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The Complete Book Of Vampires

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The Complete Book of Vampires

The Complete Book Of Vampires [Pdf/ePub] eBook

The Complete Book of Vampires by Leonard R. N. Ashley Book Summary:

The vampire is one of the most potent and enduring symbols of the supernatural. This entertaining and truly encyclopaedic book gathers together vampire lore from many lands and cultures, revealing many unexpected facts about the undead.'


The Complete Book Of Vampires [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Vampire by Manuela Dunn-Mascetti Book Summary:

A paperback edition of a best-seller offers a fully illustrated guide through the traditions of vampire lore, giving practical advice on dealing with these supernatural creatures. Reprint. 35,000 first printing.

The Complete Book of Vampires

The Complete Book Of Vampires [Pdf/ePub] eBook

The Complete Book of Vampires by Leonard Ashley Book Summary:

Possibly the most comprehensive book ever published on one of the world's oldest, and most terrifying, legends. The vampire is one of the most potent and enduring symbols of the supernatural, as deathless as Bram Stoker's perennially popular creation Count Dracula. As this entertaining and encyclopaedic work reveals, vampires were around for centuries before Count Dracula appeared. Legends about vampires are found in folklore throughout the world, dating back to ancient times and over the years they have never lost their power to inspire fear. Combining erudition with readability Leonard Ashley presents vampire lore from around the world, gathering together many unexpected facts about the dead and 'undead', about hangings and summonsings, and reports of manifestations that cannot be lightly dismissed. Whether you are incredulous, sceptical or simply curious you will find this darkly enjoyable survey irresistible. Its listings of films and books make it a valuable resource for fans while its wealth of rare illustrations are fascinating.

Vampires and Vampirism

The Complete Book Of Vampires [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Vampires and Vampirism by Dudley Wright Book Summary:

Vampires and Vampirism (1914) is a work from another era, a time when belief and wonder led some to travel down pathways of knowledge in search of truth and terror, not knowing what they would find. Written in response to an "awakened [popular] interest in supernormal phenomena" in the early twentieth century, Dudley Wright's Vampires and Vampirism traces the history of vampirism around the world, from ancient Babylonia, Assyria, and Greece, to Great Britain, Germany, and Eastern Europe. Beginning with the question "What is a vampire?", Wright seeks to first define the term before moving into an analysis of how belief in vampirism emerged from various and distant religious and cultural traditions. Each chapter uses a scholarly mix of ancient and modern sources to enlighten the reader, and the book culminates in a chapter titled "Fact or Fiction?", which allows the reader to hear from believers and skeptics alike. The book includes harrowing personal accounts of outbreaks of vampirism in British India and Mexico, as well as a lengthy bibliography. In a world where matters of occult nature, such as astrology, have reentered the popular consciousness, Vampires and Vampirism is sure to be of interest. It is also a fascinating document of a time when Europeans--faced with spiritual doubt and inspired by religious traditions and myths from the outer reaches of empire--sought to establish new systems of belief, new orders they hoped could replace those they feared were quickly becoming lost. At times despicable, and always controversial, Dudley Wright was a tireless searcher whose life included conversions to Islam and Catholicism, forays into anti-Semitism--later retracted--and a deep, spiritual involvement with organizations dedicated to matters both visible and invisible, true and beyond belief. With a beautifully designed cover and professionally typeset manuscript, this new edition of Dudley Wright's Vampires and Vampirism is a classic of history and horror reimagined for modern readers.

The Mammoth Book of Vampires

The Complete Book Of Vampires [Pdf/ePub] eBook

The Mammoth Book of Vampires by Stephen Jones Book Summary:

Modern masters of the macabre bring the dead to life in this specially re-vamped edition of the classic compilation every horror fan will want to sink their teeth into. From an award-winning editor who knows the genre backwards, here is the very best in vampire fiction: from tales of tempting sirens to contemporary serial killers; from the dark origins of fairy tales to a modern reinterpretation of the King of the Undead himself, Count Dracula. This revised edition features over a dozen new stories, including Tina Rath's A Trick of the Dark and Kim Newman's Andy Warhol's Dracula, as well as classic novellas such as Hugh B. Cave's Stragella and Chelsea Quinn Yarbro's Investigating Jericho. There are contributions by Nancy Kilpatrick, Christopher Fowler, Paul Mcauley, Chelsea Quinn Yarbro, Tina Rath, Neil Gaiman, Harlan Ellison and Kim Newman.

The Complete Vampire Companion

The Complete Book Of Vampires [Pdf/ePub] eBook

The Complete Vampire Companion by Rosemary Guiley,J. B. Macabre Book Summary:

Examines vampires in mythology and folklore, their characterizations in literature and motion pictures, and popular belief in and fascination with vampires

Encyclopedia of Vampire Mythology

The Complete Book Of Vampires [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Encyclopedia of Vampire Mythology by Theresa Bane Book Summary:

From the earliest days of oral history to the present, the vampire myth persists among mankind’s deeply-rooted fears. This encyclopedia, with entries ranging from “Abchanchu” to “Zmeus,” includes nearly 600 different species of historical and mythological vampires, fully described and detailed.

The Vampire Book

The Complete Book Of Vampires [Pdf/ePub] eBook

The Vampire Book by J. Gordon Melton Book Summary:

Explores the myth, lore, and representation in popular culture of vampires and vampire legends from around the globe

Vampire Legends in Contemporary American Culture

The Complete Book Of Vampires [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Vampire Legends in Contemporary American Culture by William Patrick Day Book Summary:

While vampire stories have been part of popular culture since the beginning of the nineteenth century, it has been in recent decades that they have become a central part of American culture. Vampire Legends in Contemporary American Culture looks at how vampire stories -- from Bram Stoker's Dracula to Blacula, from Bela Lugosi's films to Love at First Bite -- have become part of our ongoing debate about what it means to be human. William Patrick Day looks at how writers and filmmakers as diverse as Anne Rice and Andy Warhol present the vampire as an archetype of human identity, as well as how many post-modern vampire stories reflect our fear and attraction to stories of addiction and violence. He argues that contemporary stories use the character of Dracula to explore modern values, and that stories of vampire slayers, such as the popular television series Buffy the Vampire Slayer, integrate current feminist ideas and the image of the Vietnam veteran into a new heroic version of the vampire story.

A Whisper Of Eternity

The Complete Book Of Vampires [Pdf/ePub] eBook

A Whisper Of Eternity by Amanda Ashley Book Summary:

In Amanda Ashley's compelling, lushly sensual novels, vampires exist alongside humans--but their desires are not relegated to the shadows. Now, a timeless passion is shattered by dangerous immortal ambition--unless an eternal kiss can hold back the darkness of true death. . . He Will Not Lose Her Again When artist Tracy Warner purchases the rambling seaside house built above Dominic St. John's hidden lair, he recognizes in her spirit the woman he has loved countless times over the centuries. Drawing her into the fascinating, seductive world of the vampire, he aches to believe that this time she will not refuse his Dark Gift. But when Dominic's ancient rival appears in Sea Cliff, hungry for territory and power, Tracy becomes a pawn in a deadly game. To save her--and the passion that burns between them--Dominic must offer. . .A Whisper Of Eternity.

The Vampire Archives

The Complete Book Of Vampires [Pdf/ePub] eBook

The Vampire Archives by Otto Penzler Book Summary:

An extensive anthology compiles eighty stories by genre masters from H. P. Lovecraft to Stephen King, in a volume that also provides a comprehensive bibliography of vampire fiction.

The Encyclopedia of Vampires, Werewolves, and Other Monsters

The Complete Book Of Vampires [Pdf/ePub] eBook

The Encyclopedia of Vampires, Werewolves, and Other Monsters by Rosemary Guiley Book Summary:

Monsters and shape-shifters have always held a special fascination in mythologies, legends, and folklore the world over. From ancient customs to famous cases of beasts and vampires and their reflections in popular culture, 600 entries provide definitions, explanations, and lists of suggested further reading.

The Complete Book of the Devil's Disciples

The Complete Book Of Vampires [Pdf/ePub] eBook

The Complete Book of the Devil's Disciples by Leonard R. N. Ashley Book Summary:

This fourth book in Ashley's series traces the roots of the occult - devil worship, ritual killing, witchcraft, etc... throughout history. Written in reader-friendly but scholarly prose. Within these pages readers will find potions and charms, incantations and amulets. There are detailed descriptions of bloody rituals, the sensational black masses of France, the horrors of the Spanish Inquisition and an introduction into the habits of werewolves and vampire

The Vampire in Nineteenth Century English Literature

The Complete Book Of Vampires [Pdf/ePub] eBook

The Vampire in Nineteenth Century English Literature by Carol A. Senf Book Summary:

Carol A. Senf traces the vampire’s evolution from folklore to twentieth-century popular culture and explains why this creature became such an important metaphor in Victorian England. This bloodsucker who had stalked the folklore of almost every culture became the property of serious artists and thinkers in Victorian England, including Charlotte and Emily Brontë, George Eliot, Charles Dickens, Karl Marx, and Friedrich Engels. People who did not believe in the existence of vampires nonetheless saw numerous metaphoric possibilities in a creature from the past that exerted pressure on the present and was often threatening because of its sexuality.

The Complete Book of Women's Wisdom

The Complete Book Of Vampires [Pdf/ePub] eBook

The Complete Book of Women's Wisdom by Cassandra Eason Book Summary:

A collection of information on the feminine history of the world relating to myths, stories, rituals, festivals and more associated with women through the ages.

Vampire 101

The Complete Book Of Vampires [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Vampire 101 by Darnell Jefferson Book Summary:

For the first time in history there is a book that will unlock the magic of the vampire. Unlimited power at the very fingertips that open the pages of this book. There have been a thousand or so books about vampires. Some want to give you the history and some want to give you examples of the some of the great vampires of history. Here in the pages of Vampire 101 I have put all the information you need to become as powerful a vampire as you want. Unlocking the ideas and desires of the most powerful mystical forces in the universe, that will allow you to ignite the most powerful parts of yourself. Give into that secret desire of yourself that wants to be free - the freedom that only a vampire can experience.

The Complete Vampire Chronicles 12-Book Bundle

The Complete Book Of Vampires [Pdf/ePub] eBook

The Complete Vampire Chronicles 12-Book Bundle by Anne Rice Book Summary:

An international bestseller and beloved cultural touchstone, Anne Rice’s classic novel Interview with the Vampire starts “where Bram Stoker and the Hollywood versions leave off and penetrates directly to the true fascination of the myth” (Chicago Tribune). But that’s only the beginning. Over the course of twelve interwoven novels, Rice crafts a richly imagined, magnificently transporting epic around her chilling, charismatic antihero, Lestat. An aristocrat in the heady days of pre-revolutionary France who lives to become a rock star in the demonic, shimmering 1980s, Lestat rushes through the centuries in search of others like him, seeking answers to the mystery of his eternal, terrifying existence. Now, with the publication of the complete series in one convenient eBook bundle, there has never been a better time to devour the entirety of The Vampire Chronicles. Gathered here are the ten books that comprise the original saga: INTERVIEW WITH THE VAMPIRE THE VAMPIRE LESTAT QUEEN OF THE DAMNED THE TALE OF THE BODY THIEF MEMNOCH THE DEVIL THE VAMPIRE ARMAND MERRICK BLOOD AND GOLD BLACKWOOD FARM BLOOD CANTICLE . . . as well as the two books of the New Tales of the Vampires: PANDORA VITTORIO, THE VAMPIRE Praise for the novels of Anne Rice “Brilliant . . . [Rice’s] undead characters are utterly alive.”—The New York Times Book Review “If you surrender and go with her . . . you have surrendered to enchantment, as in a voluptuous dream.”—The Boston Globe “Frightening, sensual . . . Anne Rice will live on through the ages of literature. . . . To read her is to become giddy as if spinning through the mind of time, to become lightheaded as if our blood is slowly being drained away.”—San Francisco Chronicle “Unrelentingly erotic . . . sometimes beautiful, and always unforgettable.”—The Washington Post “Rice has created universes within universes, traveling back in time as far as ancient, pre-pyramidic Egypt and journeying from the frozen mountain peaks of Nepal to the crowded, sweating streets of southern Florida.”—Los Angeles Times “Fiercely ambitious, nothing less than a complete unnatural history of vampires.”—The Village Voice

Forests of the Vampire

The Complete Book Of Vampires [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Forests of the Vampire by Charles Phillips,Michael Kerrigan Book Summary:

It's the cultural information that never seems to make it into history books: strange stories, mystic rites, angry gods, vision quests, magic symbols. This series captures, culture by culture, the intersection of imagination, history, wisdom, dream, and reality.

Vampires, Zombies, and Shape-Shifters

The Complete Book Of Vampires [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Vampires, Zombies, and Shape-Shifters by Rebecca Stefoff Book Summary:

"Explores the folklore and facts connected with vampires, zombies, and shape-shifters such as werewolves"--Provided by publisher.

The White Vampire

The Complete Book Of Vampires [Pdf/ePub] eBook

The White Vampire by J. J. Jones Book Summary:

When the mysterious Alistair appears from nowhere to rescue cute African American girl Wyn from being attacked, she is intrigued to find out exactly who this mystery man is. Alistair insists on taking care of her and ensuring her safety from that moment forwards which deepens her intrigue and also her attraction for this mysterious stranger. Especially as he already knows her name and EVERYTHING about her.... Wyn has no idea that she is about to embark on a life changing journey full of romance, sex, mystery, action and adventure. The White Vampire Complete Saga Includes: Desired By The White Vampire The Mystery Of The White Vampire In Love With The White Vampire Claimed By The White Vampire

Vampires Vs. Werewolves

The Complete Book Of Vampires [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Vampires Vs. Werewolves by Michael O'Hearn Book Summary:

"Describes the features and abilities of vampires and werewolves, and how they may battle each other in a fight"--Provided by publisher.

The Penguin Book of Vampire Stories

The Complete Book Of Vampires [Pdf/ePub] eBook

The Penguin Book of Vampire Stories by Alan Ryan,Professor of Politics Alan Ryan Book Summary:

This vampire book is a collection of stories by famous horror writers such as Bram Stoker, Fritz Leiber, and Robert Bloch. Edited by Alan Ryan, these stories of the greatest vampires in literature will appeal to all readers of horror books.


The Complete Book Of Vampires [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Halloween by LEONARD R. N. ASHLEY Book Summary:


The Birth of Vengeance

The Complete Book Of Vampires [Pdf/ePub] eBook

The Birth of Vengeance by P.A. Ross Book Summary:

For Jon Harper, adolescence has been a revolving door of bullying, torment, and isolation. Sick of constantly looking over his shoulder, Jon vows vengeance on those who have wronged him. Enter Thorn: a dark angel of destiny or Jon’s undoing? It is only with the help of this sultry new companion does Jon obtain the ability to wreak vengeance on his tormentors through the power of the vampire formula, a genetic altering drug. With the vampire formula, the user has the ability to temporarily transform into a vampire, complete with the awesome powers afforded to the dark immortals. Jon must only choose his path: redemption or forgiveness? For a young man in the throes of young love and awakened passions, revenge is a dish best served in the dead of night. In this all-new dark urban fantasy series Vampire Formula from P.A. Ross, imagine the world of vampires and forbidden love turned upside down. Will darkness and passion get the better of Jon Harper? Will the power of the night change him forever? Find out in this first installment in the series, The Birth of Vengeance! Get into the action and sink you teeth into a copy now . There is a free prequel story to download, which is set a couple of years beforehand. "I Want Vengeance: Vampire Formula #0" keywords: vampire books for teens , vampire series , supernatural , paranormal , coming of age fantasy , genetic engineering , science fiction , mashups , bad girlfriend , bullied , vampire vengeance , horror , young adult , men's vampire book , strong female vampire , vampire books , strong female characters , department 19 , will hill, cirque du freak , darren shan, vampire hunter , male protgonist , strong male led , male POV

The New Picasso: The Complete Book and Lyrics of the Broadway Concept Musical (A Romantic Musical Thriller)

The Complete Book Of Vampires [Pdf/ePub] eBook

The New Picasso: The Complete Book and Lyrics of the Broadway Concept Musical (A Romantic Musical Thriller) by Jonathan David Sloate Book Summary:

The New Picasso (imagine Great Expectations & Titanic meet Moulin Rouge! & The Great Gatsby) and The Tower of Babel from award-winning writer Jonathan David Sloate, composer for the Mortal Kombat franchise, Academy Awards winner Sense and Sensibility, Beowulf, the ShoWest Awards, and movies starring Kate Winslet (Titanic), Hugh Grant (Notting Hill), Tom Wilkinson (Batman Begins, Shakespeare in Love, Rush Hour), Emma Thompson (Nanny McPhee, Harry Potter), Alan Rickman (Die Hard, Robin Hood), Christopher Lambert (Highlander), Clancy Brown (Shawshank Redemption, SpongeBob SquarePants), Brian Tochi (Police Academy, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles), Olivia d'Abo (Wayne's World 2), Cree Summer (Rugrats), Luke Perry (Beverly Hills 90210), Dorian Harewood (Full Metal Jacket), Ron Perlman (Alien, Blade II, Hellboy), Paolo Montalban (The King and I, Cinderella), Daniel Bernhardt (The Matrix Reloaded), Kristanna Loken (Terminator 3), Jon Cryer (Two and a Half Men), Kate Burton (Grey's Anatomy), & Claire Danes (Homeland).

A Vampire's Book of Knowledge by Hectar

The Complete Book Of Vampires [Pdf/ePub] eBook

A Vampire's Book of Knowledge by Hectar by J. A. Laughlin Book Summary:

Hectar is a very old vampire, by his own standards. He is also very knowledgeable about his kind, in his own opiniion. This book was written by Hectar to alleviate the problem of young vampires seeking him out to ask questions that most young vampires have. Barring his ego and that some of his "knowledge" is flawed, it's a rather enjoyable read.

Fangs For Nothing

The Complete Book Of Vampires [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Fangs For Nothing by Arizona Tape,Laura Greenwood Book Summary:

When vampire, Lucy, is finally hired to do some proper private investigating, she uncovers a plot far deeper than she expected...and far more dangerous. If she doesn't figure it out, vampires as a species could end up exposed. That's if she doesn't accidentally reveal them first. And as if going on a date wasn't stressful enough, Lucy's Noble fiancé has made a reappearance, and he's brought a rather distasteful present with him. - Fangs For Nothing is book one of the paranormal/urban fantasy romance vampire mystery series, The Vampire Detective. There is a slow burn reverse harem/polyamory romance.

Vampire Hunter D Volume 15: Dark Road

The Complete Book Of Vampires [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Vampire Hunter D Volume 15: Dark Road by Hideyuki Kikuchi Book Summary:

Vampire Hunter D takes on his greatest challenge yet! The ruthless vampire Noble General Gaskell commands the loyalty of some of the most infamous and deadly vampires in history, and Gaskell has no patience for D's interference, heroic or not! With the odds stacked against him, D must prevail — or perish * Features seven gorgeous black-and-white line illustrations by Yoshitaka Amano.

Allure of the Vampire

The Complete Book Of Vampires [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Allure of the Vampire by Corvis Nocturnum Book Summary:

The mere mention of vampires used to be enough to make people think of a nocturnal predator. But over the centuries the vampire has changed from monstrous villain to sexual object, for both men and women alike. Allure of the Vampire examines our intimate attraction to these beings in a detailed manner. Now, join occult author Corvis Nocturnum as he reveals the fascinating evolution of this icon as it has lured and enticed us in folklore, film and books from the days of ancient civilization to the living breathing inhabitants of our modern subculture, the vampire community.

Eternal Reign

The Complete Book Of Vampires [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Eternal Reign by Susanne Valenti,Caroline Peckham Book Summary:

In the year 2133, vampires rule America.Within the Realms, human life is defined by blood.But there is a way out: The Testing.No one knows what happens to those who pass. But rumours of the powerful vampire family who want them spark fear in the chosen few.When sisters Callie and Montana pass the test, they rebel against their fate and plan to do what no human has ever done.Escape their Realm.But the vampires have eyes everywhere and the girls are soon torn apart, sending them spiralling down two dangerous paths.One to the vampires.The other to the slayers.With Callie in the hands of a fierce warrior and Montana trapped in a terrifying ritual run by the royal vampires, can they find their way back to each other before it's too late?Or will their fates be decided by the deadly men who shadow them..?Eternal Reign is an upper YA dystopian paranormal romance with strong female leads and alpha males. If you loved The Selection Series, the Twilight Saga and A Shade of Vampire, you'll fall for this brand new series!

House of Vampires 2

The Complete Book Of Vampires [Pdf/ePub] eBook

House of Vampires 2 by Samantha Snow Book Summary:

When Lorena Quinn went to live in the house of vampires she really did not know what to expect. With 4 vampires fighting for her love she knew that it was not always going to be easy. And things took an interesting twist when Wei made a move on Lorena which caused Dmitri to fly into a jealous rage. A rage so intense that it left Lorena wondering if she really had to fulfill the prophecy in this way, or perhaps there was another way out....

The Undead Among Us - The Figure of the Vampire as the "Unknown Other" and Its Representation in "True Blood"

The Complete Book Of Vampires [Pdf/ePub] eBook

The Undead Among Us - The Figure of the Vampire as the "Unknown Other" and Its Representation in "True Blood" by Felicitas Schott Book Summary:

Drakul. Nosferatu. Upyr. Vampyre. There have been many names for what we know today as the vampire. For over a century, literature, television, cinema and many other areas in our daily lives cannot be imagined without the appearance of this fictional character. Almost everyone is familiar with the image of the walking undead that creeps out of its coffin at night and sucks the blood out of humans. The undead has always been appealing to its audience. It is the ‘otherness’ of such monsters, their frightful darkness and exoticism that makes them so interesting. This book deals with the figure of the vampire regarded as the ‘unknown other’ and how it is fictionally represented in the American TV series True Blood (2008 - ). Considering both psychoanalytical concepts as well identity theory, the author depicts the literary and cinematographic development of the fictional figure of the vampire since the late nineteenth century, and analyzes different representations of the vampire and its “otherness” as well as their appeal to the audience in the True Blood.

Vampire War

The Complete Book Of Vampires [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Vampire War by Alex Oliver Book Summary:

When the magic returned, all the monsters were freed. Pursued by his father's assassin-butler, British scholar Frank flees to Romania to study the newly working Atlantean technology on nobleman Radu's land. His arrival sparks Radu's ancient vampire parents to want more than their traditional tithe of terrified peasants. As the vampires take their bloodlust to the capital, and then to the Ottoman Empire, it soon becomes apparent they will be satisfied with nothing less than the world. They are masters of mind-control, able to double the size of their army every night, and their only opposition is a nervous scholar, an ugly enchantress, a shape-shifting Roma girl and their own loving son. Things are not looking good for the human race. "an enthralling mystery and would be enjoyed by anyone who enjoys a dark narrative with moments of humor." - Foreword Reviews "The castle itself is absolutely hair-raisingly scary. These are not your sparkly or nice vampires. These are your old-fashioned predators who see humans as food." - Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words "The wonder in this book lies entirely with the world-building...It was amazingly intricate and exceptionally believable," - Magnolia Reviews "The world in which this story - these stories - take place is coming beautifully into focus, vivid in its colors, exotic, and different in ways that ... well, I was going to use the word "fascinated" again. Put it this way instead: It's a great time, and I can't wait for more." - Stewartry The full story that began in Carpathian Devils and wrapped up in Angels of the Ottoman Empire is now available in a single volume. Buy it now and experience arcanepunk like no other.

H.P. Lovecraft's Magazine of Horror #4

The Complete Book Of Vampires [Pdf/ePub] eBook

H.P. Lovecraft's Magazine of Horror #4 by Marvin Kaye Book Summary:

The fourth issue of H.P. Lovecraft's Magazine of Horror presents a stellar lineup of fiction and non-fiction. Includes a conversation with best-selling author Laurell K. Hamilton, as well as fiction by such luminaries as Darrell Schweitzer ("Sometimes You Have to Shout About It"), Ken Rand ("Crickets, Everywhere"), Jay Lake ("Ever"), Erin Donahoe ("The Old Ones Reborn"), Yoiya Finley ("The Taxidermist's Collection"), Esther Friesner ("The Really Big Sleep"), Morgan Llywelyn ("The View from Here"), Leah Bobet ("Scars"), Nick Knight ("Thinking of You"), and Ron Goulart ("The Problem of the Missing Werewolf").

The Vampire

The Complete Book Of Vampires [Pdf/ePub] eBook

The Vampire by Alan Dundes Book Summary:

Vampires are the most fearsome and fascinating of all creatures of folklore. For the first time, detailed accounts of the vampire and how its tradition developed in different cultures are gathered in one volume by eminent folklorist Alan Dundes. Eleven leading scholars from the fields of Slavic studies, history, anthropology, and psychiatry unearth the true nature of the vampire from its birth in graveyard lore to the modern-day psychiatric patient with a penchant for drinking blood. The Vampire: A Casebook takes this legend out of the realm of literature and film and back to its dark beginnings in folk traditions. The essays examine the history of the word “vampire;” Romanian vampires; Greek vampires; Serbian vampires; the physical attributes of vampires; the killing of vampires; and the possible psychoanalytic underpinnings of vampires. Much more than simply a scary creature of the human imagination, the vampire has been and continues to haunt the lives of all those who encounter it—in reality or in fiction.

The Vampire Book

The Complete Book Of Vampires [Pdf/ePub] eBook

The Vampire Book by J Gordon Melton Book Summary:

The Ultimate Collection of Vampire Facts and Fiction From Vlad the Impaler to Barnabas Collins to Edward Cullen to Dracula and Bill Compton, renowned religion expert and fearless vampire authority J. Gordon Melton, PhD takes the reader on a vast, alphabetic tour of the psychosexual, macabre world of the blood-sucking undead. Digging deep into the lore, myths, pop culture, and reported realities of vampires and vampire legends from across the globe, The Vampire Book: The Encyclopedia of the Undead exposes everything about the blood thirsty predator. Death and immortality, sexual prowess and surrender, intimacy and alienation, rebellion and temptation. The allure of the vampire is eternal, and The Vampire Book explores it all. The historical, literary, mythological, biographical, and popular aspects of one of the world's most mesmerizing paranormal subject. This vast reference is an alphabetical tour of the psychosexual, macabre world of the soul-sucking undead. In the first fully revised and updated edition in a decade, Dr. J. Gordon Melton (president of the American chapter of the Transylvania Society of Dracula) bites even deeper into vampire lore, myths, reported realities, and legends that come from all around the world. From Transylvania to plague-infested Europe to Nostradamus and from modern literature to movies and TV series, this exhaustive guide furnishes more than 500 essays to quench your thirst for facts, biographies, definitions, and more.

The Penguin book of vampire stories

The Complete Book Of Vampires [Pdf/ePub] eBook

The Penguin book of vampire stories by Alan Ryan Book Summary:

Download or read The Penguin book of vampire stories book by clicking button below to visit the book download website. There are multiple format available for you to choose (Pdf, ePub, Doc).


The Complete Book Of Vampires [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Vampire by Justin Achilli,Ken Cliffe Book Summary:

Includes tips on characters and storylines for storytellers Develop your character, understand the World of Darkness, and play today! Vampire lore has intrigued ordinary mortals for centuries. Sink your teeth into this book and find out how to slip into their mysterious, mystical world! Create the vampire of your dreams (or nightmares), choose attributes, skills, and advantages, understand the characteristics of each clan, enter the World of Darkness -- and throw away the garlic. Discover how to * Calculate your character's advantages and Blood Potency * Set the mood for the game * Select a clan and a covenant for your character * Explore sources of inspiration * Master the art of storytelling