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The Day Without Yesterday

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The Day Without Yesterday

The Day Without Yesterday [Pdf/ePub] eBook

The Day Without Yesterday by John Farrell Book Summary:

Sometimes our understanding of our universe is given a huge boost by one insightful thinker. Such a boost came in the first half of the twentieth century, when an obscure Belgian priest put his mind to deciphering the nature of the cosmos. Is the universe evolving to some unforeseen end, or is it static, as the Greeks believed? The debate has preoccupied thinkers from Heraclitus to the author of the Upanishads, from the Mayans to Einstein. The Day Without Yesterday covers the modern history of an evolving universe, and how Georges Lemaitre convinced a generation of thinkers to embrace the notion of cosmic expansion and the theory that this expansion could be traced backward to the cosmic origins, a starting point for space and time that Lemaitre called "the day without yesterday." Lemaitre's skill with mathematics and the equations of relativity enabled him to think much more broadly about cosmology than anyone else at the time, including Einstein. Lemaitre proposed the expanding model of the universe to Einstein, who rejected it. Had Einstein followed Lemaitre's thinking, he could have predicted the expansion of the universe more than a decade before it was actually discovered.

The Day Without Yesterday

The Day Without Yesterday [Pdf/ePub] eBook

The Day Without Yesterday by Stuart Clark Book Summary:

Europe is marching blindly into the First World War and Berlin is in a storm of nationalist marches and army recruitment. Albert Einstein anticipates the carnage to come when his university colleagues begin work on poison gas to 'shorten the war'. He is also struggling with the collapse of his marriage in the wake of an illicit affair. Increasingly isolated, Einstein finds his academic work sidelined with few people entertaining his outlandish new way of understanding the universe. Meanwhile, in the trenches of the western front, a devoutly religious young Belgian Georges Lemaitre vows to become both a physicist and a Catholic priest if he survives. When the war ends, Einstein does make his breakthrough and is thrust into the international limelight. Lemaitre confronts him with a startling concept: that buried in the maths of the theory of relativity is a beginning of space and time, a moment when the universe came into existence - a day without yesterday. But can the priest be trusted? Or is he simply trying to foist a version of Biblical Genesis onto Einstein's now world famous theory.

The Clock and the Camshaft

The Day Without Yesterday [Pdf/ePub] eBook

The Clock and the Camshaft by John W. Farrell Book Summary:

Highlights the importance of medieval innovations as the basis for later technological progress This history of medieval inventions, focusing on the eleventh to the fourteenth centuries, vividly portrays a thriving era of human ingenuity--and the results are still being felt to this day. From the mechanical clock to the first eyeglasses, both of which revolutionized society, many of the commonplace devices we now take for granted had their origin in the Middle Ages. Divided into ten thematic chapters, the accessible text allows the reader to sample areas of interest or read the book from beginning to end for a complete historical overview. A chapter on the paper revolution shows that innovations in mill power enabled the mass production of cheap paper, which was instrumental in the later success of the printing press as a means of disseminating affordable books to more people. Another chapter examines the importance of Islamic civilization in preserving ancient Greek texts and the role of translation teams in Sicily and Spain in making those texts available in Latin for a European readership. A chapter on instruments of discovery describes the impact of the astrolabe, which was imported from Islamic lands, and the compass, originally invented in China; these tools plus innovations in ship building spurred on the expansion of European trade and the later age of discovery at the time of Columbus. Complete with original drawings to illustrate how these early inventions worked, this guided tour through a distant era reveals how medieval farmers, craftsmen, women artisans, and clerical scholars laid the foundations of the modern world.

Georges Lemaître: Life, Science and Legacy

The Day Without Yesterday [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Georges Lemaître: Life, Science and Legacy by Rodney D. Holder,Simon Mitton Book Summary:

The year 2011 marked the 80th anniversary of Georges Lemaître’s primeval atom model of the universe, forerunner of the modern day Big Bang theory. Prompted by this momentous anniversary the Royal Astronomical Society decided to publish a volume of essays on the life, work and faith of this great cosmologist, who was also a Roman Catholic priest. The papers presented in this book examine in detail the historical, cosmological, philosophical and theological issues surrounding the development of the Big Bang theory from its beginnings in the pioneering work of Lemaître through to the modern day. This book offers the best account in English of Lemaître’s life and work. It will be appreciated by professionals and graduate students interested in the history of cosmology.

The Atom of the Universe

The Day Without Yesterday [Pdf/ePub] eBook

The Atom of the Universe by LAMBERT Book Summary:

Now available in paperback! This biography takes readers from the early childhood to the last days of Georges Lemaître, the man behind the theory of the primeval atom, now better known as the Big Bang theory. But, who was Georges Lemaître? He was a clergyman, a genius astronomer, an audacious cosmologist, a computer enthusiast ahead of his time, a professor with his head in the clouds, a bon vivant mathematician, and a gourmand. The book peels away these layers, chapter by chapter, from the adventures of a boy from Charleroi (Belgium), who became Monseigneur Lemaître and influenced contemporary cosmology. The Atom of the Universe follows Lemaître's works through the course of his life, discovering along the way his involvement with the Chinese student community, his complex relationship with the Vatican, his deep devotion to the University of Louvain, his friendship with figures such as Einstein and Eddington, his adventures through both World Wars, his travels in America, his curious interest in Molière, and his deep faith lived through the 'Amis de Jesus.' The resulting picture is of a remarkable figure who was sensitive, creative, meticulous, and, paradoxically, both discreet and exuberant, while also being a man of exceptional integrity who reconciled his science with his faith. More than a book on one person, this biography of Georges Lemaître offers the key to a better understanding of the profound changes which took place in the fields of science, faith, and academic life in the last century. *** Librarians: ebook available on ProQuest and EBSCO *** "...thoroughly researched.... Lambert has written a dense, scholarly work....Recommended." -- Choice, Vol. 53, No. 3, November 2015 [Subject: Biography, Physics, Cosmology, Astronomy]

Wonders of the Universe

The Day Without Yesterday [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Wonders of the Universe by Professor Brian Cox,Andrew Cohen Book Summary:

Recommended for viewing on a colour tablet. Professor Brian Cox is back with another insightful and mind-blowing exploration of space. This time he shows us our universe as we've never seen it before.

Your Yesterday Is My Tomorrow

The Day Without Yesterday [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Your Yesterday Is My Tomorrow by Richmond West Book Summary:

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The Sun Kings

The Day Without Yesterday [Pdf/ePub] eBook

The Sun Kings by Stuart Clark,S. Clark Book Summary:

Recounts the story behind English astronomer Richard Carrington's observations of a mysterious explosion on the surface of the sun and how his understanding that the sun's magnetism directly influences the Earth helped usher in the modern era of astronomy.

The Day

The Day Without Yesterday [Pdf/ePub] eBook

The Day by N.A Book Summary:

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The Sensorium of God

The Day Without Yesterday [Pdf/ePub] eBook

The Sensorium of God by Stuart Clark,Stuart G. Clark Book Summary:

It’s the mid-17th century and the mystery behind the movement of the planets—elegantly described by Johannes Kepler almost a century earlier—remains unsolved. Edmond Halley, adventurer, astronomer, and ladies’ man, and reclusive alchemist and fearsome mathematician Isaac Newton become collaborators in the attempt to decipher this puzzle. Due to this simple partnership, the lives of both men are plunged into crisis, Europe is pushed headlong towards the Age of the Enlightenment, and science is catapulted into its next decisive clash with religion. Inspired by the key events in man’s quest to understand the universe, this brilliant and gripping fictionalization brings historical characters to life.

The Monk in the Garden

The Day Without Yesterday [Pdf/ePub] eBook

The Monk in the Garden by Robin Marantz Henig Book Summary:

A fresh study of the groundbreaking work in genetics conducted by Gregor Mendel, acclaimed as the father of modern genetics, argues that the Moravian monk was far ahead of his time.

A Day Without a Yesterday

The Day Without Yesterday [Pdf/ePub] eBook

A Day Without a Yesterday by Don Barrett Book Summary:

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The World Until Yesterday

The Day Without Yesterday [Pdf/ePub] eBook

The World Until Yesterday by Jared Diamond Book Summary:

From the author of No.1 international bestseller Collapse, a mesmerizing portrait of the human past that offers profound lessons for how we can live today Visionary, prize-winning author Jared Diamond changed the way we think about the rise and fall of human civilizations with his previous international bestsellers Guns, Germs and Steel and Collapse. Now he returns with another epic - and groundbreaking - journey into our rapidly receding past. In The World Until Yesterday, Diamond reveals how traditional societies around the world offer an extraordinary window onto how our ancestors lived for the majority of human history - until virtually yesterday, in evolutionary terms - and provide unique, often overlooked insights into human nature. Drawing extensively on his decades working in the jungles of Papua New Guinea, Diamond explores how tribal societies approach essential human problems, from childrearing to conflict resolution to health, and discovers we have much to learn from traditional ways of life. He unearths remarkable findings - from the reason why modern afflictions like diabetes, obesity and Alzheimer's are virtually non-existent in tribal societies to the surprising benefits of multilingualism. Panoramic in scope and thrillingly original, The World Until Yesterday provides an enthralling first-hand picture of the human past that also suggests profound lessons for how to live well today. Jared Diamond is the Pulitzer Prize-winning author of the seminal million-copy-bestseller Guns, Germs, and Steel, which was named one of TIME's best non-fiction books of all time, and Collapse, a #1 international bestseller. A professor of geography at UCLA and noted polymath, Diamond's work has been influential in the fields of anthropology, biology, ornithology, ecology and history, among others.

Encountering ETI

The Day Without Yesterday [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Encountering ETI by John Hart Book Summary:

Encountering ETI weaves together scientific knowledge and spiritual faith in a cosmic context. It explores consequences of Contact between terrestrial intelligent life (TI) and extraterrestrial intelligent life (ETI). Humans will face cosmic displacement if there are other complex, technologically advanced intelligent beings in the universe; our economic structures and religious beliefs might need substantial revision. On Earth or in space, humans could encounter benevolent ETI (solicitous of our striving for maturity as a species) or malevolent ETI (seeking our land and goods to benefit themselves, claiming that their "superior civilization" gives them the right)--or meet both types of species. Earth Encounters of the Third Kind described by credible witnesses (including American Indian elders) suggest that both have arrived already: some shut down U.S. and U.S.S.R. ICBM missiles to promote peace; others mutilated cattle or abducted people, perhaps to acquire physiological data on biota for scientific study or for other, unknown purposes. Sci-fi movies such as Avatar and novels like The Martian Chronicles describe humans as malevolent ETI aliens: we do to others what we fear others will do to us. A shared and evolving spiritual materiality could enable humanity to overcome cosmic displacement, and guide TI and ETI in a common quest for meaning and wellbeing on cosmic common ground.

The Unbegotten

The Day Without Yesterday [Pdf/ePub] eBook

The Unbegotten by James Gordon Book Summary:

The fifth book in the Unbegotten saga. Hell hath no fury! Finality. The moment she has dreaded has finally come. Vanifera has fought against her destiny, hoping there was another path she could take in order to sway the hand of fate. But, when she uncovers the tragic truth about her unborn son, she is left with no alternative but to embrace her inescapable future and embark upon a journey that will bring her face to face with her nightmares and her inevitable confrontation with the Vul Paux. With nothing more to lose, one question remains. Can Vanifera defeat the Vul Paux and bring an end to the Eternal War?

Georges Lemaître

The Day Without Yesterday [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Georges Lemaître by 50MINUTES, Book Summary:

Keen to learn but short on time? Get to grips with the life of Georges Lemaître in next to no time with this concise guide. provides a clear and engaging analysis of the work of Georges Lemaître. An unlikely combination of a priest and a physicist who was responsible for the theories of the expansion of the universe and the primeval atom, which today we accept and know collectively as the Big Bang theory, Lemaître was not widely credited or recognised for his theories when he first developed them. It was not until the accidental discovery of cosmic radiation many years later that the scientific community finally came to accept this man and his ideas. In just 50 minutes you will: • Understand Georges Lemaître’s theories of the expansion of the universe and of the primeval atom, now known as the Big Bang theory • Find out about his life and determination to reconcile his Catholic faith with his interest in physics • Learn about the accidental discoveries that eventually led to the confirmation of his theories ABOUT 50MINUTES.COM | History & Culture 50MINUTES.COM will enable you to quickly understand the main events, people, conflicts and discoveries from world history that have shaped the world we live in today. Our publications present the key information on a wide variety of topics in a quick and accessible way that is guaranteed to save you time on your journey of discovery.

New Proofs for the Existence of God

The Day Without Yesterday [Pdf/ePub] eBook

New Proofs for the Existence of God by Robert J. Spitzer Book Summary:

Responding to contemporary popular atheism, Robert J. Spitzer's New Proofs for the Existence of God examines the considerable evidence for God and creation that has come to light from physics and philosophy during the last forty years. An expert in diverse areas, including theology, physics, metaphysics, and ethics, Spitzer offers in this text the most contemporary, complete, and integrated approach to rational theism currently available. "Skepticism about the possibility of proving the existence of God often relies on data from modern science. In this splendid new book Father Robert Spitzer explores the implications of the latest discoveries in big bang cosmology, string theory, quantum physics, and the ontology of time to craft a series of convincing philosophical arguments. To paraphrase a popular commercial, this is not your father's old 'natural theology' textbook ù it's a gripping and compelling account of the best current arguments for theism."ùJoseph W. Koterski, S.J., Foidham University "A most original and insightful case for the existence of God.... Fr. Spitzer's new proofs pose a serious and compelling challenge to the unconscious hegemony of naturalism in the worlds of both philosophy and the sciences."ùFrancis J. Beckwith, Baylor University "Rare is the theologian who keeps abreast of the latest developments in fundamental physics, and even rarer the one who can discuss them with the theological and philosophical sophistication that Fr. Spitzer displays in this book. A challenging and original work."ùStephen M. Barr, University of Delaware, author of Modern Physics and Ancient Faith

The Order of Time

The Day Without Yesterday [Pdf/ePub] eBook

The Order of Time by Carlo Rovelli Book Summary:

One of TIME's Ten Best Nonfiction Books of the Decade "Meet the new Stephen Hawking . . . The Order of Time is a dazzling book." --The Sunday Times From the bestselling author of Seven Brief Lessons on Physics, comes a concise, elegant exploration of time. Why do we remember the past and not the future? What does it mean for time to "flow"? Do we exist in time or does time exist in us? In lyric, accessible prose, Carlo Rovelli invites us to consider questions about the nature of time that continue to puzzle physicists and philosophers alike. For most readers this is unfamiliar terrain. We all experience time, but the more scientists learn about it, the more mysterious it remains. We think of it as uniform and universal, moving steadily from past to future, measured by clocks. Rovelli tears down these assumptions one by one, revealing a strange universe where at the most fundamental level time disappears. He explains how the theory of quantum gravity attempts to understand and give meaning to the resulting extreme landscape of this timeless world. Weaving together ideas from philosophy, science and literature, he suggests that our perception of the flow of time depends on our perspective, better understood starting from the structure of our brain and emotions than from the physical universe. Already a bestseller in Italy, and written with the poetic vitality that made Seven Brief Lessons on Physics so appealing, The Order of Time offers a profoundly intelligent, culturally rich, novel appreciation of the mysteries of time.

Not Without Parables

The Day Without Yesterday [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Not Without Parables by Catherine de Hueck Doherty Book Summary:

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Yesterday's Demons

The Day Without Yesterday [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Yesterday's Demons by Michael Ripplinger Book Summary:

When he was a boy, Siv McCaig came face-to-face with a monster. After a childhood lived in fear, he encountered it again. Siv just wants to work his trade as a blacksmith, play cards at the saloon, and watch the stars. But he'll never be at peace without answers. What was the monster that burned down his house? Where did it come from? And will it ever come back again? His search becomes a battle for his planet's survival. Only two things might keep all of Verde from falling to the horrors of Siv's nightmares, but they've been lost for two hundred years: technology and magic."

The Sky's Dark Labyrinth

The Day Without Yesterday [Pdf/ePub] eBook

The Sky's Dark Labyrinth by Stuart Clark Book Summary:

At the dawn of the seventeenth century everyone believed that the sun revolved around the earth. Yet some men knew that the heavens did not move as they should. And some men began to suspect that this heresy was in fact the truth. As Europe convulsed in conflict between Catholic and Protestant, these men prepared to die for that truth. This is the story of Kepler and Galileo, two men whose struggle with themselves, with the evidence and with the forces of reaction changed not simply themselves but our world. The Sky's Dark Labyrinth is the first of a trilogy of novels inspired by the dramatic struggles, personal and professional, and key historical events in man's quest to understand the Universe.

On Faith and Reason

The Day Without Yesterday [Pdf/ePub] eBook

On Faith and Reason by Saint Thomas (Aquinas),Thomas Aquinas Book Summary:

An anthology of selections drawn from a variety of Aquinas' works with a focus on the role of reason and faith in philosophy and theology. Other themes covered include: the life of God; the knowledge of God and His attributes attainable through natural reason; and the Trinity and the Incarnation. Brown (theology, Boston College) supplies a general introduction and an introduction to each selection. No index. Annotation copyrighted by Book News, Inc., Portland, OR

The Jazz of Physics

The Day Without Yesterday [Pdf/ePub] eBook

The Jazz of Physics by Stephon Alexander Book Summary:

More than fifty years ago, John Coltrane drew the twelve musical notes in a circle and connected them by straight lines, forming a five-pointed star. Inspired by Einstein, Coltrane put physics and geometry at the core of his music. Physicist and jazz musician Stephon Alexander follows suit, using jazz to answer physics' most vexing questions about the past and future of the universe. Following the great minds that first drew the links between music and physics-a list including Pythagoras, Kepler, Newton, Einstein, and Rakim-The Jazz of Physics reveals that the ancient poetic idea of the Music of the Spheres," taken seriously, clarifies confounding issues in physics. The Jazz of Physics will fascinate and inspire anyone interested in the mysteries of our universe, music, and life itself.

An Introduction to Modern Cosmology

The Day Without Yesterday [Pdf/ePub] eBook

An Introduction to Modern Cosmology by Andrew Liddle Book Summary:

An Introduction to Modern Cosmology Third Edition is an accessible account of modern cosmological ideas. The Big Bang Cosmology is explored, looking at its observational successes in explaining the expansion of the Universe, the existence and properties of the cosmic microwave background, and the origin of light elements in the universe. Properties of the very early Universe are also covered, including the motivation for a rapid period of expansion known as cosmological inflation. The third edition brings this established undergraduate textbook up-to-date with the rapidly evolving observational situation. This fully revised edition of a bestseller takes an approach which is grounded in physics with a logical flow of chapters leading the reader from basic ideas of the expansion described by the Friedman equations to some of the more advanced ideas about the early universe. It also incorporates up-to-date results from the Planck mission, which imaged the anisotropies of the Cosmic Microwave Background radiation over the whole sky. The Advanced Topic sections present subjects with more detailed mathematical approaches to give greater depth to discussions. Student problems with hints for solving them and numerical answers are embedded in the chapters to facilitate the reader’s understanding and learning. Cosmology is now part of the core in many degree programs. This current, clear and concise introductory text is relevant to a wide range of astronomy programs worldwide and is essential reading for undergraduates and Masters students, as well as anyone starting research in cosmology. The accompanying website for this text,, provides additional material designed to enhance your learning, as well as errata within the text.

The River of Time

The Day Without Yesterday [Pdf/ePub] eBook

The River of Time by Igor D. Novikov Book Summary:

An overview of the history of the study of time and presentation of the modern state of physical research.

Witches of Fife

The Day Without Yesterday [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Witches of Fife by Stuart MacDonald Book Summary:

Along the coast of Fife, in villages like Culross and Pittenweem, historical markers and pamphlets now include the fact that some women were executed as witches within these burghs. Still the reality of what happened the night that Janet Cornfoot was lynched in the harbour is hard to grasp as one sits in the harbour of Pittenweem watching the fishing boats unload their catch and the pleasure boats rising with the tide. How could people do this to an old woman? Why was no-one ever brought to justice? And why would anyone defend such a lynching? The task of the historian is to try to make events in the past come alive and seem less strange. This is particularly true in the case of the historian dealing with the witch-hunt. The details are fascinating. Some of the anecdotes are strange. The modern reader finds it hard to imagine illness being blamed on the malevolence of a beggar woman denied charity. It is difficult to understand the economic failure of a sea voyage being attributed to the village hag, not bad weather. Witch-hunting was related to ideas, values, attitudes and political events. It was a complicated process, involving religious and civil authorities, village tensions and the fears of the elite. The witch-hunt in Scotland also took place at a time when one of the main agendas was the creation of a righteous or godly society. As a result, religious authorities had control over aspects of the lives of the people which seem every bit as strange to us today as might any beliefs about magic or witchcraft. That the witch-hunt in Scotland, and specifically in Fife, should have happened at this time was not accidental. This book tells the story of what occurred over a period of a century and a half, and offers some explanation as to why it occurred.

The Falling Sky

The Day Without Yesterday [Pdf/ePub] eBook

The Falling Sky by Pippa Goldschmidt Book Summary:

A blackly comic campus satire combined with a heart-breaking family mystery, The Falling Sky brilliantly mixes fiction and astronomy into a fascinating, compelling and moving narrative. Jeanette is a young, solitary post-doctoral researcher who has dedicated her life to studying astronomy. Struggling to compete in a prestigious university department dominated by egos and incompetents, and caught in a cycle of brief and unsatisfying affairs, she travels to a mountain-top observatory in Chile to focus on her research. There Jeanette stumbles upon evidence that will challenge the fundamentals of the universe, drawing her into conflict with her colleagues and the scientific establishment, but also casting her back to the tragic loss that defined her childhood. As the implications of her discovery gather momentum, and her relationships spiral out of control, Jeanette's own grip on reality is threatened, finally forcing her to confront the hidden past. Pippa Goldschmidt's bittersweet debut novel blends black comedy, heart-breaking tragedy and fascinatingly accessible science, in this intricate and beautiful examination of one woman's disintegration and journey to redemption.

The Art of Her Deal

The Day Without Yesterday [Pdf/ePub] eBook

The Art of Her Deal by Mary Jordan Book Summary:

This revelatory biography of Melania Trump from Pulitzer Prize–winning Washington Post reporter Mary Jordan depicts a first lady who is far more influential in the White House than most people realize. Based on interviews with more than one hundred people in five countries, The Art of Her Deal: The Untold Story of Melania Trump draws an unprecedented portrait of the first lady. While her public image is of an aloof woman floating above the political gamesmanship of Washington, behind the scenes Melania Trump is not only part of President Trump’s inner circle, but for some key decisions she has been his single most influential adviser. Throughout her public life, Melania Trump has purposefully worked to remain mysterious. With the help of key people speaking publicly for the first time and never-before-seen documents and tapes, The Art of Her Deal looks beyond the surface image to find a determined immigrant and the life she had before she met Donald Trump. Mary Jordan traces Melania’s journey from Slovenia, where her family stood out for their nonconformity, to her days as a fledgling model known for steering clear of the industry’s hard-partying scene, to a tiny living space in Manhattan she shared platonically with a male photographer, to the long, complicated dating dance that finally resulted in her marriage to Trump. Jordan documents Melania’s key role in Trump’s political life before and at the White House, and shows why he trusts her instincts above all. The picture of Melania Trump that emerges in The Art of Her Deal is one of a woman who is savvy, steely, ambitious, deliberate, and who plays the long game. And while it is her husband who became famous for the phrase “the art of the deal,” it is she who has consistently used her leverage to get exactly what she wants. This is the story of the art of her deal.

The Odyssey of Homer

The Day Without Yesterday [Pdf/ePub] eBook

The Odyssey of Homer by Homer Book Summary:

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Cosmic Horizons

The Day Without Yesterday [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Cosmic Horizons by Steven Soter,Neil deGrasse Tyson Book Summary:

Leading scientists offer a collection of essays that furnish illuminating explanations of recent discoveries in modern astrophysics--from the Big Bang to black holes--the possibility of life on other worlds, and the emerging technologies that make such research possible, accompanied by incisive profiles of such key figures as Carl Sagan and Georges Lemaetre. Original.

Seems Like Yesterday

The Day Without Yesterday [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Seems Like Yesterday by Sherry Burton Book Summary:

Living in a Navy town, travel agent Dani Smith swears off military men, still feeling the guilt and responsibility of the tragic ending to her marriage to 1st Class Petty Officer Derrick Smith. She spends her days in the confines of her small apartment, creating dream vacations for her clients. After being goaded into taking a singles cruise with a friend, Dani decides to make this the trip of a lifetime, although there are some obstacles in her path. Finding the perfect dress to wear to the ball is just one of them. Another is longtime friend Matt Phillips, the handsome Navy SEAL who she has kept at arm's length for way too long. Just as Dani decides to give Matt a chance, fate steps in, sending Dani on a journey not even she could have planned. As Dani finds herself amongst ghosts of the past, Matt must face his own haunted past, if he ever has any chance of saving her. In this romantic and suspenseful time travel fantasy, the past and present clash together as it SEEMS LIKE YESTERDAY.

Our Place in the Universe

The Day Without Yesterday [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Our Place in the Universe by Norman K. Glendenning Book Summary:

A day without yesterday -- Formation of galaxies -- Birth and life of stars -- Supernovae: Death and transfiguration of stars -- Nebulae -- Spacetime, relativity, and superdense matter

The R.I. Schoolmaster

The Day Without Yesterday [Pdf/ePub] eBook

The R.I. Schoolmaster by N.A Book Summary:

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The Human Side of Science

The Day Without Yesterday [Pdf/ePub] eBook

The Human Side of Science by Arthur W. Wiggins,Charles M. Wynn Book Summary:

Democritus and Aristotle ponder the existence of atoms -- Aristotle, Aristarchus, Copernicus, and Galileo seek to determine Earth's place in the cosmos -- Isaac Newton, Robert Hooke, and Gottfried Leibniz argue about motion and calculus -- The battling Bernoullis and Bernoulli's principle -- Antoine Lavoisier and Benjamin Thompson (Count Rumford) have rival theories about heat -- Mendeleev, Meyer, Moseley, and the birth of the periodic table -- Westinghouse/Tesla vs. Edison : AC/DC titans clash -- Alfred Wegener stands his ground about continental drift -- Albert Einstein, Marcel Grossmann, Mileva Maric and Michele Besso struggle with relativity -- Part 2 : Albert Einstein's struggles continue -- Edwin Hubble and Harlow Shapley clash/cooperate over the universe's Size -- Disastrous consequences of Lise Meitner and Otto Hahn's discovery of nuclear fission -- Maurice Wilkins, Rosalind Franklin, James Watson, and Francis Crick determine the structure of DNA -- J. Craig Venter, James Watson, and Michael Hunkapiller race for the human genome -- Honorable mention mini-chapters

Poetry of the Universe

The Day Without Yesterday [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Poetry of the Universe by Robert Osserman Book Summary:

In the bestselling literary tradition of Lewis Thomas's Lives of a Cell and James Watson's The Double Helix, Poetry of the Universe is a delightful and compelling narrative charting the evolution of mathematical ideas that have helped to illuminate the nature of the observable universe. In a richly anecdotal fashion, the book explores teh leaps of imagination and vision in mathematics that have helped pioneer our understanding of the world around us.