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The Gilded Razor Pdf

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The Gilded Razor

The Gilded Razor Pdf [Pdf/ePub] eBook

The Gilded Razor by Sam Lansky Book Summary:

"The Gilded Razor is the true story of a double life. By the age of seventeen, Sam Lansky was an all-star student with Ivy League aspirations in his final year at an elite New York City prep school. But a nasty addiction to prescription pills spiraled rapidly out of control, compounded by a string of reckless affairs with older men, leaving his bright future in jeopardy. After a terrifying overdose, he tried to straighten out. Yet as he journeyed from the glittering streets of Manhattan, to a wilderness boot camp in Utah, to a psych ward in New Orleans, he only found more opportunities to create chaos--until finally, he began to face himself."--

Broken People

The Gilded Razor Pdf [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Broken People by Sam Lansky Book Summary:

Named one of the most anticipated books of the year by Vogue, O, The Oprah Magazine, Parade, Library Journal, Harper’s Bazaar and more “Profound and affecting.”—Chloe Benjamin “Broken People leads us through the winds of time and memory to offer a riveting portrait of transformation. I am better for having read it.”—Jamie Lee Curtis A groundbreaking, incandescent debut novel about coming to grips with the past and ourselves, for fans of Sally Rooney, Hanya Yanagihara and Garth Greenwell “He fixes everything that’s wrong with you in three days.” This is what hooks Sam when he first overhears it at a fancy dinner party in the Hollywood hills: the story of a globe-trotting shaman who claims to perform “open-soul surgery” on emotionally damaged people. For neurotic, depressed Sam, new to Los Angeles after his life in New York imploded, the possibility of total transformation is utterly tantalizing. He’s desperate for something to believe in, and the shaman—who promises ancient rituals, plant medicine and encounters with the divine—seems convincing, enough for Sam to sign up for a weekend under his care. But are the great spirits the shaman says he’s summoning real at all? Or are the ghosts in Sam’s memory more powerful than any magic? At turns tender and acid, funny and wise, Broken People is a journey into the nature of truth and fiction—a story of discovering hope amid cynicism, intimacy within chaos and peace in our own skin.

All That You Leave Behind

The Gilded Razor Pdf [Pdf/ePub] eBook

All That You Leave Behind by Erin Lee Carr Book Summary:

“A documentary filmmaker and daughter of the late, great New York Times columnist David Carr celebrates and wrestles with her father’s legacy in a raw, redemptive memoir.”—O: The Oprah Magazine (The Best Nonfiction Books Coming Out in 2019) “A breathtaking read . . . a testimony equal parts love and candor. David would have had it no other way.”—Ta-Nehisi Coates, bestselling author of Between the World and Me Dad: What will set you apart is not talent but will and a certain kind of humility. A willingness to let the world show you things that you play back as you grow as an artist. Talent is cheap. Me: OK I will ponder these things. I am a Carr. Dad: That should matter quite a bit, actually not the name but the guts of what that name means. A celebrated journalist, bestselling author (The Night of the Gun), and recovering addict, David Carr was in the prime of his career when he suffered a fatal collapse in the newsroom of The New York Times in 2015. Shattered by his death, his daughter Erin Lee Carr, at age twenty-seven an up-and-coming documentary filmmaker, began combing through the entirety of their shared correspondence—1,936 items in total—in search of comfort and support. What started as an exercise in grief quickly grew into an active investigation: Did her father’s writings contain the answers to the question of how to move forward in life and work without her biggest champion by her side? How could she fill the space left behind by a man who had come to embody journalistic integrity, rigor, and hard reporting, whose mentorship meant everything not just to her but to the many who served alongside him? All That You Leave Behind is a poignant coming-of-age story that offers a raw and honest glimpse into the multilayered relationship between a daughter and a father. Through this lens, Erin comes to understand her own workplace missteps, existential crises, and relationship fails. While daughter and father bond over their mutual addictions and challenges with sobriety, it is their powerful sense of work and family that comes to ultimately define them. This unique combination of Erin Lee Carr’s earnest prose and her father’s meaningful words offers a compelling read that shows us what it means to be vulnerable and lost, supported and found. It is a window into love, with all of its fierceness and frustrations. “Thank you, Erin, for this beautiful book. Now I am going to steal all of your father’s remarkable advice and tell my kids I thought of it.”—Judd Apatow

Portrait d'un fumeur de crack en jeune homme

The Gilded Razor Pdf [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Portrait d'un fumeur de crack en jeune homme by Bill Clegg Book Summary:

Bill Clegg est un jeune et talentueux agent littéraire à New York. Ce livre est le récit de sa descente dans l'enfer du crack en même temps que la mise au jour d'une fêlure d'enfance. Un récit autobiographique poignant, une oeuvre littéraire saisissante.

Boy Erased

The Gilded Razor Pdf [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Boy Erased by Garrard Conley Book Summary:

Arkansas, 2004. Garrard a dix-neuf ans lorsque ses parents apprennent son homosexualité. Pour ces baptistes ultraconservateurs, la chose est inconcevable : leur fils doit être «guéri». Garrard est conduit dans un centre de conversion, où tout est mis en œuvre pour le forcer à changer. Où la Bible fait loi. Où Harry Potter est un livre déviant, où écouter Beethoven est interdit. Où on lui inflige une véritable torture mentale pour corriger sa prétendue déviance. Mais comment cesser d'être soi-même? Entre Call Me By Your Name d'André Aciman et Pourquoi être heureux quand on peut être normal? de Jeanette Winterson, Boy Erased est une immersion glaçante dans l'intégrisme religieux, le portrait émouvant d'un jeune gay en plein doute mais aussi un message d'espoir sur l'affirmation de soi. Récit autobiographique acclamé par la critique et les lecteurs, traduit dans le monde entier, Boy Erased est adapté au cinéma en 2019 par Joel Edgerton avec Lucas Hedges, Nicole Kidman et Russell Crowe.

The Gilded Cage

The Gilded Razor Pdf [Pdf/ePub] eBook

The Gilded Cage by Susannah Bamford Book Summary:

December 31, 1889. As the sky over New York City explodes with fireworks on the eve of the new decade, an explosion in the streets causes social tremors that will rock the lives of three women who share a house on Twenty-Third Street: suffragette Columbine Nash, her assistant Bell Huxton, and Marguerite Corbeau, a young woman they’ve adopted from the streets. Lovely noble Columbine, a woman ahead of her time, strives to correct the social ills that are created by her class; lush, beautiful Bell, battered and abused as a child, searches for a true love and a pure philosophy; and Marguerite, a passionate woman of mystery and self-indulgence, attempts to rise above her station and join the glittering stars of New York theatre. Their paths will diverge, but their destinies are entwined in this volatile decade of high contrast, a time when wasp-waisted beauties attend fabulous balls, while underpaid seamstresses talk of anarchy and strike, and in the midst of it all are three women, each living in a gilded cage of her own design, trapped by a difficult past, a promise made in haste, a blind faith in an unbending philosophy, Their liberation is the true story of The Gilded Cage.

The Human Tradition in the Gilded Age and Progressive Era

The Gilded Razor Pdf [Pdf/ePub] eBook

The Human Tradition in the Gilded Age and Progressive Era by Ballard C. Campbell,Ian Kenneth Steele Book Summary:

The period between 1870 and 1920 was one of the most dynamic in American history. This era witnessed the invention of the automobile, the establishment of women's suffrage, and the opening of the Panama Canal. While a time of great advance-ment, the Gilded Age and Progressive Era were also periods of uncertainty as Americans coped with corrupt politicians, unchecked big business, and a vast influx of immigrants.p SR Books offers a new approach to this time period in its book The Human Tradition in the Gilded Age and Progressive Era. This volume looks at the experiences of 13 people who contributed to the shaping of American culture and thought during this period. These concise accounts are written by leading historians and give students an intimate view of history. This is an excellent text for courses in American studies.p

American Country Houses of the Gilded Age

The Gilded Razor Pdf [Pdf/ePub] eBook

American Country Houses of the Gilded Age by A. Lewis Book Summary:

Reproduces all of Sheldon's fascinating and historically important photographs and plans for a total of 97 buildings (93 houses, 4 casinos) built during the 1880s. Approximately 200 illustrations.

The Gilded Edge

The Gilded Razor Pdf [Pdf/ePub] eBook

The Gilded Edge by Danny Miller Book Summary:

It's the Swinging Sixties but not all barriers have come down - the aristocrats and financial power players still gather around the exclusive gaming tables of the Montcler Club in Berkeley Square while the rest slum it in the underground ska clubs and elicit drinking dens in Notting Hill. And it's against this background of London society and villainy that detective Vince Treadwell enters when investigating the seemingly unrelated murder of a young black woman in Notting Hill and blue-blooded Johnny Beresford in Belgravia. As Vince digs deeper he finds himself embroiled in a secret world of debauchery and corruption, where the underworld happily mixes with the aristocracy, and where no one remains an innocent victim. Praise for Kiss Me Quick: 'A thrilling read.' - Buzz Magazine 'Dark and involved.' - Daily Express Unmissable. - Best 'This unusual and atmospheric crime novel suggests that Danny Miller is a writer to watch.' - Good Book Guide ' of those books that literally grabs you from page one.' - The Week

Et toi, tu as eu une famille ?

The Gilded Razor Pdf [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Et toi, tu as eu une famille ? by Bill Clegg Book Summary:

Il en faut peu pour détruire une vie. Un mensonge, une maladie, un accident... En une nuit, un incendie a tout enlevé à June : sa fille Lolly, qui allait se marier le lendemain ; Will, son futur gendre ; Luke, son petit ami, et Adam, son ex-mari. Unique survivante et réduite à l'errance, elle traverse le pays en voiture, abandonnant la petite ville du Connecticut où a eu lieu la catastrophe, à la recherche de ce qui la lie encore à Lolly, avec qui ses relations étaient difficiles. La voix des habitants, touchés eux aussi par le drame, émerge peu à peu. Il y a Lydia, la mère de Luke, mise au ban de la société en raison d’un scandale passé, il y a Silas, un adolescent qui aime tirer sur son bang de temps en temps, et ce d’autant plus qu’il est le détenteur d’un secret qu’il aimerait oublier. Il y a aussi les commères de la ville, qui voient en Luke un coupable idéal, car ce jeune Noir, de vingt ans le cadet de June, a déjà été incriminé pour une affaire de drogue. Autant de voix, de délicates interférences, qui témoignent de cette tragédie et en explicitent peu à peu les causes. Bill Clegg dresse une galerie de portraits subtile et émouvante, dans un roman à la narration complexe qui est avant tout une ode à la famille –celle que l’on a, celle que l’on crée – si imparfaite et fracturée soit-elle. La réflexion qui sous-tend Et toi, tu as eu une famille ? est poignante – comment supporter l’insupportable, comment se remettre d’une telle épreuve ? – et se voit transcendée par l’espoir, la bonté et le pardon.

The Gilded Lily

The Gilded Razor Pdf [Pdf/ePub] eBook

The Gilded Lily by Terence McLaughlin Book Summary:

Download or read The Gilded Lily book by clicking button below to visit the book download website. There are multiple format available for you to choose (Pdf, ePub, Doc).

La Douceur de nos champs de bataille

The Gilded Razor Pdf [Pdf/ePub] eBook

La Douceur de nos champs de bataille by Yiyun LI Book Summary:

J'ai failli être à ta place un jour, et c'est pour ça que je me suis permis d'inventer ce monde pour parler avec toi. On peut supporter la tristesse, mais elle est une garnison impuissante contre la cécité de la tragédie. Le suicide d'un adolescent, le deuil d'un parent. Le dialogue qu'imagine une mère avec son enfant pour continuer à lui parler, à l'entendre, à le faire exister. Le cache-cache intellectuel de deux esprits marqués par le sceau de la création. Après le très brillant Cher ami, de ma vie je vous écris dans votre vie, qui fut en lice pour le prix Médicis et le prix du Meilleur livre étranger, Yiyun Li rend un hommage plein de tendresse, de poésie et de pudeur à son fils, et mêle magnifiquement l'intime à l'universel : la douleur après la perte d'un être cher, le refuge que constituent les mots et, plus largement, la puissance cathartique de la littérature.

Rocher de Brighton

The Gilded Razor Pdf [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Rocher de Brighton by Graham GREENE Book Summary:

Pinkie Brown, jeune bandit de dix-sept ans à la cruauté sadique et au charme envoûtant, est prêt à tout pour venger le meurtre de Kite, le chef de son gang... y compris à épouser Rose, serveuse naïve et sans grâce. Son but est d'empêcher la jeune fille de témoigner contre lui dans l'affaire de la disparition d'un journaliste soupçonné d'avoir assassiné Kite. Lorsque Ida Arnold, séduite par le journaliste juste avant sa disparition, décide de stopper les agissements meurtriers de Pinkie, une course contre la montre s'engage. Entre les personnages hauts en couleur qui dominent l'histoire se joue un drame de vengeance, de férocité et de mort. Graham Greene a toujours avoué son penchant pour ce roman paru en 1938, mi-thriller, mi-fable morale, qu'il considérait comme l'un de ses meilleurs. " L'énergie et la puissance de Pinkie Brown, adolescent rebelle, ne faiblissent pas avec les années. " The Guardian

Knights of the Razor

The Gilded Razor Pdf [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Knights of the Razor by Douglas W. BristolJr. Book Summary:

Black barbers, reflected a freed slave who barbered in antebellum St. Louis, may have been "the only men in their community who enjoyed, at all times, the privilege of free speech." The reason, of course, lay in their temporary—but absolute—power over a client. With a flick of the wrist, 19th-century black barbers could have slit the throats of the white men they shaved. In Knights of the Razor, Douglas Walter Bristol, Jr., explores this extraordinary relationship in the largely untold story of African American barbers, North and South, from the American Revolution to the First World War. Besides establishing the modern-day barbershop, these barbers used their skilled trade to navigate the many pitfalls that racism created for ambitious black men. They dominated an upscale market that catered to prosperous white men. At the same time, their respect for labor itself preserved their ties to the black community. Successful barbers assumed leadership roles in their localities, helping to form a black middle class despite pervasive racial segregation. They advocated economic independence from whites and founded insurance companies that became some of the largest black-owned corporations. Bristol engagingly narrates this story of skilled blacks and elite whites. More broadly, he offers a thoughtful study of the nuances of race relations and the ingenuity of black enterprise. Knights of the Razor tackles a rich and tangled subject. -- L. Diane Barnes

À la recherche d'Hassan

The Gilded Razor Pdf [Pdf/ePub] eBook

À la recherche d'Hassan by Terence Ward Book Summary:

Choc des cultures entre le Moyen-Orient et l'Amérique L’odyssée de la famille Ward en Iran à la recherche d’un être cher ressemble à un rêve éveillé. Avec pour seuls indices une photo jaunie, un nom propre et le nom d’un village déformé par le temps, ce petit groupe traverse un pays, une culture, une histoire que d’aucuns voudraient opposer au reste du monde. Chemin faisant, ces Américains singuliers composent une ode unique à la rencontre des cultures. Une épopée familiale au suspense haletant CE QU'EN PENSE LA CRITIQUE - "Un portrait merveilleusement nuancé de l’Iran" (Francine Prose, Elle US) - "Stupéfiant et profondément bouleversant" (The Washington Post) - "Un pélerinage palpitant" (The New Yorker) - "À la recherche de la grâce" (Esquire) - "Une ode inattendue à l’Iran" (The New York Times Book review) - "À la recherche d’Hassan devrait être une lecture obligatoire pour tous les responsables de la politique étrangère américaine" (Bookpage) - "Le plus beau livre de voyage en Orient depuis les récits de Richard Burton et de Lawrence d’Arabie." (Benjamin Berton, EXTRAIT Je me rappelle une soirée animée, il y a longtemps. Des feux rougeoient par-delà les toits de la ville. Des pétards qui éclatent rompent le silence du printemps. Nous sommes en mars 1963, le dernier mardi avant Noruz, le Nouvel An iranien. Des ruisseaux de neige fondue dévalent les ravins de montagne. Des jacinthes percent l’argile humide. Des platanes en bourgeons saluent la saison douce. Depuis deux mille cinq cents ans, à la même époque, les astronomes iraniens scrutent les cieux, à la recherche du signe. Quand le soleil traverse l’équateur, une nouvelle année commence, annonçant le premier jour du printemps. Chaharshanbe souri, la fête zoroastrienne du feu, résonne de roulements de tambours et de mélopées qui durent toute la nuit. Des feuilles, des brindilles et des branches cassées s’entassent le long de la rue. Le clair de lune coule sur les montagnes couronnées de neige. Une brise souffle dans notre jardin persan. Hassan nous prépare pour la cérémonie. Il brosse nos cheveux en arrière en récitant des expressions en farsi. Ce soir, dit-il, nous sauterons par-dessus les feux de joie.

Aspect Book Earth

The Gilded Razor Pdf [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Aspect Book Earth by Eric Brennan,Michael Goodwin,Mur Lafferty,Peter Schaeffer Book Summary:

A character book for Exalted players and Storytellers, detailing life as an Earth-Aspected Terrestrial Exalt.

The English Governess at the Siamese Court

The Gilded Razor Pdf [Pdf/ePub] eBook

The English Governess at the Siamese Court by Anna Harriette Leonowens Book Summary:

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The Gilded Age, Or, The Hazard of New Functions

The Gilded Razor Pdf [Pdf/ePub] eBook

The Gilded Age, Or, The Hazard of New Functions by Mark Wahlgren Summers Book Summary:

A very broad, balanced, accessible account of the Gilded Age (1865-1901) that includes all the recent scholarship on this period and offers a portrait of the economic, political, social and cultural history of the age. American resourcefulness is shown at its best and worst. Discusses how the conservatism of thought and radicalism of technological change remade the Gilded Age, and how society tempered the applications of each. So, too, are mainstream politics and religion. This is a rich, colorful narrative about a complex period in American history.

The Saturday Review of Politics, Literature, Science and Art

The Gilded Razor Pdf [Pdf/ePub] eBook

The Saturday Review of Politics, Literature, Science and Art by N.A Book Summary:

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