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The End Pdf

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The End

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The End by Richard John Neupert Book Summary:

Given the importance that spectators grant to the final moments of a motion picture, it is surprising to find so little written on how films end and how audiences interpret those closing moments. This study investigates endings in film and the lively role they play in how and why viewers make sense of movies. Relying upon contemporary literary criticism and film theory, the author analyses narrative strategies in films ranging from the classical Hollywood motion picture to the more modern European art cinema. To assist readers in understanding the various functions of endings, the films are divided into four critical categories: the "Closed Text" film, typical of classical works; the "Open Story" films; the "Open Discourse" film; and the "Open Text" film which struggles to defy story resolution. Detailed textual analysis of sample films reveal how all of the devices of filmic narration - from "mise-en-scene" to soundtracks - direct a viewer's perception, comprehension and interpretation of closure in films. Among the sample films that are featured as test cases for studying endings are "The Quiet Man" (Ford, 1950), "The 400 Blows" (Truffaut, 1959), "Weekend" (Godard, 1967), "Tout va bien" (Godard, 1972), and "Earth" (Dovzhenko, 1930). To round out his informative study of endings in films, Neupert also examines a host of diverse titles, including "Do the Right Thing" (Lee, 1989), "Open City" (Rossellini, 1945) and "The Graduate" (Nichols, 1967).

After the End

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After the End by James Berger Book Summary:

In this study of the cultural pursuit of the end and what follows, Berger contends that every apocalyptic depiction leaves something behind, some mixture of paradise and wasteland. Combining literary, psychoanalytic, and historical methods, Berger mines these depictions for their weight and influence on current culture. He applies wide-ranging evidence--from science fiction to Holocaust literature, from Thomas Pynchon to talk shows, from American politics to the fiction of Toni Morrison--to reveal how representations of apocalyptic endings are indelibly marked by catastrophic histories.

The End of the Cold War

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The End of the Cold War by Michael J Hogan,Michael J. Hogan Book Summary:

This book, first published in 1992, examines the end of the Cold War and the implications for the history and future of the world order.

The End of Roman Britain

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The End of Roman Britain by Michael E. Jones Book Summary:

Jones offers a lucid and thorough analysis of the economic, social, military, and environmental problems that contributed to the failure of the Romans, drawing on literary sources and on recent archaeological evidence. --Richard Abels, United States Naval Academy "Bridges"

The End of Oil

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The End of Oil by Paul Roberts Book Summary:

The author, a regular contributor to New York Times Magazine and Harper's speculates on the role of oil in dominating the world's economy for the last century and the coming scenario that will result when the well runs dry. Reprint. 25,000 first printing.

The End of Energy

The End Pdf [Pdf/ePub] eBook

The End of Energy by Michael J. Graetz Book Summary:

Americans take for granted that when we flip a switch the light will go on, and when we pull up to the pump gas will be plentiful and relatively cheap. Here, Michael Graetz shows us that we have been living an energy delusion for forty years. Until the 1970s, we produced domestically all the oil we needed. Since then, we have had to import most of the oil we use, and we rely on an even dirtier fuel--coal--to produce half of our electricity. Graetz describes decades of energy policy incompetence--from the Nixon administration's fumbled response to the OPEC oil embargo to the current political standoff over "cap and trade"--And argues that we must make better decisions for our energy future. Until Americans face the facts about price, our energy incompetence will continue--and along with it the unraveling of our environment, security, and independence.--From publisher description.

The End of Tradition?

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The End of Tradition? by Nezar AlSayyad Book Summary:

Rooted in real-world observations, this book questions the concept of tradition. In his introduction, Nezar AlSayyad discusses the meanings of the word 'tradition' and the current debates about the 'end of tradition'. Thereafter the book is divided into three parts.

The End of the Early Bronze Age in the Aegean

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The End of the Early Bronze Age in the Aegean by Gerald Cadogan Book Summary:

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The End of Fundraising

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The End of Fundraising by Jason Saul Book Summary:

Why does it cost nonprofits on average $20 to raise $100, while it costs companies only $4? Simply put: Nonprofits have no leverage. No one has to make a donation. And since most donors have no direct stake in the organizations they support, they make donations out of the goodness of their hearts. If donors feel like writing a check, they will. If they don't, they won't. The End of Fundraising turns fundraising on its head, teaching nonprofits how to stop begging for charity and start selling impact. For the first time, nonprofits have economic power. We live in a new era where consumers, businesses, investors, employees, and service providers attach real economic value to social outcomes. An era where yesterday's "feel good" issues—education, the environment, health care, the arts, and animal rights—now have direct economic consequences and opportunities. Nonprofits now have leverage. To use this leverage, nonprofits must learn how to "sell" their impact to a new set of stakeholders. Using his fifteen years of experience advising the world's leading nonprofits, foundations, and corporations, Jason Saul reveals the formula for how nonprofits transcend the paradigm of charitable fundraising and reach true financial sustainability. Specifically, this groundbreaking book offers nonprofit professionals a guide to Understand the role of social change in our economy Capture and communicate impact in simple, compelling terms Identify the new market stakeholders that value nonprofit outcomes Create powerful value propositions to increase leverage Improve the success of a nonprofit's pitches to funders The End of Fundraising includes the tools needed to effectively frame, market, and sell a nonprofit organization's impact, and contains step-by-step guidance for creating dynamic new opportunities with a variety of funders.

Art and the End of Apartheid

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Art and the End of Apartheid by John Peffer Book Summary:

Black South African artists have typically had their work labeled "African art" or "township art," qualifiers that, when contrasted with simply "modernist art," have been used to marginalize their work both in South Africa and internationally. This is the The first book to fully explore cosmopolitan modern art by black South Africans under apartheid.

Waiting for the End

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Waiting for the End by Earl G. Ingersoll Book Summary:

Waiting for the End examines two dozen contemporary novels within the context of a half century of theorizing about the function of ending in narrative. That theorizing about ending generated a powerful dynamic a quarter-century ago with the advent of feminist criticism of masculinist readings of the role played by ending in fiction. Feminists such as Theresa de Lauretis in 1984 and more famously Susan Winnett in her 1991 PMLA essay, Coming Unstrung, were leading voices in a swelling chorus of theorist pointing out the masculinist bias of ending in narrative. With the entry of feminist readings of ending, it became inevitable that criticism of fiction would become gendered through the recognition of difference transcending a simple binary of female/male to establish a spectrum of masculine to feminine endings, regardless of the sex of the writer. Accordingly, Waiting for the End examines pairs of novels - one pair by Margaret Atwood and one by Ian McEwan - to demonstrate how a writer can offer endings at either end of the gender spectrum.

The End of the World and the Ends of God

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The End of the World and the Ends of God by John Polkinghorne,Michael Welker Book Summary:

In this provocative collection of essays, scientists, theologians, ethicists, and biblical scholars look at eschatology through their various lenses.

After the End

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After the End by James M. Scott Book Summary:

In the political landscape emerging from the end of the Cold War, making U.S. foreign policy has become more difficult, due in part to less clarity and consensus about threats and interests. In After the End James M. Scott brings together a group of scholars to explore the changing international situation since 1991 and to examine the characteristics and patterns of policy making that are emerging in response to a post–Cold War world. These essays examine the recent efforts of U.S. policymakers to recast the roles, interests, and purposes of the United States both at home and abroad in a political environment where policy making has become increasingly decentralized and democratized. The contributors suggest that foreign policy leadership has shifted from White House and executive branch dominance to an expanded group of actors that includes the president, Congress, the foreign policy bureaucracy, interest groups, the media, and the public. The volume includes case studies that focus on China, Russia, Bosnia, Somalia, democracy promotion, foreign aid, and NAFTA. Together, these chapters describe how policy making after 1991 compares to that of other periods and suggest how foreign policy will develop in the future. This collection provides a broad, balanced evaluation of U.S. foreign policy making in the post–Cold War setting for scholars, teachers, and students of U.S. foreign policy, political science, history, and international studies. Contributors. Ralph G. Carter, Richard Clark, A. Lane Crothers, I. M. Destler, Ole R. Holsti, Steven W. Hook, Christopher M. Jones, James M. McCormick, Jerel Rosati, Jeremy Rosner, John T. Rourke, Renee G. Scherlen, Peter J. Schraeder, James M. Scott, Jennifer Sterling-Folker, Rick Travis, Stephen Twing

Geopolitics at the End of the Twentieth Century

The End Pdf [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Geopolitics at the End of the Twentieth Century by Nurit Kliot,David Newman Book Summary:

This volume contains a selection of the papers presented at the International Geographic Union conference on geopolitics and globalisation in a post-modern world, held in Israel in 1998, and deals with aspects of change.

The Kingdom of the Beast and the End of the World

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The Kingdom of the Beast and the End of the World by J. C. Alexander Book Summary:

Authoritative, bold and different. The final word on prophecy. Written in everyday language. It's not often that a book comes along that causes you to reexamine everything that you have ever learned on a particular subject. In a manner reminiscent of The Prayer of Jabez and The Purpose Driven Live, The Kingdom of the Beast takes you on a journey of enlightenment that will leave you satisfied that you finally understood what the end time prophecies are all about. There are no magic formulas for interpreting the prophecies other than accepting what is written. This book convincingly, and scripturally, moves the reader beyond some of the traditional man made ideas that have confused the Church and kept it from coming to a unified understanding of the prophecies, and then opens things up witha down to earth simplicity.

British Culture and the End of Empire

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British Culture and the End of Empire by Stuart Ward Book Summary:

The demise of the British Empire in the three decades following the Second World War is a theme that has been well traversed in studies of post-war British politics, economics and foreign relations. Yet there has been strikingly little attention to the question of how these dramatic changes in Britain's relationships with the wider world were reflected in British culture. This volume addresses this central issue, arguing that the social and cultural impact of decolonisation had as significant an effect on the imperial centre as on the colonial periphery. Far from being a matter of indifference or resigned acceptance as is often suggested, the fall of the British Empire came as a profound shock to the British national imagination, and resonated widely in British popular culture.

The End of Art

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The End of Art by Eva Geulen Book Summary:

Since Hegel, the idea of an end of art has become a staple of aesthetic theory. This book analyzes its role and its rhetoric in Hegel, Nietzsche, Benjamin, Adorno, and Heidegger in order to account for the topic's enduring persistence. In addition to providing a general overview of the main thinkers of post-Idealist German aesthetics, the book explores the relationship between tradition and modernity. For despite the differences that distinguish one philosopher's end of art from another's, all authors treated here turn the end of art into an occasion to thematize and to reflect on the very thing that modernism cannot or should not be: tradition. As a discourse, the end of art is one of our modern traditions.

The End of a Primitive

The End Pdf [Pdf/ePub] eBook

The End of a Primitive by Chester B. Himes Book Summary:

Depicts a doomed sexual relationship between a tough, down-on-his-luck black writer and a white girl rapidly heading for a life of addiction.

The End of Irish History?

The End Pdf [Pdf/ePub] eBook

The End of Irish History? by Colin Coulter,Steve Coleman Book Summary:

Ireland appears to be in the throes of a remarkable process of social change. The purpose of this book is to systematically scrutinize the interpretations and prescriptions that inform the deceptively simple metaphor of the "Celtic Tiger." The standpoint of the book is that a more critical approach to the course of development being followed by the Republic is urgently required. The essays collected here set out to expose the fallacies that drive the fashionable rhetoric of Tigerhood. Four of these fallacies--that Ireland has cast off the chains of economic dependency, that everyone is benefiting from the economic recovery, that personal freedom and liberty are at an unprecedented level for all citizens, and that Ireland is also experiencing a period of strong cultural renaissance--are vigorously challenged.

The End of Print

The End Pdf [Pdf/ePub] eBook

The End of Print by Lewis Blackwell,David Carson Book Summary:

The End of Print is the first collection of the work of David Carson, arguably the most innovative and influential graphic designer of the 1990s. Since the book first appeared in 1995, it has become one of the most popular graphic design books of the 20th century. Carson's approach to typography and layout has provoked praise and criticism worldwide, and has inspired a following of young designers eager to break with tradition and forge a new aesthetic. This revised and extended edition contains a significant number of new images from this key period in Carson's career. Two illustrated essays provide an overview of Carson's work, setting it in the context of graphic design history. They examine critical appraisals of the book and discuss the impact that Carson's work has had on contemporary graphics. The much-debated concept of the "end of print" is explored in new contributions from Douglas Coupland, Jessica Helfand, Rick Valicenti, Shawn Wolfe, Geof Kern, Jackson Boelts and Philip B. Meggs. The End of Print is illustrated with 400 colour images, and features work from the magazines where Carson first made his mark - including Transworld Skateboarding, Surfer, Beach Culture and Ray Gun - as well as his instantly recognizable advertisements for clients such as Nike, Pepsi, MTV and Sony. Lewis Blackwell's text includes an interview in which Carson examines the origins of his approach and discusses the extreme reactions to his work.

Patient-centred Ethics and Communication at the End of Life

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Patient-centred Ethics and Communication at the End of Life by David Jeffrey Book Summary:

In this volume ethical analysis is linked with practical advice on how to broach difficult decisions, handling uncertainty and facilitating patient choice. It links the ethical debate to the clinical problems of communication.

The End of the Maoist Era

The End Pdf [Pdf/ePub] eBook

The End of the Maoist Era by Frederick C. Teiwes,Warren Sun Book Summary:

This book launches an ambitious reexamination of the elite politics behind one of the most remarkable transformations in the late twentieth century. As the first part of a new interpretation of the evolution of Chinese politics during the years 1972-82, it provides a detailed study of the end of the Maoist era, demonstrating Mao's continuing dominance even as his ability to control events ebbed away. The tensions within the "gang of four," the different treatment of Zhou Enlai and Deng Xiaoping, and the largely unexamined role of younger radicals are analyzed to reveal a view of the dynamic of elite politics that is at odds with accepted scholarship. The authors draw upon newly available documentary sources and extensive interviews with Chinese participants and historians to develop their challenging interpretation of one of the most poorly understood periods in the history of the People's Republic of China.

The End of Cinema as We Know it

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The End of Cinema as We Know it by Jon Lewis Book Summary:

In The End of Cinema As We Know It, contributors well known in the 'movie' field talk about the movie industry and look at the variety of new ways we are viewing films. They query whether or not we are getting different, better movies?

The End of the Mind

The End Pdf [Pdf/ePub] eBook

The End of the Mind by DeSales Harrison Book Summary:

This book seeks to include among accounts of modern lyric poetry a theory of the poem's relation to the unintelligible. DeSales Harrison draws a distinction between sites of unintelligibility and sights of difficulty; while much has been said about modernist difficulty, little has been said about the attention that poets give to phenomena thatby definitionarrest, impede, obscure, damage, or destroy the capacity for intelligible representation.

Humans at the End of the Ice Age

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Humans at the End of the Ice Age by Lawrence Guy Straus,Berit Valentin Eriksen,Jon M. Erlandson,Jon Erlandson,David R. Yesner Book Summary:

Humans at the End of the Ice Age chronicles and explores the significance of the variety of cultural responses to the global environmental changes at the last glacial-interglacial boundary. Contributions address the nature and consequences of the global climate changes accompanying the end of the Pleistocene epoch-detailing the nature, speed, and magnitude of the human adaptations that culminated in the development of food production in many parts of the world. The text is aided by vital maps, chronological tables, and charts.

The End of the Bronze Age

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The End of the Bronze Age by Robert Drews Book Summary:

The Bronze Age came to a close early in the twelfth century b.c. with one of the worst calamities in history: over a period of several decades, destruction descended upon key cities throughout the Eastern Mediterranean, bringing to an end the Levantine, Hittite, Trojan, and Mycenaean kingdoms and plunging some lands into a dark age that would last more than four hundred years. In his attempt to account for this destruction, Robert Drews rejects the traditional explanations and proposes a military one instead.

The Time of the End in the Book of Daniel

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The Time of the End in the Book of Daniel by Thomas C. Nixon Book Summary:

Dreamers and voyagers, the boy and girl in this little story are on a journey from where they are to where they can be. In this ageless quest, they are beckoned by the glimmer of their dreams as they behold the light that surrounds and suffuses all that is. They are tempted to lose heart, though, because of the darkness that can steal quietly into their lives, but which can never completely overpower the enduring and triumphant light.

The End of History and the Last Man

The End Pdf [Pdf/ePub] eBook

The End of History and the Last Man by Francis Fukuyama Book Summary:

Enhanced by a new afterword dealing with the post-September 11th world, a provocative exploration of issues of human society and destiny answers such questions as, is there a direction to human history? does history have an end? and where are we now? Reprint. 25,00 first printing.

The End of the World

The End Pdf [Pdf/ePub] eBook

The End of the World by Ulrich H. J. Körtner Book Summary:

In this book, Ulrich Kortner addresses the issue of apocalyptic anxiety by offering a theological and philosophical evaluation of the apocalyptic. In particular, Kortner looks at how theology, responding in pastoral sensitivity, should deal with apocalyptic fears and anxieties. Kortner concludes that real meaning and hope for the world is possible only after the world's inhabitants deal constructively with the stark reality of the world's end.

The End of Children?

The End Pdf [Pdf/ePub] eBook

The End of Children? by Graham Allan,Nathanael Thomas Lauster Book Summary:

"Fertility rates have fallen dramatically around the world. In some countries, there are no longer enough children being born to replace adult populations. The disappearance of children is a matter of concern matched only by fears that childhood is becoming too structured or not structured enough, too short or too long, or just simply too different from the idealized childhoods of the past.

The End Times

The End Pdf [Pdf/ePub] eBook

The End Times by David J. Wriglesworth Book Summary:

The Bible, God s Word, is the most contemporary book in the world. Literally, it is tomorrow s newspaper. God reveals His plan of world history through biblical prophecies. This book focuses on the divine plan of God for the world from the ancient writings of Daniel. Although many of the prophecies are now history, there are still future ones to be fulfilled. The purpose of this book is to give the reader a better understanding of God s timeline and fulfillment of world events. No matter what man attempts to do, God will complete His plan in His time. We are living in the most exciting days as we see these future prophecies beginning to unfold before our very eyes. Knowing this, it is important to know where we stand in relationship to time and eternity.

Legends of the End

The End Pdf [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Legends of the End by Charles Upton Book Summary:

Whether the world ends tomorrow or lasts for centuries, we all exist in a 'climate' of the End of Days. As Thomas Merton wrote, 'We live in an age of two superimposed eschatologies: that of secular anxieties and hopes, and that of revealed fulfillment. Sometimes the first is merely mistaken for the second, sometimes it results from complete denial and despair of the second.' The 'end of time' obviously relates to history, but-just as obviously-it cannot be contained within it. Legends of the End have always been with us; every spiritual tradition that has a story of the beginning of things must also have one of their final end-the end of the earth, of the universe, of time itself. And just as all such myths symbolize invisible realities, so every historical event is precisely an invisible reality made visible and tangible. This book takes a look at eight Legends of the End: Hindu, Buddhist, Zoroastrian, Jewish, Christian, Muslim, Hopi, and Lakota. When these stories are placed side-by-side, great differences and startling similarities become apparent-similarities both in broad outlines and in minute details. In light of this traditional lore, the author begins and concludes with a penetrating spiritual meditation on the meaning of the End. Without a grasp of this meaning, to date the End is impossible. With such a grasp, even the most accurate dating is irrelevant, for to know the meaning of the End of Days is already to be beyond it. 'Charles Upton is a serious thinker from whom I have learned much. His writing merits close attention.' - Huston Smith, author of The World's Religions, etc.

Adapting to the End of Oil

The End Pdf [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Adapting to the End of Oil by Maynard Kaufman Book Summary:

Adapting to the End of Oil: Toward an Earth-Centered Spirituality Americans, who burn more fossil fuels than any other country, will have a hard time adapting to the end of cheap oil. This book explains how our materialistic values evolved to make us such wasteful consumers and how corporations profi t at our expense. The bad news is that rising prices of oil may bankrupt our economy unless we learn how to reduce our energy use. The good news is that earth-centered values are being affi rmed by increasing numbers of people. The book shows how earth-centered spirituality can help us live more modestly on the earth and preserve the climate.

Counseling Clients Near the End of Life

The End Pdf [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Counseling Clients Near the End of Life by James L. Werth, Jr., PhD Book Summary:

"I found this book to be a well-written, sensitively presented, and important resource for those engaged in this critical area of work. Thank you, Dr. Werth, for making such a substantial contribution to this field."--Journal of Palliative Care "[This book offers] over 20 contributors, all with impeccable credentials, covering many perspectives that we need to consider more frequently and in greater depth...There is much that awaits you in this book."--Illness, Crisis, and Loss "Counseling Clients Near the End of Life is a marvelous resource for mental health providers who are searching for useful information in areas such as the following: resolving ethical dilemmas; assisting clients in planning for the end of life; counseling caregivers of clients who are near the end of life; and assisting people in dealing with grief. The editor of this work, Dr. James Werth, has done a splendid job of gathering various experts to share their perspectives on end of life care and choices at this time of life--and he has also written an excellent chapter on counseling clients who are dying." Gerald Corey, EdD, ABPP Professor Emeritus of Human Services and Counseling California State University, Fullerton This highly accessible guide to counseling people who are terminally ill and their families fills a critical need in the counseling literature. Written for front-line mental health professionals and counseling graduate students, the text integrates research with practical guidance. It is replete with the experiences of contributing authors who are leaders in counseling terminally ill individuals , real-life case examples, clinical pearls of wisdom, and tables of practice pointers that provide quick access to valuable knowledge. The text offers information that is requisite for all counselors who provide services to persons who are terminally ill and their families. It addresses common issues that influence different types of counseling approaches, such as how the age, ethnicity, or religion of a client affects counselor conceptualizations and actions. The book discusses how to manage symptoms of depression, anxiety, and cognitive impairment near the end of life. It explains how advance directives can be used to assist dying individuals and their loved ones. The counseling needs of family members before and after death are addressed as well as counseling loved ones experiencing complicated grief. The text also examines the particular concerns of counselors regarding self-care and the benefits of working as part of a professional team. Woven throughout are important considerations such as cultural diversity, ethical challenges, laws, and regulations; and advocacy at client and social policy levels. Readers will also benefit from the inclusion of additional references for more in-depth study. Key Features: Integrates research with practical and accessible information Provides clinical ìpearlsî that can be put to use immediately Provides a reader-friendly format that includes real-life case studies and tables with important pointers Describes the counseling experiences of leading practitioners that include examples of successful and unsuccessful interventions Based on a comprehensive framework developed by a Working Group of the American Psychological Association

Bede and the End of Time

The End Pdf [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Bede and the End of Time by Dr Peter Darby Book Summary:

Bede (c. 673–735) was the leading intellectual figure of the Anglo-Saxon Church, and his writings had a profound influence on the development of English Christian thought. Among the many issues he wrote about, eschatology – the study of the day of judgment and the end of time – was a recurring theme. Whilst recent research has furthered our knowledge of this subject in the later Middle Ages, Dr Darby's book provides the first comprehensive analysis of Bede's eschatological thought and its impact upon the Anglo-Saxon period. Taking account of Bede's beliefs about the end of time, this book offers sophisticated insights into his life, his works and the role that eschatological thought played in Anglo-Saxon society. Close attention is given to the historical setting of each source text consulted, and original insights are advanced regarding the chronological sequence of Bede's writings. The book reveals that Bede's ideas about time changed over the course of his career, and it shows how Bede established himself as the foremost expert in eschatology of his age. The eight chapters of this book are organised into three main thematic groups: the world ages framework, Bede's eschatological vision and Bede's eschatological perspective. It will be of interest to those studying early medieval history, theology or literature as well as anyone with a particular interest in Bede and Anglo-Saxon England.

Missions, Nationalism and the End of Empire

The End Pdf [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Missions, Nationalism and the End of Empire by Stanley,Alaine M. Low Book Summary:

Christian missions have often been seen as the religious arm of Western imperialism. What is rarely appreciated is the role they played in bringing about an end to the Western colonial empires after the Second World War. "Missions, Nationalism, and the End of Empire" explores this neglected subject. Respected authorities on the history of missions explore new territory in these chapters, examining from diverse angles the linkages between Christianity, nationalism, and the dissolution of the colonial empires in Asia and Africa. This work not only sheds light on the relation of religion and politics but also uncovers the sometimes paradoxical implications of the church's call to bring the gospel to all the world. Contributors: Daniel H. Bays Philip Boobbyer Judith M. Brown Richard Elphick Deborah Gaitskell Adrian Hastings Caroline Howell Ka-che Yip Ogbu U. Kalu Hartmut Lehmann Derek Peterson Andrew Porter Brian Stanley John Stuart

The End of Russian Philosophy

The End Pdf [Pdf/ePub] eBook

The End of Russian Philosophy by A. Deblasio,Alyssa DeBlasio Book Summary:

The End of Russian Philosophy describes and evaluates the troubled state of Russian philosophical thought in the post-Soviet decades. The book suggests that in order to revive philosophy as a universal, professional discipline in Russia, it may be necessary for Russian philosophy to first do away with the messianic traditions of the 19th century.

Start at the End

The End Pdf [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Start at the End by David Lavinsky Book Summary:

Re-focus your business plan and achieve the success your business deserves Business owners, and their teams, often lose their way in the midst of the day-to-day stress of generating sales and profits. Whether your goal is selling millions of your product, expanding operations to a new location, or generating more profits, Start at the End offers a unique approach and action steps for business owners and entrepreneurs to redevelop your business plan and achieve ultimate success. You'll learn how to re-create your long-term vision and then make continuous progress in achieving that vision while continuing to hit your short-term goals. Start at the End offers inspiring stories of other entrepreneurs who have achieved significant success in this area, as well as easy-to-follow exercises and next steps. Shows how to develop a realistic business and financial model based on market data Explains how to identify and pursue new opportunities, raise capital, and build growth strategies Start at the End gives business owners a chance to take a step back, re-evaluate your business, and redesign your business plan to achieve the success you dreamed of when you first launched your company.

Trend of the End

The End Pdf [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Trend of the End by Jason Witt Book Summary:

Knowing and preparing for the "Trend of the End" needs to be high on every Christian's priority list. --Dr. Hal SeedI love this book and highly recommend it because: 1. It keeps the focus on Jesus and 2. It's so interesting that you can't stop reading it --Frank GonzalezTrend of the End will keep you on the edge of your seat to bring about a change in your life. --Dr. Jeremy LopezThe depth and insight of the revealed word Mr. Jason Witt brings is refreshing and well-timed. --Dr. Iraj G ModarressiYou have now in your hands a book that is inspired by the Holy Spirit. I encourage you to get a copy. --Apostle Surendranath Ravi RamnathJason Witt is a man endowed with great wisdom and has written a very inspirational book. I recommend this book to all. --Biship Joel Oluwafemi

40 Questions about the End Times

The End Pdf [Pdf/ePub] eBook

40 Questions about the End Times by Eckhard Schnabel Book Summary:

Benjamin L. Merkle is professor of New Testament at Malaysia Baptist Theological Seminary and is the author of numerous articles, which have appeared in journals such as JETS and Trinity Journal. He earned his Ph.D. from Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, where he wrote his dissertation on deacons and elders.