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Switched Reluctance Motor Drives

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Switched Reluctance Motor Drives by R. Krishnan Book Summary:

The switched reluctance machine (SRM) is the least expensive electrical machine to produce, yet one of the most reliable. As such, research has blossomed during the last decade, and the SRM and variable drive systems using SRMs are receiving considerable attention from industry. Because they require a power electronic converter and controller to function, however, successful realization of an SRM variable drive system demands an understanding of the converter and controller subsystems and their integration with the machine. Switched Reluctance Motor Drives provides that understanding. It presents a unified view of the machine and its drive system from all of its system and subsystem aspects. With a careful balance of theory and implementation, the author develops the analysis and design of SRMs from first principles, introduces a wide variety of power converters available for driving the SRM, and systematically presents both low- and high-performance controllers. The book includes an in-depth study of acoustic noise and its minimization along with application examples that include comparisons between ac and dc drives and SRM drive. The result is the first book that provides a state-of-the-art knowledge of SRMs, power converters, and their use with both sensor-based and sensorless controllers. Switched Reluctance Motor Drives enables both students and engineers to learn all aspects of SRM drive systems and appreciate the interdependence of the various subsystems in performance optimization.


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Switched-currents by Chris Toumazou,John B. Hughes,N. C. Battersby,Nicholas C. Battersby,Institution of Electrical Engineers Book Summary:

The switched-current technique is a new signal processing technique for processing analogue-sampled data in electronic integrated circuits. The technique, which uses digital technology to process analogue data, has been pioneered in Europe and is now raising major interest worldwide. This was the first book to be devoted to this development, and has been produced and published extremely rapidly to coincide with a major tutorial meeting on this subject in the USA. The 23 contributions are from renowned international specialists. Editors C Toumazou and JB Hughes both won international prizes in 1992 for their work. This book followed up Toumazou et al.'s award-winning and best selling Analogue IC design: the current-mode approach, published in 1990.

Switched Linear Systems

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Switched Linear Systems by Zhendong Sun Book Summary:

Switched linear systems have enjoyed a particular growth in interest since the 1990s. The large amount of data and ideas thus generated have, until now, lacked a co-ordinating framework to focus them effectively on some of the fundamental issues such as the problems of robust stabilizing switching design, feedback stabilization and optimal switching. This deficiency is resolved by this book which features: nucleus of constructive design approaches based on canonical decomposition and forming a sound basis for the systematic treatment of secondary results; theoretical exploration and logical association of several independent but pivotal concerns in control design as they pertain to switched linear systems: controllability and observability, feedback stabilization, optimization and periodic switching; a reliable foundation for further theoretical research as well as design guidance for real life engineering applications through the integration of novel ideas, fresh insights and rigorous results.

An Analytical Approach to Optical Burst Switched Networks

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An Analytical Approach to Optical Burst Switched Networks by T. Venkatesh,C. Siva Ram Murthy Book Summary:

This book presents the state of the art results on modeling and analysis of OBS networks. It provides researchers with new directions for future research and helps them gain a better understanding of modeling OBS networks. This book classifies all the literature on modeling and analysis of OBS networks and serves as a thought provoking material for the researchers working on the analysis of high-speed networks. The scope of this book however is not limited to OBS networks alone but extends to high-speed communication networks with limited or no buffers.

Design of Low-Voltage CMOS Switched-Opamp Switched-Capacitor Systems

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Design of Low-Voltage CMOS Switched-Opamp Switched-Capacitor Systems by Vincent S.L. Cheung,Howard Cam H. Luong Book Summary:

This volume emphasizes the design and development of advanced switched-opamp architectures and techniques for low-voltage low-power switched-capacitor systems. It presents a novel multi-phase switched-opamp technique together with new system architectures that are critical in improving significantly the performance of switched-capacitor systems at low supply voltages.

Electronic Control of Switched Reluctance Machines

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Electronic Control of Switched Reluctance Machines by TJE Miller Book Summary:

Switched reluctance motors have steadily increased in commercial importance since their introduction in the early 1980's, while their technology - especially of their electronic control - has made great progress. Their unique characteristics introduce a delicate balance, in which the copper and iron are diminished in quantity, complexity and cost, in favour of a greater reliance on sophistication in the controller. Thus mastery of the control is the key challenge in the application of these machines. This book is intended for engineer's in industry and in the large research community in electrical machines and drives. It introduces the techniques for controlling switched reluctance machines, starting from first principles and building up to the most advanced forms of sensorless control. It covers the recent advances in electronic control and includes aspects of motion control, automation, acoustic noise reduction and energy efficiency. Covers the recent changes in control technology Includes up-to-date equipment and methods Contains applications and case studies

Dynamic Profile of Switched-Mode Converter

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Dynamic Profile of Switched-Mode Converter by Teuvo Suntio Book Summary:

This book collates the information available on this topic, hitherto only to be found in journals and at conferences. It presents the fundamentals and advances in average and small–signal modeling of switched–mode converters, before applying this information to generate a real canonical converter model. Practical examples are scattered throughout the text, and experimental evidence is cited to support theoretical findings. The result is a solid basis for understanding and utilizing the dynamics of switched–mode converters –– for the first time in their 40–year history.

Robust Filtering and Fault Detection of Switched Delay Systems

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Robust Filtering and Fault Detection of Switched Delay Systems by Dong Wang,Peng Shi,Wei Wang Book Summary:

Switched delay systems appear in a wide field of applications including networked control systems, power systems, memristive systems. Though the large amount of ideas with respect to such systems have generated, until now, it still lacks a framework to focus on filter design and fault detection issues which are relevant to life safety and property loss. Beginning with the comprehensive coverage of the new developments in the analysis and control synthesis for switched delay systems, the monograph not only provides a systematic approach to designing the filter and detecting the fault of switched delay systems, but it also covers the model reduction issues. Specific topics covered include: (1) Arbitrary switching signal where delay-independent and delay-dependent conditions are presented by proposing a linearization technique. (2) Average dwell time where a weighted Lyapunov function is come up with dealing with filter design and fault detection issues beside taking model reduction problems. The monograph is intended for academic researchers and engineers in systems and control community who will discover of particular value in dealing with filter design and fault detection of switched system and time delay systems. In addition, it will be helpful and complementary reading for graduate students in such field.

Stability Theory of Switched Dynamical Systems

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Stability Theory of Switched Dynamical Systems by Zhendong Sun,Shuzhi Sam Ge Book Summary:

There are plenty of challenging and interesting problems open for investigation in the field of switched systems. Stability issues help to generate many complex nonlinear dynamic behaviors within switched systems. The authors present a thorough investigation of stability effects on three broad classes of switching mechanism: arbitrary switching where stability represents robustness to unpredictable and undesirable perturbation, constrained switching, including random (within a known stochastic distribution), dwell-time (with a known minimum duration for each subsystem) and autonomously-generated (with a pre-assigned mechanism) switching; and designed switching in which a measurable and freely-assigned switching mechanism contributes to stability by acting as a control input. For each of these classes this book propounds: detailed stability analysis and/or design, related robustness and performance issues, connections to other control problems and many motivating and illustrative examples.

Optimal Control of Switched Systems Arising in Fermentation Processes

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Optimal Control of Switched Systems Arising in Fermentation Processes by Chongyang Liu,Zhaohua Gong Book Summary:

The book presents, in a systematic manner, the optimal controls under different mathematical models in fermentation processes. Variant mathematical models – i.e., those for multistage systems; switched autonomous systems; time-dependent and state-dependent switched systems; multistage time-delay systems and switched time-delay systems – for fed-batch fermentation processes are proposed and the theories and algorithms of their optimal control problems are studied and discussed. By putting forward novel methods and innovative tools, the book provides a state-of-the-art and comprehensive systematic treatment of optimal control problems arising in fermentation processes. It not only develops nonlinear dynamical system, optimal control theory and optimization algorithms, but can also help to increase productivity and provide valuable reference material on commercial fermentation processes.

Switched On?

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Switched On? by Steven Fawkes Book Summary:

This handbook for language teachers focuses on: practical issues to do with using video equipment and resources with language learners; using programme resources to stimulate skill development; finding and adapting useful resources; methodological implications for effective use; management and planning issues; developing strategies for more creative use.

Switched and Impulsive Systems

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Switched and Impulsive Systems by Zhengguo Li,Yengchai Soh,Changyun Wen Book Summary:

In this volume the important concept of switched and impulsive control is discussed, with a wide field of applications in the analysis and control of complex systems. This monograph provides the reader with a comprehensive coverage of switched and impulsive systems, including new original work with various applications such as switched server systems, scalable video coding systems, chaotic based secure communication, or quality of service on the internet. Switched and Impulsive Systems can be used as a reference or a text for a course at graduate level.

Fault Tolerant Control for Switched Linear Systems

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Fault Tolerant Control for Switched Linear Systems by Dongsheng Du,Bin Jiang,Peng Shi Book Summary:

This book presents up-to-date research and novel methodologies on fault diagnosis and fault tolerant control for switched linear systems. It provides a unified yet neat framework of filtering, fault detection, fault diagnosis and fault tolerant control of switched systems. It can therefore serve as a useful textbook for senior and/or graduate students who are interested in knowing the state-of-the-art of filtering, fault detection, fault diagnosis and fault tolerant control areas, as well as recent advances in switched linear systems.

Stabilization of Switched Nonlinear Systems with Unstable Modes

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Stabilization of Switched Nonlinear Systems with Unstable Modes by Hao Yang,Bin Jiang,Vincent Cocquempot Book Summary:

This book provides its reader with a good understanding of the stabilization of switched nonlinear systems (SNS), systems that are of practical use in diverse situations: design of fault-tolerant systems in space- and aircraft; traffic control; and heat propagation control of semiconductor power chips. The practical background is emphasized throughout the book; interesting practical examples frequently illustrate the theoretical results with aircraft and spacecraft given particular prominence. Stabilization of Switched Nonlinear Systems with Unstable Modes treats several different subclasses of SNS according to the characteristics of the individual system (time-varying and distributed parameters, for example), the state composition of individual modes and the degree and distribution of instability in its various modes. Achievement and maintenance of stability across the system as a whole is bolstered by trading off between individual modes which may be either stable or unstable or by exploiting areas of partial stability within all the unstable modes. The book can be used as a reference for academic research on switched systems or used by graduate students of control theory and engineering. Readers should have studied linear and nonlinear system theory and have some knowledge of switched and hybrid systems to get the most from this monograph.

Switched Time-Delay Systems

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Switched Time-Delay Systems by Magdi S. Mahmoud Book Summary:

In many practical applications we deal with a wide class of dynamical systems that are comprised of a family of continuous-time or discrete-time subsystems and a rule orchestrating the switching between the subsystems. This class of systems is frequently called switched system. Switched linear systems provide a framework that bridges the linear systems and the complex and/or uncertain systems. The mo- vation for investigating this class of systems is twofold: ?rst, it has an inherent multi-modal behavior in the sense that several dynamical subsystems are required to describe their behavior, which might depend on various environmental factors. Second, the methods of intelligent control systems are based on the idea of swit- ing between different controllers. Looked at in this light, switched systems provide an integral framework to deal with complex system behaviors such as chaos and multiple limit cycles and gain more insights into powerful tools such as intelligent control, adaptive control, and robust control. Switched systems have been inves- gated for a long time in the control and systems literature and have increasingly attracted more attention for the past three decades. The number of journal articles, books, and conference papers have grown exponentially and a number of fundam- tal concepts and powerful tools have been developed. It has been pointed out that switched systems have been studied from various viewpoints.

Switched On

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Switched On by Sahar Hashemi Book Summary:

Life is too short to just come in for the paycheque Let's face it, you work for the best years of your life and spend most of your waking hours on the job, so make sure you are energized, fulfilled and buzzing. Switched On will help you leap outside your comfort zone and awaken your creativity. Blast through the old thinking Switched On shows you how to think like an entrepreneur - have ideas, spot the opportunities, see the future and make things happen. The future belongs to fresh thinkers, so turn your receptors on and get ready to bring the real you to work. They'll love you for it Go on, unleash yourself - you'll be surprised at how indispensable you become. You have it in you - you just need to switch it on 'Not all of us can be great entrepreneurs but all of us can be innovative and enterprising in whatever role we perform. This book is a great guide and an inspiration on how to achieve this' Miles Templeman, Director General, Institute of Directors.

Optimal Control of Switched Systems with Application to Networked Embedded Control Systems

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Optimal Control of Switched Systems with Application to Networked Embedded Control Systems by Daniel Görges Book Summary:

This thesis addresses optimal control of discrete-time switched linear systems with application to networked embedded control systems (NECSs). Part I focuses on optimal control and scheduling of discrete-time switched linear systems. The objective is to simultaneously design a control law and a switching (scheduling) law such that a cost function is minimized. This optimization problem exhibits exponential complexity. Taming the complexity is a major challenge. Two novel methods are presented to approach this optimization problem: Receding-horizon control and scheduling relies on the receding horizon principle. The optimization problem is solved based on relaxed dynamic programming, allowing to reduce complexity by relaxing optimality within predefined bounds. The solution can be expressed as a piecewise linear (PWL) state feedback control law. Stability is addressed via an a priori stability condition based on a terminal weighting matrix and several a posteriori stability criteria based on constructing piecewise quadratic Lyapunov functions and on utilizing the cost function as a candidate Lyapunov function. Moreover, a region-reachability criterion is derived. Periodic control and scheduling relies on periodic control theory. Both offline and online scheduling are studied. The optimization problem is solved based on periodic control and exhaustive search. The online scheduling solution can again be expressed as a PWL state feedback control law. Stability is guaranteed inherently. Several methods are proposed to reduce the online complexity based on relaxation and heuristics. Part II focuses on optimal control and scheduling of NECSs. The NECS is modeled as a block-diagonal discrete-time switched linear system. Various control and scheduling codesign strategies are derived based on the methods from Part I regarding the structural properties of NECSs. The methods presented in Part I and II are finally evaluated in a case study.

Switched-capacitor DACs Using Open Loop Output Drivers and Digital Predistortion

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Switched-capacitor DACs Using Open Loop Output Drivers and Digital Predistortion by N.A Book Summary:

High-speed communication systems, such as the 10 Gb/s Ethernet standard for copper cabling (10GBASE-T), use digital signal processing (DSP) to overcome the noise and bandwidth constraints of communication channels and, thereby, improve network throughput. The sophistication of these DSP techniques is possible because engineers can implement them using very little area and power in modern CMOS processes. And as CMOS technology scales, the power and area costs of digital logic become even more favorable. The requirements of communication systems also put pressure on circuit designers to develop higher-fidelity, higher-speed digital-to-analog converters (DACs). Unfortunately in this case, CMOS technology scaling offers a mixed bag of trends: some favorable to the most prevalent techniques used in DAC design and others unfavorable. The research presented in this dissertation is an attempt to let CMOS scaling trends guide the DAC design process. To this end, we have developed a new DAC architecture that relies on DSP to overcome some of the limitations encountered in analog and mixed signal design. The architecture consists of a digital predistortion block, a switched-capacitor DAC core, an open-loop output driver, a calibration ADC and a calibration algorithm. During normal operation, the predistortion block operates on the input data stream in such a way that nonlinearties in the DAC core and open-loop output driver are cancelled. Because these nonlinearities can change over time, the calibration ADC monitors the DAC output in the background, allowing the calibration algorithm to continuously update the predistortion coefficients. The predistortion block is implemented as a lookup table that re-maps each input sample to a unique internal value. This allows the predistorter to consume low power, but it also limits the kinds of errors that can be cancelled. Only memoryless nonlinearities, which are nonlinearities that are not a function of signal frequency, can be corrected. Existing DAC architectures are not good candidates for this kind of correction because their performance varies significantly across frequency. Therefore, the architecture that we have developed was designed so that its dominant nonlinearity mechanisms are approximately memoryless relative to the frequencies of interest. A 12-bit, 800-MS/s prototype chip demonstrating the new architecture was fabricated in a 90-nm CMOS process. The prototype achieves better than 58 dB SFDR for signal frequencies below 200 MHz and better than 53 dB SFDR for signal frequencies below 400 MHz. The full-scale output current is 16 mA, but by changing the resistive load seen by the DAC, we tested output voltage swings from 0.65 Vppd to 2.9 Vppd. We could discern no difference in SFDR performance for large or small output voltage swings.

Dynamics and Control of Switched Electronic Systems

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Dynamics and Control of Switched Electronic Systems by Francesco Vasca,Luigi Iannelli Book Summary:

The increased efficiency and quality constraints imposed on electrical energy systems have inspired a renewed research interest in the study of formal approaches to the analysis and control of power electronics converters. Switched systems represent a useful framework for modeling these converters and the peculiarities of their operating conditions and control goals justify the specific classification of “switched electronic systems”. Indeed, idealized switched models of power converters introduce problems not commonly encountered when analyzing generic switched models or non-switched electrical networks. In that sense the analysis of switched electronic systems represents a source for new ideas and benchmarks for switched and hybrid systems generally. Dynamics and Control of Switched Electronic Systems draws on the expertise of an international group of expert contributors to give an overview of recent advances in the modeling, simulation and control of switched electronic systems. The reader is provided with a well-organized source of references and a mathematically-based report of the state of the art in analysis and design techniques for switched power converters. Intuitive language, realistic illustrative examples and numerical simulations help the reader to come to grips with the rigorous presentation of many promising directions of research such as: converter topologies and modulation techniques; continuous-time, discrete-time and hybrid models; modern control strategies for power converters; and challenges in numerical simulation. The guidance and information imparted in this text will be appreciated by engineers, and applied mathematicians working on system and circuit theory, control systems development, and electronic and energy conversion systems design.

Optical Burst Switched Networks

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Optical Burst Switched Networks by Jason P. Jue,Vinod M. Vokkarane Book Summary:

Next-generation high-speed Internet backbone networks will be required to support a broad range of emerging applications which may not only require significant bandwidth, but may also have strict quality of service (QoS) requirements. Furthermore, the traffic from such applications are expected to be highly bursty in nature. For such traffic, the allocation of static fixed-bandwidth circuits may lead to the over-provisioning of bandwidth resources in order to meet QoS requirements. Optical burst switching (OBS) is a promising new technique which attempts to address the problem of efficiently allocating resources for bursty traffic. In OBS, incoming data is assembled into bursts at the edges of the network, and when the burst is ready to be sent, resources in the network are reserved only for the duration of the burst. The reservation of resources is typically made by an out-of-band one-way control message which precedes the burst by some offset time. By reserving resources only for the duration of the burst, a greater degree of utilization may be achieved in the network. This book provides an overview of optical burst switching. Design and research issues involved in the development of OBS networks are discussed, and approaches to providing QoS in OBS networks are presented. Topics include: - Optical burst switching node and network architectures - Burst assembly - Signaling protocols - Contention resolution - Burst scheduling - Quality of service in OBS networks