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The Headmistress

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The Headmistress

The Headmistress [Pdf/ePub] eBook

The Headmistress by Elizabeth Johns Book Summary:

Hannah Bell has spent over ten years of her life running a finishing school for girls where she has prepared several Seasons' worth of successful ladies for their debuts in the ton. While a worthy cause, at times it could be a very lonely one, especially as she is now facing the festive season by herself.Oliver, Lord Wolford, subjected to an arranged marriage when he was a young man, is now a widower and quite content to remain so. He detests the social whirl of London, preferring the country and his animals. However, his sister Jane, Lady Dunsmore, invites him to her home for Christmas, to lure him away from his comfortable, single state.When Oliver is surprised by his sister's matchmaking efforts, will he resist or allow the magic of Christmas to soften his heart?When Hannah's closest friend Jane invites her to Dunsmore Castle for Christmas, will Hannah accept the invitation, or will she continue to let life pass her by?

The Headmistress of Rosemere

The Headmistress [Pdf/ePub] eBook

The Headmistress of Rosemere by Sarah E. Ladd Book Summary:

Patience Creighton has devoted her life to running her father’s boarding school. But when the enigmatic master of the estate appears at her door, battered and unconscious, the young headmistress suddenly finds her livelihood—and her heart —in the hands of one dangerously handsome gentleman. At twenty-five, Patience Creighton is already a spinster. The busy headmistress of Rosemere always expected a dashing man to sweep her off her feet and take her away . . . but that man never came. And since her father’s death, keeping the school running and her mother happy has been plenty to keep her occupied. William Sterling dallied his way into financial trouble and mortal danger. When he is assaulted by his creditors’ henchmen on the road home from a tavern, he guides his horse to the doorstep of his tenant, the Rosemere School for Young Ladies. After being tended to by Patience, the wounded William rides off into the dawn—but makes a point to learn more about the lovely headmistress. As he spends more time at Rosemere, something delicate begins to develop between William and Patience. But that will not deter William’s creditors. With little money to repay his debts, and less for the upkeep of his estate, it becomes clear that sacrificing Rosemere may be the only way to preserve his legacy. But it may also cost him his happiness.

The Headmistress

The Headmistress [Pdf/ePub] eBook

The Headmistress by Angela Thirkell Book Summary:

London school-mistress and her children are evacuated to a bomb shelter in rural England.


The Headmistress [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Spellbound by Elizabeth A. Lewis Book Summary:


Stepfather's Manipulation

The Headmistress [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Stepfather's Manipulation by Tom West Book Summary:

This is the first book I have ever written. This is a fiction based on a true story of a manipulative wicked stepfather who captures the heart of a beautiful, innocent married woman with three children—one boy and two girls—from a different class background. The stepfather is hell-bent on jealousy of the younger siblings, especially the boy. The stepfather disregards his own family, leaving behind his wife and his only son, with no regard to contacting them in the future. An expression from the author who has lived this life does not want this to happen to anybody else, giving you an insight to the manipulation of a wicked stepfather, who manipulates a young boy to remove him from the family with the use of cunning, evil manipulation in such a way that alters the personality and social standing of the young boy, eventually removing him from the family unit and destroying his morals at same time, with a disregard to the young boy’s feelings, and at the same time, destroying his social life and future.

Teaching About Race Relations (RLE Edu J)

The Headmistress [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Teaching About Race Relations (RLE Edu J) by Lawrence Stenhouse,Gajendra Verma,Robert Wild,Jon Nixon Book Summary:

This is the report of two linked research projects: the SSRC Project on Problems and Effects of Teaching about Race Relations, and the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation Project on Teaching About Race Relations through Drama. Its aim is to help teachers who will face race as a theme, whether it arises in the normal course of their subject teaching or is introduced as a separate topic. The project worked with three groups of teachers, each of which adopted a different approach, and the results of the testing programme are given alongside a series of case studies of classroom teaching. The book includes a summary of the findings of the research, express as hypotheses and an account of the teacher-dissemination of the project’s work; it concludes with reflections by the director of the project and a participant teacher.

Good @ Games

The Headmistress [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Good @ Games by Stella Wilkinson Book Summary:

A return to Compass Court Boarding School, and to several of your favourite characters. Flora knows she should be over the moon to have Gabriel’s younger brother, Michael, as her new boyfriend. They are, after all, so much better suited than she and Gabriel would have been. So why isn’t she happy and why does her mind keep returning to Gabriel? Gabriel is horrified to find himself developing feelings for his brother’s girlfriend, but he had his chance with Flora and now it’s too late. Surely it’s much better this way, Flora is sweet and unspoilt, where as he is just as jaded as ever… Jessica Chase has her hands full. Determined to keep her head down at her new school and concentrate on staying out of trouble this time, she finds herself constantly distracted by her feelings for not one, not two, but three totally different boys. The Good Boy: The gorgeous geek, assigned to help Jessica catch up in class. He's clever and yet he doesn't know how handsome he is. The Bad Boy: Dark and dangerously easy to fall for, Jessica tries to steer well clear, but being constantly thrown together makes it tough to keep away from temptation. The Fantasy: After receiving an internal school email meant for someone else, Jessica starts to chat with the sender, he seems like the perfect boy, funny, smart and clearly confident, Jessica begins to wonder if he can really be so perfect or if he should stay a fantasy.

Wolves Within

The Headmistress [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Wolves Within by Shivon Sudesh Book Summary:

ÿWhat really happened to Sathi?s mother ?the mother she never knew?Throughout her eighteen years, Sathi has carried the burden of her grief and guilt over the death of her own mother while giving birth to her. But then she starts investigating ? and unearths hidden documents that suggest her mother did not die in childbirth after all. This shocking discovery sends Sathi to India, the land of her forefathers, on a trail which opens up a world of intrigue she had no idea existed. What secrets are her family keeping from her? What is she to make of the charming but infuriating Zakiy, who is not quite the simple young man he claims to be? And what really happened to her beloved Amma? This page-turner of a story from a talented young novelist is a wonderful read from start to finish. To be continued in the next instalment of the Prism of Truth trilogy, Doves in Flight

Ideology, Policy, and Practice

The Headmistress [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Ideology, Policy, and Practice by Devorah Kalekin-Fishman Book Summary:

This monograph discloses how ideology in the domain of immigration is translated into educational policy and turned into school practices in Israel. The volume also provides bases for comparisons with other countries whose avowed goals are to educate for democracy and egalitarianism; contributes to the methodology of the policy sciences by demonstrating a complex model of process assessment; and clarifies the theorization of the process in which policy and practice are intertwined, and revert to ideology. The book will provide cues to prescription–indications of remedies for at least some of the recognized ills.

Journal of Education

The Headmistress [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Journal of Education by N.A Book Summary:

Download or read Journal of Education book by clicking button below to visit the book download website. There are multiple format available for you to choose (Pdf, ePub, Doc).

The Head Mistress

The Headmistress [Pdf/ePub] eBook

The Head Mistress by Brandi L. Bates Book Summary:

You were introduced to Milan, femme fatale of all femme fatales in Amid the Cacophony of Cries. What happens when this elite escort is given the keys to her on-again, off-again lover's international cocaine trafficking empire? What happens when she's expected to shoulder the burdens and blessings of spearheading all of his business operations, upscale call-girl ring, and handling his enemies? Milan is more ruthless than ever in The Head Mistress. She becomes the first woman to unwittingly inherit an international underground drug network which grosses over $12 million a month, in the formerly male dominated trafficking world of Kevin Restrepo and his Restrepo Cartel. An incest victim molested by her own uncle, turned elite call girl who came from the gritty streets of Los Angeles, Milan comes to terms with untold demons. Her Puerto Rican lover grants her access to the workings of his underground drug network. When he gets arrested by the feds she is expected to pick up where he leaves off. Sudden promotion puts her in the line of fire of a very wealthy, feared, and deadly man. She learns that she's a marked woman and there's a hit out on her life. Amid a cesspool of betrayal, Kevin's younger brother and business partner falls madly in love with Milan. What ensues is a lusty, tempestuous, kinky, torrid triangle of sorts. Being the promiscuous scandal-magnet that she is, Milan befriends a married woman who is highly curious about a bisexual relationship but waffles because of her commitment to God and her marriage to a prominent pastor of a world-renowned mega church in Brooklyn. While Milan miraculously survives brush after brush with death, new enemies materialize and old enemies resurface. Strap on your seatbelt! Hold on as you plunge into the world of The Head Mistress.

Psychotherapy with Adolescent Girls

The Headmistress [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Psychotherapy with Adolescent Girls by D. Lamb Book Summary:

When I was getting my medical and psychiatric training in the late 1950s and early 1960s, the model of normal and deviant adolescent development was the white male. This was not surprising, since for every clinical or psychological study of adolescent girls done during the past 2 decades, there were seven studies on adolescent males. This tremendous discrepancy in actual clinical and research data between male and female adolescents led to the following myths: (1) Female adolescents are different only biologically from their male peers; they have similar psychosocial problems; (2) Adolescent girls have not been studied because their problems are not worth studying; (3) Studying adolescent girls might be dangerous to either the patient or therapist, or to both. In relation to the third myth, male psychotherapists were told that they should not treat female adolescent patients because erotic inter play could develop, which would be harmful to the patient and per haps impossible to resolve. Many clinics in the United States had a rule that young adolescent girls could not be treated by male therapists. It was thus difficult for girls to obtain treatment-for most therapists were males. It also intensified the feelings among parents, teachers, v vi Foreword community leaders, and the girls themselves that perhaps female adolescents were not worth treating.

Accidentally Evil

The Headmistress [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Accidentally Evil by Lara Chapman Book Summary:

In Hallie’s second year at a boarding school for witches, she hones her ability to control other people—but can she control her heart? This magical M!X novel is a companion to The XYZs of Being Wicked. Now that Hallie is in her second year at Dowling Academy, she can finally move to where all of the Crafters live—which means good-bye to her arch-nemesis roommate Kendall, and hello to her best friend, Ivy. But not all change is so welcome: her newfound powers require more of her attention, and even though she wants nothing to with the black magic that allows her to control the thoughts and actions of others, she’s not sure how much choice she really has. Hallie finds a very cute distraction from her moral dilemma: Cody Rae, a fellow Dowling student who is like royalty at the school, and comes from a lineage of very powerful witches. Even though she hears he is planning to ask her to the biggest social event of the year—the Summer Solstice Dance—Hallie has her doubts about Cody. But soon she will discover they have more in common than she ever imagined…

Henry of Magnolia Grove

The Headmistress [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Henry of Magnolia Grove by Peewee Hardesty Book Summary:

Henry lives in an orphanage. One day he finds a box of old records that hold information about his past, showing that he has family somewhere; the box also contains leads for the other children at the home. Though Henry's family cannot be located, fellow orphan Tommy finds an uncle, and another child at the home, Anna, is reunited with many relatives. The Headmistress receives a letter from a state worker that the records are not up to date. Not really wanting to help the children, the Headmistress comes up with a plan to suppress the additional information offered. As events take a surprising turn, will this be the end of Magnolia Grove Orphanage, or the beginning of a new way of life for the children of the home? And will Henry at long last find his family? Follow the wondrous twists and turns in the suspenseful and heartfelt Henry of Magnolia Grove. PeeWee Hardesty lives in Breckinridge County, Kentucky in a town called Rockvale. Her own childhood and family situation inspired her to write Henry of Magnolia Grove, reaching out to children who feel lost and abandoned, and only want to be loved. Ms. Hardesty's next book will be a sequel to Henry of Magnolia Grove. http: //

The Grown-Ups Wouldn't Like It

The Headmistress [Pdf/ePub] eBook

The Grown-Ups Wouldn't Like It by Delia Despair Book Summary:

ÿFor the first five years of my life I was brought up by someone my mother happened to meet on the beach. ?I?m going back to Nigeria next week to re-join my husband,? she mentioned to this woman, ?but I?ve got a baby of six months and I don?t know what to do with her??? Delia Despair, as she is now known to her many blog fans, survived a turbulent if privileged childhood as the daughter of a globe-trotting diplomat and was blessed (or cursed) with a confusion of mummies and a string of convents and smart schools before attending a Swiss business school (pursued by suitors of several nationalities) and managing to become an extremely junior journalist on the Daily Telegraph. After that came a nightmare experience with a tyrannical millionairess boss, followed by encounters with terrorists in Cyprus and finally, a loving marriage to a man dismissed by her parents as beneath her. Delia has penned a fascinating, warm and very funny memoir, replete with encounters with the great and good (and some not so good), from Somerset Maugham, Noel Coward and John Gielgud to Fanny Cradock.

Wild Swans

The Headmistress [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Wild Swans by Jung Chang Book Summary:

The story of three generations in twentieth-century China that blends the intimacy of memoir and the panoramic sweep of eyewitness history—a bestselling classic in thirty languages with more than ten million copies sold around the world, now with a new introduction from the author. An engrossing record of Mao’s impact on China, an unusual window on the female experience in the modern world, and an inspiring tale of courage and love, Jung Chang describes the extraordinary lives and experiences of her family members: her grandmother, a warlord’s concubine; her mother’s struggles as a young idealistic Communist; and her parents’ experience as members of the Communist elite and their ordeal during the Cultural Revolution. Chang was a Red Guard briefly at the age of fourteen, then worked as a peasant, a “barefoot doctor,” a steelworker, and an electrician. As the story of each generation unfolds, Chang captures in gripping, moving—and ultimately uplifting—detail the cycles of violent drama visited on her own family and millions of others caught in the whirlwind of history.

Daughter of Moth

The Headmistress [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Daughter of Moth by Daniel Arenson Book Summary:

I am broken. I am lost. Our world has fallen still. One half lies drenched in eternal daylight, the other cloaked in endless night. Our people are divided, some living under the sun, the others hidden in shadow. All is light or darkness. All is the sun or the moon. All but me. My father was born in the never-ending sunlight of the west. My mother is a daughter of darkness. I am split in two. Like the moth of our forests, one wing white and the other black, I am torn. I am a child of dusk, a stranger in both day and night. I am alone. This is my story.


The Headmistress [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Wildefire by Karsten Knight Book Summary:

After a killing for which she feels responsible, sixteen-year-old Ashline Wilde moves cross-country to a remote California boarding school, where she learns that she and others have special gifts that can help them save the world, but evil forces are at work to stop them.

The Moth Saga: Books 4-6

The Headmistress [Pdf/ePub] eBook

The Moth Saga: Books 4-6 by Daniel Arenson Book Summary:

"Our world has fallen still. One half lies drenched in eternal daylight, the other cloaked in endless night. All is light or darkness. All is the sun or the moon. All but me..." The Moth Saga, a bestselling fantasy series, tells the story of Moth, a world torn in two--its one half always in sunlight, the other cloaked in endless night. This bundle includes books four, five, and six in the series: Daughter of Moth, Shadows of Moth, and Legacy of Moth. Many eras ago, the world of Moth fell still, leaving one side in perpetual daylight, the other in darkness. Madori might be unique in Moth: her father is a son of sunlight, her mother a daughter of darkness. As war rages between Moth's two halves, Madori must find a way to heal this broken world . . . and to heal her own torn soul.


The Headmistress [Pdf/ePub] eBook

MIST-ERIOUS by D.W.G. Pope Book Summary:

This novel concerns a History Teacher and her four female students, who by accident, find themselves time-warped into the past. The students are transported with one pair into the year 1850 and the other pair into the year 1800, whilst the teacher finds herself in the year 1750. This novel follows the lives of all in their different eras.

Classrooms in the Shade

The Headmistress [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Classrooms in the Shade by Shanthee Manjoo Book Summary:

From the opening Sanskrit mantra to the final act of voting in South Africa's first democratic elections, this lyrical memoir provides a unique perspective on South Africa's modern history. The account shows how a young Hindu woman of Indian ancestry, living in South Africa in the 1940s, defied convention, married a Muslim man, and became an activist at time when Muslim women were seldom seen in such a role. As a teacher, she spoke up during the political strife of that highly segregated era, which included the relocation of Indians and angry student boycotts, and here shares her philosophies and insights into education. Filled with characters from both a personal and national context, the memoir captures the nuances of an important time and place.

The exhibition record, a descriptive account of the principal exhibits, compiled from special suppl. issued with the 'Sanitary record'.

The Headmistress [Pdf/ePub] eBook

The exhibition record, a descriptive account of the principal exhibits, compiled from special suppl. issued with the 'Sanitary record'. by International health exhibition, 1884 Book Summary:

Download or read The exhibition record, a descriptive account of the principal exhibits, compiled from special suppl. issued with the 'Sanitary record'. book by clicking button below to visit the book download website. There are multiple format available for you to choose (Pdf, ePub, Doc).

Queer 1950s

The Headmistress [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Queer 1950s by H. Bauer,M. Cook Book Summary:

Leading sexuality scholars explore queer lives and cultures in the first full post-war decade through an array of sources and a range of perspectives. Drawing out the particularities of queer cultures from the Finland and New Zealand to the UK and the USA, this collection rethinks preconceptions of the 1950s and pinpoints some of its legacies.

Henry and the Queen of Hearts

The Headmistress [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Henry and the Queen of Hearts by Peewee Hardesty Book Summary:

The mystery novel Henry and the Queen of Hearts tells the tale of a young man in the 1800s trying to solve a riddle. Once an inquisitive orphan, Henry is now heading out into the world as a newspaper reporter. Very determined to know the truth of things, he also has a strong sense of loyalty. Henry and his fellow reporter, David King, are working on a story of a riverboat gambler who was found dead in the cargo hole of the paddle boat Mississippi Queen, with nothing on him but a picture of the children of Magnolia Grove Orphans Home, half a queen of hearts playing card, and a poker chip. In trying to solve the mystery of the gambler's death, Henry and David travel a road filled with twists and turns, only to find that all roads lead back to Magnolia Grove Orphans Home. Who is the queen of hearts and will the secrets they discover destroy other lives? PeeWee Hardesty works for a construction company in a small Kentucky town. She has always been fascinated with the stories her grandparents told about how hard times were in the old days. When I see a child or an adult that looks to be sad, I wonder what their story is and what they are feeling.When I see someone sad, I always think, no family, no one to talk to. This was her inspiration to begin writing her first book. Her second book is a sequel about Henry of Magnolia Grove. Publisher's website: http: //

All In

The Headmistress [Pdf/ePub] eBook

All In by Harry Brooks Book Summary:

Xlibris website book description Although the term All In is usually used when a poker player bets all of his chips, the author has very cleverly applied the term to the actions of PJ Gould, in his quest for revenge. All In, is a fast moving novel that takes the reader on an exciting journey from the Middle East, through the cocaine jungle of Columbia South America, then to Las Vegas and ends up in New York in the boardroom of one of the largest companies in the United States. It is the story of PJ Gould, the adopted son of a middle class Jewish family from Philadelphia. When he learns he has a twin brother, Walter, who has been raised by the Lippincotts, one of the countries richest families in America, he realizes but for the luck of the draw, their situations could have been reversed. Although Walter Lippincott invites his twin brother to join him in the family business, PJ chooses instead to visit Israel after graduating from college. It is there he discovers his Judaism, and enlists in the Sayeret Matkal, Israels elite and most celebrated commando unit. The Sayeret Matkal is comparable to the US militarys Delta Force and is responsible for some of Israels high profile security missions. They also conduct highly sensitive assassinations, sabotage, and psychological warfare projects. PJ became an expert in all of these. He earned the reputation of the best in the business, and after leaving the Sayeret Matkal, he was recruited by the CIA. After fifteen years of performing political assassinations, he finally reached a point when he no longer wished to continue in the killing business. That was when he retired and moved to Las Vegas ,where he became a high stakes poker player. He played the game of poker the same way he lived his life. When he attempted to do something, he was all in. He never did anything half hearted. In poker, all in means you could be betting all of your money on the turn of a card. When he played this way, sometimes he won with the best hand. Other times he would win by bluffing the other players. After his twin brother and girlfriend are murdered gangland style, PJ vows revenge. Then when the Las Vegas police department warns him not to get involved, he explains to them that he intends to goAll In. There is no way they can prevent him from taking revenge. In life like in poker, sometime, you have to go ..all in. The story takes the reader on a roller coaster ride from Las Vegas to New York, and from there to Chicago and back. You will meet Anita, his brothers widow, Joey Sconsi a would be wise guy, and Joseph Cantelli, an old world Mafia Don. You will be introduced to Tozzi, the hit man, and Sid Mastro, the unlucky ex-con who finds himself in the middle of an ill conceived murder plot. The characters will jump off the page and keep you wondering what will happen next. All In is a must read.

The Gospel Truth - The Vatican Unearthed

The Headmistress [Pdf/ePub] eBook

The Gospel Truth - The Vatican Unearthed by William Walker Book Summary:

After the devastating loss of their only son, twelve-year-old Stephen to a horrific suicide, and their anguish compounded when they learn that someone also molested him, Kate and Clive Jessap start their search for answers at his private Catholic school in the Hollywood Hills. The detective on the case questions all of the teachers and students, except Father Toby, Stephen's mentor, who is missing. The church is unwilling to divulge his whereabouts and the detective suspects that he has gone back to Rome. With no jurisdiction in Rome and being fully aware of the Vatican's ranking effectively above the law, the detective acknowledges there is no more he can do. The Jessaps however, are determined to get to the bottom of what happened and go to Rome where they team up with Kate's brother. The priest they trailed there is murdered but not before, he shares information that leads to ancient documents and a written confession. With the unearthing of these documents, Kate, Clive and Sean find themselves caught in a web of lies, deceit and illegal activities linking the Vatican, Mafia and the American Embassy. Determined to get justice, they set out with relentless fervor to untangle the intrigues. Those who seek to keep the secrets will stop at nothing, including murdering anyone that threatens their power. The Jessaps find themselves on that list and must outwit and survive their enemies, while they face the dilemma of what to do with secrets that could shake the Vatican to its core and change the face of Christianity forever. Keywords: Mystery Thriller, Pope, Suspense Thriller, Action Adventure, Murder Mystery, Fiction, The Vatican, Mafia, Crime Thriller, Justice, Hitman

Country House Society

The Headmistress [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Country House Society by Pamela Horn Book Summary:

Forget glossy period dramas, here is the real story of Britain's super-rich from the First World War to the end of the 'roaring' twenties.

Power of Mind

The Headmistress [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Power of Mind by Alice Treaty Book Summary:

Download or read Power of Mind book by clicking button below to visit the book download website. There are multiple format available for you to choose (Pdf, ePub, Doc).

Dear Chief Rabbi

The Headmistress [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Dear Chief Rabbi by Sir Immanuel Jakobovits Book Summary:

Download or read Dear Chief Rabbi book by clicking button below to visit the book download website. There are multiple format available for you to choose (Pdf, ePub, Doc).

The Handbook of Jungian Play Therapy with Children and Adolescents

The Headmistress [Pdf/ePub] eBook

The Handbook of Jungian Play Therapy with Children and Adolescents by Eric J. Green Book Summary:

Child and family psychotherapist Eric J. Green draws on years of clinical experience to explain his original model of Jungian play therapy. The empathic techniques he illuminates in The Handbook of Jungian Play Therapy with Children and Adolescents can effectively treat children who are traumatized by abuse, natural disasters, and other losses, as well as children who have attention deficit and autism spectrum disorders. The overarching goal of Green’s Jungian play therapy model is to help children and adolescents become psychologically whole individuals. Toward that end, therapists encourage children to engage in sandplay, spontaneous drawing, and other expressive arts. Green demonstrates how therapists can create an atmosphere of warmth and psychological safety by observing the child’s play without judgment and, through the therapeutic relationship, help children learn to regulate their impulses and regain emotional equilibrium. Designed for master’s level and doctoral students, as well as school counselors, play therapists, and private practitioners, the book covers the theoretical underpinnings of "depth psychology" while highlighting easy-to-understand case studies from Green’s own practice to illustrate Jungian play therapy applications at work.

Women in Health Development

The Headmistress [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Women in Health Development by Trinidad S. Osteria Book Summary:

This paper is composed in eight chapters. The first chapter presents the philosophical foundation of participatory action research involving women as well as the methodological considerations in the multi-country research. Chapters II and VII deal with each country's experience in initiating and implementing participatory research in health from which specific issues related to replication and generalization of the project are extracted. The last chapter consolidates the case studies and readdresses the basic objectives of the study.

The Caine Prize for African Writing 2013

The Headmistress [Pdf/ePub] eBook

The Caine Prize for African Writing 2013 by N.A Book Summary:

The Caine Prize for African Writing is Africa's leading literary prize. It has helped launch the careers of Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, Segun Afolabi, Leila Aboulela, Brian Chikwava, Binyavanga Wainaina, and many others. The 2013 collection includes the five shortlisted stories and the stories written at the Caine Prize Writers' Workshop.

The Politics of Deafness

The Headmistress [Pdf/ePub] eBook

The Politics of Deafness by Owen Wrigley Book Summary:

The Politics of Deafness embarks upon a post-modern examination of the search for identity in deafness and its relationship to the prevalent hearing culture that has marginalized Deaf people. Author Owen Wrigley plainly states his intention to disrupt "normal" thought about the popularly considered condition of deafness as a physical deficiency. From his decade of experience working and living in the Deaf community in Thailand, he uses wide-ranging examples to go beyond disputing conventional theorists for their interpretation of deafness as the lack of a sensory function. By calling attention to the different lingual potential created by the instant visual expression of cyberspace he explodes orthodox conceptualization of the nature of language as serially ordered and dependent upon sound. In bold style, this provocative work poses the relationship of the bodies physical and mental of Deaf people as subject to a form of "colonialism" by the dominant Hearing culture. It proceeds to expose and attack presumptions and practices that derive from and descend upon deaf bodies. Related analysis also addresses tensions little noted in the current literature on deafness and on the popular move to reconstitute Deafness as a global culture. Through displacement of logistical anchors, ironic stances, and disconcerting perspectives, The Politics of Deafness practices a form of de-naturalization to demand space within and between the normalizing frames of daily lives. By doing so, it offers an insightful and intriguing perspective on the meanings of Deafness, the politics of Deaf identity, and what it costs to be "unusual."

Challenging Situations

The Headmistress [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Challenging Situations by Elisabeth Fraser Book Summary:

DescriptionEach chapter in this book is about a Challenging Situation as experienced by my sister. There is no attempt or thought in her writing to present an intellectual account of these situations in any way; they just represent how my sister experienced them, and responded to them, during her life. The first paragraph or so is a simple imaginary story to introduce an aspect of a situation that is commonly experienced. The next one or more paragraphs represent a description of the deeper significance that these aspects have come to mean to my sister.The remaining paragraphs present highlights from her own experiences, which led her to understand the underlying meaning that underpins these aspects of situations in people's lives. I think many readers will enjoy, as I have, comparing their own experiences to my sister's and thereby see the commonality that pervades all people across the planet.By Edward Averill About the AuthorElisabeth Fraser had a lengthy career as a sales manager, editor and author for Jarrold Publishing. She is author of An Illustrated History of Scotland (1997) and has edited a number of other titles. Elisabeth has been interested in spirituality for most of her life, and is now very involved in the Tibetan Buddhist field helping to promote talks and lectures from eminent Tibetan lamas and doctors in liaison with the monastery at Samye Ling. She is based in Edinburgh.

The Last Magician

The Headmistress [Pdf/ePub] eBook

The Last Magician by Janette Hospital Book Summary:

This superb novel is richly textured and intellectually challenging, a tour de force from our most elegantly seductive writer. The last magician is Charlie, the photographer, who monitors and records everything as he seeks the silent Cat through physical and emotional infernos. Charlie, Cat, Robbie and Catherine shared a childhood summer in a Queensland rainforest. But a death intruded on their charmed circle, binding them to complicity and silence. Decades later, festering memories seep through into the present, in the same way as the desperate underside of a corrupt Sydney breaks through into tidy lives and well-kept streets. The Last Magician was listed in the Weekend Australian Most Notable Books of 1992 and the New York Times Best Books of 1992.

Depths of Life

The Headmistress [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Depths of Life by Sabrina J. Book Summary:

In this sweeping work, we learn of the life and experiences of Sabrina, a Kenyan girl who is carried along on the wings of fate. Encompassing the major milestones of education, love, marriage, parenthood and death. A classic romance novel with the unique quality of having the main character from Kenya. The settings are International in scope. The story ends in Bahrain, in the Arabian Gulf.

How We Survived Our Difficult Child and Learned to Thrive

The Headmistress [Pdf/ePub] eBook

How We Survived Our Difficult Child and Learned to Thrive by Freda Malian Book Summary:

DescriptionThis is the true story of Ben, who has an undiagnosed disorder, which manifests itself in unpredictable behaviour. It is told by Freda Malian, a practising psychotherapist for over 30 years, with the help of her husband, various relatives and friends. The book illustrates in chronological order their mammoth struggle from Ben's birth to the present, 35 years on. In it, Freda shares how she and her husband survived many years of turmoil and suffering, learning so much about their dark sides and how they discovered their untapped strength and stamina. On their journey with their son they often sought professional help. They never abandoned Ben because they loved him and he was their son forever. In some strange way he became the glue that bound them and they are grateful to him for all he has taught them. Freda Malian's intention in chronicling Ben's story is to provide insight and hope to both parents and professionals by offering a unique, reflective account of her struggle to understand her son who does not fit the norm but who nonetheless has deserved her loving attention. About the AuthorFreda Malian is a wife, mother, grandmother and practising psychotherapist. In her spare time she enjoys playing with her grandchildren, walking either alone or with friends, singing, reading and hanging upside down in a Pilates studio.

Coming Full Circle

The Headmistress [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Coming Full Circle by N.A Book Summary:

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