version exists. One example is a video record of Douglas Engelbart's first presentation of the mouse, word processor, hyperlink, computer-supported cooperative work, video conferencing, and the dividing up of the screen we now call non-overlapping windows; another is documentation of Lynn Hershman's Lorna, the first interactive video art installation.


To Be Human Against All Odds [Pdf/ePub] eBook


Parasizm is a money-off system which has a moral sentiment based on the idea in which production and communion will be done in a fair way and the society will become fair. The historical process of humanity is always in the direction of unity and solidarity. Since the early ages people have founded communities of faith, nations and states. Following these developements, parasizm aims at reuniting the whole humanity in order and equable way. It aims at creating a world in which real values exist and ending the fake value of money. The monetary system is the first cause of injustice, inequity and tyranny among people. Money provides a power to harm other people. So it creates disquiet and conflict among people. It destroys the association in the society and isolates people. At the present time of monetary system people discontent from life and feels pain. The world has gone to pieces with the conflict of interests and wars and been brought on the brink of chaos. The dominant powers have always looked after their own interests. The people whose freedom have been restricted by these dominant powers have always had a chip on their shoulders about the burden of taxes and fighted to survive hopelessly. These people who have been left to their fates have no choice other than dying if they do not have any money. The people are in the breadline with the stress and depression. The young ones start to use drugs and alcohol in the cause of psychological disorder and attempt to suicide. The human civilization has built this world with the common quest. This is the supreme example of how important unity and solidarity are. The people in unity are able to manage anything in the human interest. Those who fight for self-interest will still not be able to ruin the unity and solidarity among people. The monetary system has been over for a while. The people have been in search of hope other than money. It is time to end the monetary system and take yet another turn on the morality principles of parasizm. Due to the exhaustion of remedies based on the natural disasters and heartbreaks, the people might accept the validness of parasizm but it is required to implement parasizm pointblank. Parasizm is for a world in peace, fraternity, and interdependence rather than a world full of wars and chaos. This argument will be based on the conflict between the moral values and the material values in terms of becoming prominent. At the end, the monetary system will be collapsed in the consequence of selfishness it creates and the pointlessness of the material values. Instead, parasizm will become a part of the moral system by expanding horizon of the minds and hearts. I am caling out to whole humanity with love! AHMET ORHAN ERULGEN

Against All Odds - The Most Amazing True Life Story You'll Ever Read

To Be Human Against All Odds [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Against All Odds - The Most Amazing True Life Story You'll Ever Read by Paul Connolly Book Summary:

It had been years since I had seen any of the children with whom I had grown up. When I left the children's home, I promised myself that I would have nothing to do with them, I was sure that my only chance of living a good life would be to put the past behind me, even though that meant saying goodbye to some of the people I loved the most - as well as the ones I turned out that six of us had died, several by slow suicide in the form of heroin abuse, and at least two by faster means. When two police officers arrived out of the blue at Paul Connolly's door, he learned the shocking news that, out of the eight children with whom he shared a dormitory in care, only two were still alive. The revelation unearthed painful memories of a childhood that, until this point, Paul had tried desperately to put behind him. Abandoned at two weeks old, Paul came of age in the infamous St Leonards's Children's Home in East London. The children there were routinely abused, often over the course of many years. All were underfed and unloved and told that they would amount to nothing. Angry and frustrated, Paul channelled his rage into boxing - but when an accident shattered his ambition to turn professional, he found his true calling and became a successful trainer, even working as a consultant on the pilot of a top model's fitness video. Paul has finally found peace and fulfilment beyond anyhing he could have imagined all those years ago. He has found happiness with his wife and children and now helps to heal broken bodies, build confidence and transform lives - but he will never forget his past and the unnecessary victims of broken society...

Vox Lycei 1958-1959

To Be Human Against All Odds [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Vox Lycei 1958-1959 by Lisgar Collegiate Institute Book Summary:

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Against All Odds

To Be Human Against All Odds [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Against All Odds by Chip Westbrook Book Summary:

I felt like I was sitting cozy by a fire enjoying story telling, style reminiscent of Laura Ingalls Wilder 'Little House on the Prairie' series. -Hardy ---------------------------------SSS-------------------------------- When you read the words of Chip Westbrook regarding his early years in Eastern Oregon, you can smell the Sagebrush, the Juniper, the horse's lather, and feel the sun's warmth in the spring. He describes it exactly how it was, in the past we knew and loved. -Bowne ---------------------------------SSS-------------------------------- This is an absorbing first-person account of the unique life and works of Chip Westbrook as he experienced it. The story begins in Suplee, Oregon, 1941, then on to Burns, Oregon, where his family survived tragedy and many difficulties "on a ranch that was miles from anywhere." He was on his own at age 14 in central Idaho, then he began the solitary life of a sheep herder at the age of 17 for the next five years. The solitude was interrupted one summer when he met "The" girl atop a mountain where she was working as a fire lookout. The story follows him through college, marriage, fatherhood and his career in Aerial Mapping from Idaho to Alberta, Canada, then to the High Arctic and finally to Eugene, Oregon. It is a tale of hardship, adventure and love lived by one man of determination and ingenuity who found he could always make things work "where others had failed or given up." -Rimmer

History, Memory, and State-Sponsored Violence

To Be Human Against All Odds [Pdf/ePub] eBook

History, Memory, and State-Sponsored Violence by Berber Bevernage Book Summary:

Modern historiography embraces the notion that time is irreversible, implying that the past should be imagined as something ‘absent’ or ‘distant.’ Victims of historical injustice, however, in contrast, often claim that the past got ‘stuck’ in the present and that it retains a haunting presence. History, Memory, and State-Sponsored Violence is centered around the provocative thesis that the way one deals with historical injustice and the ethics of history is strongly dependent on the way one conceives of historical time; that the concept of time traditionally used by historians is structurally more compatible with the perpetrators’ than the victims’ point of view. Demonstrating that the claim of victims about the continuing presence of the past should be taken seriously, instead of being treated as merely metaphorical, Berber Bevernage argues that a genuine understanding of the ‘irrevocable’ past demands a radical break with modern historical discourse and the concept of time. By embedding a profound philosophical reflection on the themes of historical time and historical discourse in a concrete series of case studies, this project transcends the traditional divide between ‘empirical’ historiography on the one hand and the so called ‘theoretical’ approaches to history on the other. It also breaks with the conventional ‘analytical’ philosophy of history that has been dominant during the last decades, raising a series of long-neglected ‘big questions’ about the historical condition – questions about historical time, the unity of history, and the ontological status of present and past –programmatically pleading for a new historical ethics.

Against All Odds (Heroes of Quantico Book #1)

To Be Human Against All Odds [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Against All Odds (Heroes of Quantico Book #1) by Irene Hannon Book Summary:

For FBI Hostage Rescue Team member Evan Cooper and his partner, dignitary protection duty should have been a piece of cake. Unfortunately, Monica Callahan isn't making it easy. Estranged from her diplomat father--who is involved in a sensitive hostage situation in the Middle East--she refuses to be intimidated by a related terrorist threat back in the States. That is, until a chilling warning convinces her that the danger is very real--and escalating. As Coop and his partner do their best to keep her safe, Monica's father triggers an abduction that puts his daughter's life at risk. And with every second that ticks by, Coop knows that the odds of saving the only woman who has ever breached the walls around his heart are dropping. After all, terrorists aren't known for their patience--or their mercy. Book one in the Heroes of Quantico series, this suspense-filled novel will whisk readers along for the thrilling ride.

The Merchants' Magazine and Commercial Review

To Be Human Against All Odds [Pdf/ePub] eBook

The Merchants' Magazine and Commercial Review by N.A Book Summary:

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Politics of Nature

To Be Human Against All Odds [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Politics of Nature by Centre de Sociologie de L'Innovation Bruno Latour,Bruno Latour Book Summary:

What is to be done with politicl ecology? Qhy political ecology has to let go of nature; How to bring the collective together; A new separation of power; Skills for the collective; Exploring common worlds; What is to be done? political ecology.

The Biology of Moral Systems

To Be Human Against All Odds [Pdf/ePub] eBook

The Biology of Moral Systems by Richard D. Alexander Book Summary:

Despite wide acceptance that the attributes of living creatures have appeared through a cumulative evolutionary process guided chiefly by natural selection, many human activities have seemed analytically inaccessible through such an approach. Prominent evolutionary biologists, for example, have described morality as contrary to the direction of biological evolution, and moral philosophers rarely regard evolution as relevant to their discussions. The Biology of Moral Systems adopts the position that moral questions arise out of conflicts of interest, and that moral systems are ways of using confluences of interest at lower levels of social organization to deal with conflicts of interest at higher levels. Moral systems are described as systems of indirect reciprocity: humans gain and lose socially and reproductively not only by direct transactions, but also by the reputations they gain from the everyday flow of social interactions. The author develops a general theory of human interests, using senescence and effort theory from biology, to help analyze the patterning of human lifetimes. He argues that the ultimate interests of humans are reproductive, and that the concept of morality has arisen within groups because of its contribution to unity in the context, ultimately, of success in intergroup competition. He contends that morality is not easily relatable to universals, and he carries this argument into a discussion of what he calls the greatest of all moral problems, the nuclear arms race. "Crammed with sage observations on moral dilemmas and many reasons why an understanding of evolution based on natural selection will advance thinking in finding practical solutions to our most difficult social problems." Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social SciencesRichard D. Alexander is Donald Ward Tinkle Professor of Evolutionary Biology, Department of Biology, and Curator of Insects, Museum of Zoology, University of Michigan. A recipient of numerous awards, Dr. Alexander is the author of Darwinism and Human Affairs.

Against the Gods

To Be Human Against All Odds [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Against the Gods by Peter L. Bernstein Book Summary:

A Business Week, New York Times Business, and USA Today Bestseller "Ambitious and readable . . . an engaging introduction to the oddsmakers, whom Bernstein regards as true humanists helping to release mankind from the choke holds of superstition and fatalism." —The New York Times "An extraordinarily entertaining and informative book." —The Wall Street Journal "A lively panoramic book . . . Against the Gods sets up an ambitious premise and then delivers on it." —Business Week "Deserves to be, and surely will be, widely read." —The Economist "[A] challenging book, one that may change forever the way people think about the world." —Worth "No one else could have written a book of such central importance with so much charm and excitement." —Robert Heilbroner author, The Worldly Philosophers "With his wonderful knowledge of the history and current manifestations of risk, Peter Bernstein brings us Against the Gods. Nothing like it will come out of the financial world this year or ever. I speak carefully: no one should miss it." —John Kenneth Galbraith Professor of Economics Emeritus, Harvard University In this unique exploration of the role of risk in our society, Peter Bernstein argues that the notion of bringing risk under control is one of the central ideas that distinguishes modern times from the distant past. Against the Gods chronicles the remarkable intellectual adventure that liberated humanity from oracles and soothsayers by means of the powerful tools of risk management that are available to us today. "An extremely readable history of risk." —Barron's "Fascinating . . . this challenging volume will help you understand the uncertainties that every investor must face." —Money "A singular achievement." —Times Literary Supplement "There's a growing market for savants who can render the recondite intelligibly-witness Stephen Jay Gould (natural history), Oliver Sacks (disease), Richard Dawkins (heredity), James Gleick (physics), Paul Krugman (economics)-and Bernstein would mingle well in their company." —The Australian

By Grace Alone

To Be Human Against All Odds [Pdf/ePub] eBook

By Grace Alone by J. Harold Ellens Book Summary:

These sermons make a strong exegetical and homiletical case, each based upon specific biblical texts, for the central biblical claim for God's radical, unconditional, and universal grace to humankind. They address a variety of themes and texts for Ordinary Time, with the intent of surprising the reader, preacher, or hearer with a fresh and attention-getting perspective on the gospel message. This volume is filled with sermons that deal in every case with profound biblical and theological issues, exegetically grounded in direct interpretation of Scripture texts, and woven together in such a way as to consistently bring to the surface the mainstream of the radical grace theology that is the Word of God throughout both the Hebrew Bible (OT) and the Christian Scriptures (NT). That grace theology mainstream runs from Genesis 3:15 to the last chapter of The Revelation of St. John.

Swami Vivekananda, Poetic Visionary

To Be Human Against All Odds [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Swami Vivekananda, Poetic Visionary by Mohit Chakrabarti Book Summary:

To,Swami vivekananda,a poet's poet par excellence,poetry is the vibrant voice of man,the Divine Being,always in search of purity,poignance,discipline and excellence.The first of its kind in the exhausitive.detailed and pin-pointed appreciation to Vivekananda's poetic genius,Swami Vivekananda;Poetic Visionary signals further avenues of the study and research on the poetry of Swami Vivekananda.

Infants of the Spring

To Be Human Against All Odds [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Infants of the Spring by Wallace Thurman Book Summary:

Minor classic of the Harlem Renaissance centers on the larger-than-life inhabitants of an uptown apartment building. The rollicking satire's characters include stand-ins for Langston Hughes, Zora Neale Hurston, and Alain Locke.

Sun Tzu the Art of War & Basketball

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Sun Tzu the Art of War & Basketball by Daniel Peers - Hoegen Book Summary:

The wisdom, philosophy and lessons of the historic Chinese War general Sun Tzu are applied to the game of basketball in this extensively illustrated book. The goal of Sun Tzu The Art of War & Basketball is to be a tool used by players and coaches to reflect, improve their understanding of basketball and hopefully help elevate their skills to another level with a new mental approach to the game. The great power of the book is its ability to teach and propose a disciplined and composed approach to the game and cultivate an intense desire to win. Sun Tzu The Art of War & Basketball is for anyone who loves basketball and enjoys the pursuit of victory.

Singing in a Strange Land

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Singing in a Strange Land by William D. Lindsey Book Summary:

Singing in a Strange Land is a book of imaginative journey, religious resources, and suggestions for action designed especially for North American Christians to pray with poor and marginalized, and to act for justice on their behalf. Its underlying theme is orthodox: that spirituality and action for justice are necessarily interconnected in the Christian faith. Seven imaginative narratives elicit a sense of the connections that both bind people socially and create and maintain conditions that foster poverty and marginalization. Biblical reflections and prayers from world religions provide a sound basis upon with readers can begin to pray with those who fall outside the mainstream.

The Heart of Being Helpful

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The Heart of Being Helpful by Peter R. Breggin, MD Book Summary:

Based on more than 30 years of clinical experience as a psychiatrist and a therapist, Dr. Breggin's book, now available in an affordable paperback, illustrates the importance of developing a therapeutic bond--or healing presence--between helping professionals and their clients. The author provides useful vignettes, case studies, and personal insights to help both beginning and experienced therapists develop more empathy in therapeutic relationships. He asserts that the first step toward effective treatment is empathic self-transformation in the therapist. It is empathy and self-transformation that lie at the heart of being helpful. Topics include vulnerability, nurturing, helplessness, forgiveness, and spirituality, as well as tips for working with clients in extreme emotional crises, children and families, and patients of culturally diverse backgrounds.

The Political Text-book, Or Encyclopedia

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The Political Text-book, Or Encyclopedia by Michael W. Cluskey Book Summary:

Download or read The Political Text-book, Or Encyclopedia book by clicking button below to visit the book download website. There are multiple format available for you to choose (Pdf, ePub, Doc).

A Guide to Reproduction

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A Guide to Reproduction by Irina Pollard Book Summary:

The purpose of this comprehensive text is to increase awareness of human reproduction and its consequences. The central theme links reproductive capacity, the social consequences of the multiple stresses this places on the environment and the ways this relates back to the reproductive health of humans and other animals. In the first section, the biology of human reproduction is discussed, including such topics as the treatment and causes of infertility, growth and maturation, parental behaviour and neonate biology. The effects of procreational biology on the foundation of human social structure are also examined. The second part deals with reproduction as it relates to health and social issues such as stress, fertility control, AIDS, teratogens and errors of sexual differentiation. It is an invaluable resource for all those wishing to update their knowledge of human reproductive biology.