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Root Cause Analysis The Core Of Problem Solving And Corrective Action

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Root Cause Analysis

Root Cause Analysis The Core Of Problem Solving And Corrective Action [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Root Cause Analysis by Duke Okes Book Summary:

This book provides detailed steps for how to solve problems, focusing heavily on the analytical process involved in finding the actual causes of problems. It does so using a large number of figures, diagrams, and tools useful for helping make our thinking visible. The primary focus is on solving repetitive problems, rather than performing investigations for major incidents/accidents. Most of the terminology used is everyday language and can be used for both workplace and personal applications. Many of the examples will involve situations with which the reader will likely be familiar. The focus of the book is not on statistics but instead on the logic of finding causes. It has sometimes been described in training workshops as “Six Sigma lite” problem solving without the all the heavy statistics.

Root Cause Analysis, Second Edition

Root Cause Analysis The Core Of Problem Solving And Corrective Action [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Root Cause Analysis, Second Edition by Duke Okes Book Summary:

This best-seller can help anyone whose role is to try to find specific causes for failures. It provides detailed steps for solving problems, focusing more heavily on the analytical process involved in finding the actual causes of problems. It does this using figures, diagrams, and tools useful for helping to make our thinking visible. This increases our ability to see what is truly significant and to better identify errors in our thinking. In the sections on finding root causes, this second edition now includes: more examples on the use of multi-vari charts; how thought experiments can help guide data interpretation; how to enhance the value of the data collection process; cautions for analyzing data; and what to do if one can’t find the causes. In its guidance on solution identification, biomimicry and TRIZ have been added as potential solution identification techniques. In addition, the appendices have been revised to include: an expanded breakdown of the 7 M’s, which includes more than 50 specific possible causes; forms for tracking causes and solutions, which can help maintain alignment of actions; techniques for how to enhance the interview process; and example responses to problem situations that the reader can analyze for appropriateness.

Building Management Skills: An Action-First Approach

Root Cause Analysis The Core Of Problem Solving And Corrective Action [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Building Management Skills: An Action-First Approach by Richard L. Daft,Dorothy Marcic Book Summary:

Daft and Marcic's action-first approach turns the traditional learning model on its end. Instead of starting with concepts and moving to application, this text starts with application, an introductory problem or challenge that encourages you to first empty out your ideas so you are ready to understand new ideas and acquire new skills. Each chapter provides a menu of resources for engagement, application, and learning, everything you need to develop the spot-on management skills you'll need to be a successful manager. This new learning philosophy leads you through a seven-step learning process: 1. Manager Challenge, 2. Initial Response, 3. Discover Yourself, 4. Discover Knowledge, 5. Action Learning Exercises, 6. Test Your Mettle, and 7. Personal Skills Log. Shorter, highly-focused chapters take you through each of these seven steps, allowing you to capture the essence and critical points for each topic. The mass of research material has been condensed and focused into discrete learning packages (chapters) designed specifically for engagement. BUILDING MANAGEMENT SKILLS offers a unique new set of Challenge Videos that are specifically designed to help develop your decision-making and thinking skills. After you watch the video challenge you are asked to respond to the challenge by solving the problem, helping you see the relevance of the chapter material and answering the question Why do I need to know this material?. These innovative, decision-making Challenge Videos are also available in CengageNOW. Organized around a new learning philosophy, with new technology and a coherent learning package for you to acquire management skills through an active first do, then learn approach, Daft and Marcic have created a truly unique learning experience with BUILDING MANAGEMENT SKILLS. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

Governance Ethics in Healthcare Organizations

Root Cause Analysis The Core Of Problem Solving And Corrective Action [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Governance Ethics in Healthcare Organizations by Gerard Magill,Lawrence Prybil Book Summary:

Drawing on the findings of a series of empirical studies undertaken with boards of directors and CEOs in the United States, this groundbreaking book develops a new paradigm to provide a structured analysis of ethical healthcare governance. Governance Ethics in Healthcare Organizations begins by presenting a clear framework for ethical analysis, designed around basic features of ethics – who we are, how we function, and what we do – before discussing the paradigm in relation to clinical, organizational and professional ethics. It goes on to apply this framework in areas that are pivotal for effective governance in healthcare: oversight structures for trustees and executives, community benefit, community health, patient care, patient safety and conflicted collaborative arrangements. This book is an important read for all those interested in healthcare management, corporate governance and healthcare ethics, including academics, students and practitioners.

Performance Metrics

Root Cause Analysis The Core Of Problem Solving And Corrective Action [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Performance Metrics by Duke Okes Book Summary:

Which performance measures should you use? The obvious answer is that it depends on what you want to achieve, which someone else should never define for you. After all, it is your organization, your department, or your process. But once you are clear about what you want to accomplish, how do you sort through a variety of possible metrics and decide which are best? Then, given the list of metrics you believe are useful or necessary, how do you define them in more detail to ensure that the right data are gathered at the appropriate frequency and that the resulting information gets to the right people so that they can make proper decisions? This book provides a clarifying perspective for those who know that metrics need to be developed but are unsure as to the steps to follow in developing and deploying them. It focuses on making sure that the metrics selected will guide people and processes in the direction the organization wants to go, and allow continual evaluation of success. Every highly effective organization is unique in some strategic way, and the metrics used should reflect these differences. Studying high performers can be useful from a learning standpoint, but simply adopting what someone else is doing is likely to take you off your track and put you on theirs. The concepts in this book will put you on the correct track and give you the tools to stay on it.

Quality Risk Management in the FDA-Regulated Industry

Root Cause Analysis The Core Of Problem Solving And Corrective Action [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Quality Risk Management in the FDA-Regulated Industry by José Rodríguez Pérez Book Summary:

Risk management principles are effectively utilized in many areas of business and government, including finance, insurance, occupational safety, and public health, and by agencies regulating these industries. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and its worldwide counterparts are responsible for protecting public health by ensuring the safety and effectiveness of the drugs and medical devices. Regulators must decide whether the benefits of a specific product for patients and users outweigh its risk, while recognizing that “absolute safety” (or zero risk) is not achievable. Every product and every process has an associated risk. Although there are some examples of the use of quality risk management in the FDA-regulated industry today, they are limited and do not represent the full contribution that risk management has to offer. The present FDA focus on risk-based determination is requiring that the regulated industries improve dramatically their understanding and capability of hazard control concepts. In addition, the importance of quality systems has been recognized in the life sciences industry, and it is becoming evident that quality risk management is a valuable component of an effective quality system. The purpose of this book is to offer a systematic and very comprehensive approach to quality risk management. It will assist medical and food product manufacturers with the integration of a risk management system or risk management principles and activities into their existing quality management system by providing practical explanations and examples. The appropriate use of quality risk management can facilitate compliance with regulatory requirements such as good manufacturing practices or good laboratory practices. The content of this book will provide FDA-regulated manufacturers with a framework within which experience, insight, and judgment are applied systematically to manage the risks associated with their products. Manufacturers in other industries may use it as an informative guidance in developing and maintaining a risk management system and process. The two appendices add even more insight: Appendix A contains general examples of risk management, while Appendix B includes 10 case studies illustrating real examples of the quality risk management process across the medical product arena.

Error Reduction in Health Care

Root Cause Analysis The Core Of Problem Solving And Corrective Action [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Error Reduction in Health Care by Patrice L. Spath Book Summary:

Error Reduction in Health Care Completely revised and updated, this second edition of Error Reduction in Health Care offers a step-by-step guide for implementing the recommendations of the Institute of Medicine to reduce the frequency of errors in health care services and to mitigate the impact of errors when they do occur. With contributions from noted leaders in health safety, Error Reduction in Health Care provides information on analyzing accidents and shows how systematic methods can be used to understand hazards before accidents occur. In the chapters, authors explore how to prioritize risks to accurately focus efforts in a systems redesign, including performance measures and human factors. This expanded edition covers contemporary material on innovative patient safety topics such as applying Lean principles to reduce mistakes, opportunity analysis, deductive adverse event investigation, improving safety through collaboration with patients and families, using technology for patient safety improvements, medication safety, and high reliability organizations. The Editor

Le memory jogger II

Root Cause Analysis The Core Of Problem Solving And Corrective Action [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Le memory jogger II by Michael Brassard,Diane Ritter Book Summary:

Des salles de classe aux salles de rénunion des conseils d'administration, en passant par les ateliers de production et les centres hospitaliers, les organizations du monde entire utilisent l'amélioration continue de la qualité (ACQ) pour introduire des changements radicaux dans operations. Leur but est de maintenir leur compétitivité dans un monde où la technologie et les communications sont en perpétual changement.Ces organizations doivent satisfaire, voire dépasser, les besoins des consommateurs tout en restant compétives. Ces organizations doivent satisfaire, voire dépasser, les besoins des consommateurs tout en restant compétitives. L'amélioration continue de la qualité (ACQ) est une méthode systématique englobant toute l'organisation et visant à améliorer en permanence les processus de production de produits et de services de qualité; c'est pourquoi cette méthode est la stratégie choisie par de nombreuses organizations pour les aider à relever les defies présents et à venire.Pour assurer I'ACQ, observez ces quatre principes de base: 1. Elaboration d'une politique fortement orientée vers le consommateur 2. Amélioration continue de tous les processus 3. Participation des employés 4. Mobilisation des données et des connaissances del'équipe pour améliorer le processus de prise de decision Servez-vous de ce manuel et des outils qu'il renferme pour mettre l'accent, apporter des ameliorations, faire participer les employés et vous diriger vers l'amélioration continue de la qualité.Table des matières Remerciements Comment utiliser le Memory Jogger?II Tableau de sélection des outils Introduction Diagramme du réseau des activités (DRA) • Graphe de Gantt Diagramme d'affinité Brainstorming Diagramme de cause á effet / arêtes de poisson Fiche de contrôle Graphes de contrôle Données ponctuelles Organigramme Analyse des champs de forces Histogramme Diagramme des interdépendances Diagramme en matrice Technique du groupe nominal (TGN) • Vote multiple Diagramme de Pareto Matrices d'accord des priorites Modéle de résolution des problémes/amélioration de processus: • Scénarimage d'amélioration Capacité du processus Graphe en radar Graphe d'exploitation Diagramme de dissémination Directives concernant les équips • Phases d'une équipe

Lean Startup

Root Cause Analysis The Core Of Problem Solving And Corrective Action [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Lean Startup by Eric Ries Book Summary:

Un livre déjà culte dans le monde des entrepreneurs ! En appliquant les grands principes du lean management au développement de nouveaux produits, Eric Ries a mis au point une méthode qui change radicalement la donne pour tous ceux qui souhaitent créer une entreprise ou développer un nouveau projet : le Lean Startup. Cette approche révolutionnaire permet en effet d'adapter constamment son offre mais aussi son entreprise aux évolutions du marché, en suivant le principe de l'innovation continue. Dans cet ouvrage, Eric Ries expose sa méthodologie et l'illustre de nombreux exemples d'entreprises qui ont su encourager la créativité et sortir des sentiers battus en s'adaptant aux besoins de leurs clients, pour faire ainsi évoluer leur business model d'origine : Groupon, Zappos, Dropbox, Intuit... Lean Startup est un remarquable guide pratique d'innovation pour améliorer les chances de succès de tout nouveau projet, à l'usage des grandes entreprises comme des plus petites. C'est également un mode d'emploi du travail collaboratif et du management créatif. En ces temps d'hyper-compétition mondiale, c'est donc une lecture indispensable !

Cours d'économie politique

Root Cause Analysis The Core Of Problem Solving And Corrective Action [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Cours d'économie politique by Vilfredo Pareto Book Summary:

Download or read Cours d'économie politique book by clicking button below to visit the book download website. There are multiple format available for you to choose (Pdf, ePub, Doc).


Root Cause Analysis The Core Of Problem Solving And Corrective Action [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Globality by Harold L. Sirkin,James W. Hemerling,Arindam K. Bhattacharya Book Summary:

Globality, ce n'est pas un nouveau mot pour globalisation. Globality, c'est la concurrence pour tout, avec tous, partout dans le monde : un tsunami économique, qui submerge déjà les marchés mondiaux, pour le meilleur et pour le pire. Et si les marques leaders de demain avaient comme noms Embraer, Tata, BYD ou Cemex Forge? Et si les hommes d'affaires les plus célèbres de demain s'appelaient Wang Chuanfu, Lorenzo Zambrano ou Anand Mahindra? Et si le meilleur MBA demain était à la Skolkovo Business School, près de Moscou? Tout cela vous paraît impossible ou futuriste? Non, c'est déjà là. Dans un livre fouillé, riche de leur expérience de consultants, trois experts du BCG, l'un des plus grands cabinets de conseil au monde, montrent que certains pays en développement, depuis 20 ans, ne se contentent pas de copier le monde développé : forts de leurs expertises et de leurs talents, ils inventent de nouvelles règles et chamboulent le monde des affaires. Pour découvrir comment et à quel prix s'adapter, lisez vite Globality.

Le vote des femmes et la Première Guerre mondiale en Angleterre

Root Cause Analysis The Core Of Problem Solving And Corrective Action [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Le vote des femmes et la Première Guerre mondiale en Angleterre by Monique Molinari Book Summary:

La lutte pour le suffrage menée par les femmes au début du siècle marqua sans conteste l'histoire anglaise d'avant-guerre et a d'ailleurs fait depuis l'objet de nombreuses études. Moins connues, toutefois, sont les quatre années de guerre qui précédèrent la loi électorale de 1918 et les relations qui ont pu exister entre les deux. Parce que les femmes participèrent alors, pour la première fois, massivement à l'effort de guerre, et parce que cet effort fut loué de toutes parts, on a eu parfois tendance à tirer la conclusion un peu trop rapide que le droit de vote accordé en 1918 aux femmes de plus de trente ans était en quelque sorte une récompense consentie à ces dernières pour leurs "loyaux services". Les choses ne sont évidemment pas si simples et d'autres facteurs doivent être pris en compte si l'on veut tenter de comprendre comment, après des années de lutte et de militantisme, les femmes obtinrent le droit de vote au moment où elles ne l'attendaient plus. Pour cela, l'auteur s'attache tout particulièrement au rôle joué par les femmes au cours de la Première Guerre mondiale et aux changements des mentalités, mais également aux divers éléments qui conduisirent le gouvernement anglais à introduire, en plein conflit, une réforme électorale d'une telle importance.

PISA Apprendre aujourd'hui, réussir demain Premiers résultats de PISA 2003

Root Cause Analysis The Core Of Problem Solving And Corrective Action [Pdf/ePub] eBook

PISA Apprendre aujourd'hui, réussir demain Premiers résultats de PISA 2003 by OECD Book Summary:

Ce rapport présente les premiers résultats comparables à l’échelle internationale de l’enquête 2003 du Programme international de l’OCDE pour le suivi des acquis des élèves (PISA), qui porte sur le niveau des élèves de 15 ans en lecture, en mathématiques et en sciences dans 25 pays de l’OCDE.