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Mistress Of Greyladies

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Mistress of Greyladies

Mistress Of Greyladies [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Mistress of Greyladies by Anna Jacobs Book Summary:

During World War I, the ancient manor house of Greyladies in rural Wiltshire is requisitioned for a hospital. Its mistress, Harriet Latimer, her husband Joseph and their two sons are allowed to stay in part of the house, but when tragedy strikes Joseph's brothers, his future at Greyladies is at risk. Latimer family legend says a new mistress will be found to look after the house, yet how does this happen? In Swindon, Phoebe Sinclair is unaware of her connection to Greyladies and the Latimers. When her German employers are interned because of the war, she loses her job. Worse still, her brutish step-cousin Frank tries to force her to marry him and Phoebe has no choice but to flee to London. A chance encounter leads her to a new life as a nursing assistant in the VAD (voluntary aid detachments), and to a blossoming friendship with Captain Corin McMinty. When Phoebe is posted to the hospital at Greyladies, she feels she's come home. But Frank is still pursuing her and Corin has his own problems. With obstacles at every turn, can Phoebe find happiness and embrace the role of mistress of Greyladies?

Heir to Greyladies

Mistress Of Greyladies [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Heir to Greyladies by Anna Jacobs Book Summary:

1900. The death of her father forces Harriet out of her home to escape the advances of her stepbrother, the rule of her stepmother, and into service at Dalton House. Over time Harriet develops a friendship with the Dalton's crippled son Joseph but her life is changed completely when she inherits Greyladies, a haunted house.

Legacy of Greyladies

Mistress Of Greyladies [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Legacy of Greyladies by Anna Jacobs Book Summary:

Wiltshire, December 1915: Olivia Harbury is widowed and has been persuaded by her cousin Donald to move in with his meek, obedient wife while he is serving in France. When he's wounded, he returns home to convalesce, but tensions rise between him and lively Olivia. Her friend Babs involves her in starting new Women's Institutes and introduces her to Alex, an antiques dealer. Meanwhile, Phoebe Latimer is holding the fort at Greyladies, an ancient manor house, while her husband is away at war. But someone is attempting to rid Greyladies of the German internees based there, and the culprit's nasty tricks put Phoebe's life and that of her unborn child at risk. A chance meeting brings Olivia to Greyladies, and Alex joins her there. Can the three help one another through such troubled times?

Mistress of Marymoor

Mistress Of Greyladies [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Mistress of Marymoor by Anna Jacobs Book Summary:

Will new love conquer old grudges? Since her father died, Deborah Jannvier has been living under the provision of her callous uncle. So when a handsome stranger named Matthew Pascoe appears bearing a summons from a long-lost wealthy relative, Deborah agrees to return to Marymoor House with Matthew. On arrival, Deborah is told she shall inherit the estate on one condition: that she immediately marry Matthew. With no hope of a future otherwise, Deborah consents and soon after becomes owner of the estate when her benefactor dies. Despite the unconventional circumstances of their marriage, Deborah and Matthew are surprised at the degree of affection that develops between them. But trouble soon befalls the couple in the form of Anthony Elkin, who claims that the Marymoor estate rightly belongs to him. The marriage of Deborah and Matthew secures their ownership, but they don't anticipate just how far Elkin will go to see the pair parted. Can Deborah and Matthew outwit Elkin and find happiness against all odds? From the bestselling and much-loved Anna Jacobs, this involving and uplifting saga is perfect for fans of Kitty Neale, Ellie Dean and Margaret Dickinson.

Searching for Daddy

Mistress Of Greyladies [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Searching for Daddy by Christine Joanna Hart Book Summary:

A horrifying story of a girl scarred by religious mania and childhood abuse, who is driven to believe one of Britain's most infamous criminals was her father.


Mistress Of Greyladies [Pdf/ePub] eBook

A NANNY FOR CHRISTMAS by Sara Craven,Yoshiko Hanatsu Book Summary:

One day Phoebe escorts Tara, a girl she met in the caf? where she works, home. But when she sees Tara’s father, Phoebe gasps. Her nightmare from six years ago is revived… That long-ago Christmas night, Phoebe had gotten drunk at a party. Her awareness was clouded and she was surrounded by sneering men. Feeling helpless, she had been unable to resist Dominic. Now Dominic, the same man who called her a filthy whore back then, is standing before her eyes!

The Honeyfield Bequest

Mistress Of Greyladies [Pdf/ePub] eBook

The Honeyfield Bequest by Anna Jacobs Book Summary:

Wiltshire, 1901: Young Kathleen Keller is being forced by her cruel father into marriage with a man she despises. In an act of desperation, she runs away in a bid for a safer life, although one she might not otherwise have chosen. But when tragedy strikes, Kathleen is left vulnerable, and one man threatens the fragile peace she has made for herself... Meanwhile, Nathan Perry works for his father's accountancy firm but yearns for something more satisfying. He is brought in to help with the purchase of Honeyfield House, established by a charitable benefactor as a safe house for women in trouble, and there he encounters Kathleen. Their lives are set to intertwine, and neither will be the same again...

Salem Street

Mistress Of Greyladies [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Salem Street by Anna Jacobs Book Summary:

The first book in the heartwarming Gibson series by beloved saga author Anna Jacobs. In 1820 Salem Street is sparkling and new: eight small terraced houses built by a Lancashire mill owner for his best workers. Annie Gibson's family is one of the first to move in - a step up in the world for them. But when her mother dies, Annie's happy childhood ends and she is left to bring up her brother and sister. Red-haired, intelligent and startlingly pretty, Annie soon finds herself banished from home by a jealous stepmother. She finds work in the local doctor's household where she learns about the fascinating world outside Salem Street. And when her adored childhood friend Matt asks her to marry him, Annie thikns her dreams are coming true. But suddenly everything turns upside-down. Abandoned and pregant, Annie returns to Salem Street, where an unexpected offer gives her independence. One day, she vows, she will move into the wider world again. One day...

The Wishing Well

Mistress Of Greyladies [Pdf/ePub] eBook

The Wishing Well by Anna Jacobs Book Summary:

When her unfaithful husband, Craig, dies in a car accident, shortly after moving out of the family home, Laura Wells decides to leave Australia and go back to her native Lancashire to help nurse her ailing mother. After all, Laura’s two children, Ryan and Deb, are grown up now, and Deb has made it plain that she holder her mother responsible for her father’s desertion and death. Laura has an uphill struggle to face as she starts to rebuild her life. Desperate to find a job and a place to live, a simple wish at a wishing well leads her to Kit Mallinder – a man in heed of a live-in housekeeper. Kit is a former journalist, who is convalescing after a car accident and he’s still finding it hard to come to terms with a slight disability that prevents him from running or leading an active life. Both facing hardship, Laura and Kit find solace and strength in one another’s company... and if they can find the courage to trust one another they might just find the kind of happiness they dream of. A contemporary romance perfect for fans of Maeve Binchy

Agnes Grey

Mistress Of Greyladies [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Agnes Grey by Anne Bronte Book Summary:

Drawn from Brontë's own troubled life, this novel exposes the hardships of a governess's world and offers a rare opportunity to hear the voice of a 19th-century working woman.

Elm Tree Road

Mistress Of Greyladies [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Elm Tree Road by Anna Jacobs Book Summary:

After being driven from home by their brutal father, the Willitt sisters, Mattie, Nell and Renie, find themselves facing greater heartache in the wider world. Nell has left home to be with her lover, Cliff, fearing what reprisals might come from marrying against her father's wishes. After parting ways with Mattie the couple take youngest sister Renie and head for Lancashire. However, Nell's happiness is short-lived; her marriage suffering as Cliff resents his job and the fact that though Nell has given him a daughter, she seems unable to conceive another child. When Renie leaves for London, Nell feels desperately alone. Then tragedy strikes, and Nell, mad with grief, runs away in the hope of being reunited with her two sisters. While wandering the English countryside, a gypsy palm-reader tells Nell she will still find her destiny, under 'three big trees on a hill'. Her luck seems to change when she meets Gil, a farmer and a gentleman who she can't help but feel drawn to. Could the trees on his land be a sign, or is Nell too damaged by her past to let herself love again? In this emotional sequel to Cherry Tree Lane, Anna Jacobs delivers a stunning romance novel that is both tragic and uplifting.

The Northern Lady

Mistress Of Greyladies [Pdf/ePub] eBook

The Northern Lady by Anna Jacobs Book Summary:

When beautiful Cassandra Trent is told that she must join her aunt and have a London Season, the twenty-year-old is full of rage. Brought up in the Northern town of Bardsley and still getting over the loss of her beloved mother, she is convinced that she will never fit in to polite society – and neither does she want to. But in Town Cassandra forms a close relationship with her gentle cousin Susannah, who is a victim of her mother's pushy, social-climbing nature. Susannah, petrified of marrying the charming, wealthy Simeon Giffard, enlists Cassie's help. It is, after all, Cassie for whom Simeon holds a torch and, despite the danger of losing his good name, he appears set on winning the heart of this strong-willed Northern lady... From the bestselling and much-loved Anna Jacobs, this emotional historical saga is perfect for fans of Kitty Neale, Ellie Dean and Margaret Dickinson.

A Scarlet Bride

Mistress Of Greyladies [Pdf/ePub] eBook

A Scarlet Bride by Sylvia McDaniel Book Summary:

Alexandra Thurston wants revenge. Revenge on the husband who wrongly accused her of infidelity and divorced her, tainting her as a scarlet woman. She vows she will reclaim her good name and never marry again. However, her father wants grandchildren to be heirs to his banking fortune and he's determined to find her a husband. He has no luck, though, until she finds herself caught in a compromising position with the handsome plantation owner, Connor Manning. Connor Manning loves only one thing, his family plantation and he's desperate to save River Bend from the tax man. Desperate enough to agree to marry Alexandra for cold hard cash, never dreaming that this spirited woman would ensnare his heart, leaving him yearning for a marriage more than in name only, even though their marriage is based on a terrible betrayal....

A Pennyworth of Sunshine

Mistress Of Greyladies [Pdf/ePub] eBook

A Pennyworth of Sunshine by Anna Jacobs Book Summary:

Love can cross oceans . . . Keara Michaels doesn't want to leave her family in Ireland, but fate sends her first to Lancashire, then across the sea to Australia, pregnant and penniless. And Theo Mullane, the man who loves her, is married, with an ailing baby son, so cannot follow her as he longs to. Mark Gibson leaves Lancashire to avoid marriage. But gold prospecting is a dangerous pursuit, and when his gentle young wife dies in childbirth, his father-in-law kidnaps the baby. So Mark runs away again, this time to Western Australia, where he employs Keara in his country inn. But danger threatens them all, even in the bush, as Keara searches for her lost sisters, Theo comes looking for the woman he loves, and Mark at last confronts his past. ********************** What readers are saying about A PENNYWORTH OF SUNSHINE 'I couldn't put it down' - 5 stars 'An excellent read from start to finish' - 5 stars 'Brilliant, as always . . . Anna Jacobs never fails to keep the story line motivated, gripping, and endearing' - 5 stars

Saffron Lane

Mistress Of Greyladies [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Saffron Lane by Anna Jacobs Book Summary:

Nell feels very at home in her beautiful corner of Wiltshire with her partner Angus and her new friends nearby on Peppercorn Street. But the prospect of bringing life back into an abandoned row of houses, Saffron Lane, is just the challenge she needs. Not far away, Stacy, coping with a shock divorce, and Elise, battling against forced residential care, are both trying to regain a sense of normalcy and begin a new chapter in their lives. On the other side of the world, Adam and his daughter Gemma are coming to terms with changes and discoveries that will set them on new paths. Could it be that in all of their cases, the solutions to their problems and the answers to their questions wait for them at Saffron Lane? ‘Anna Jacobs is adored by a whole army of women readers for her heart-warming stories of love and life’ Lancashire Evening Post

Cinnamon Gardens

Mistress Of Greyladies [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Cinnamon Gardens by Anna Jacobs Book Summary:

Nell's three sons have left home, so Nell decides to leave Australia to start a new life in the English home she's inherited. On her arrival at Peppercorn Street, she soon makes new friends - but life doesn't always run smoothly.

Peace Comes to Honeyfield

Mistress Of Greyladies [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Peace Comes to Honeyfield by Anna Jacobs Book Summary:

Armistice Day, London, 1918. Fiercely independent Georgie is tired of being told what's best for her by men. When she defies her father's wishes by going out into the peace festivities, she tries to help a woman being attacked and encounters Patrick, a gallant, wounded ex-soldier looking for a new calling now that the fighting is done. But the war isn't over for everybody. Enemy forces have infiltrated the bureau and sent her father into hiding. And they are coming for her too. Georgie knows there's only one place where she'll be safe: Honeyfield. But there are traitors in the bureau and she doesn't know who she can trust.

Cherry Tree Lane

Mistress Of Greyladies [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Cherry Tree Lane by Anna Jacobs Book Summary:

The spellbinding new novel from the much-loved author of Farewell to Lancashire Wiltshire, 1910. With her stepfather threatening her with a forced marriage, Mattie Willitt flees home in search of a better life. She is soon lost and at the mercy of the elements - until her life is saved by Jacob, a widower who takes her in and nurses her back to health. Finding consolation in each other's troubled pasts, the pair soon grow close But when pressure is put upon them to marry, and Mattie's stepfather discovers her whereabouts, they must face their fears and stand up to those who threaten their future happiness. #

Love Spans the Centuries

Mistress Of Greyladies [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Love Spans the Centuries by Drouin, Clémentine,Fauteux, Albina,Mitchell, E. (Estelle),Simard-Martin, Raymonde Book Summary:

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Peppercorn Street

Mistress Of Greyladies [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Peppercorn Street by Anna Jacobs Book Summary:

A small village in a beautiful corner of Wiltshire, where things are not what they seem and danger can strike at rich and poor alike. The trick is to survive it, and for this you need good friends and courage: all freely available in Peppercorn Street.


Mistress Of Greyladies [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Melymbrosia by Virginia Woolf Book Summary:

A new novel by the author of Mrs. Dalloway and To the Lighthouse, written in 1912, centers on the emotional and sexual awakening of a young British woman abroad and her witness to homosexuality, the suffrage movement, and colonialism.

Yew Tree Gardens

Mistress Of Greyladies [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Yew Tree Gardens by Anna Jacobs Book Summary:

Sisters Mattie, Nell and Renie have all managed to escape their oppressive and bullying father, but now separated, the girls must draw upon their strength and courage to build new lives for themselves. Renie, the youngest sister, is living with the newly married Nell, happy in her waitressing job at the King's Head Hotel. But a shadow falls over her the day Mr Judson arrives as assistant manager. Feeling increasingly harassed by him and also eager to escape from Nell's unpleasant husband, Renie is delighted when she is offered a new job in London. Although she at first finds the city a huge and bewildering place, soon she is settling in and making friends. And yet she still worries about her sister Nell, and the way her husband Cliff treats her. When tragedy strikes Nell and her family, Renie is left feeling horrified and helpless. Her only comfort is her growing friendship with the injured Gil, towards whom she has felt an instant trust and affection. But can their relationship progress from friendship to something more? And how will the return of the threatening Judson affect their future?

The Constant Nymph

Mistress Of Greyladies [Pdf/ePub] eBook

The Constant Nymph by Margaret Kennedy Book Summary:

The Constant Nymph is a 1924 novel by Margaret Kennedy. It tells how a teenage girl falls in love with a family friend, who eventually marries her cousin, and explores the two girls' mutual jealousy. The novel was a best-seller on first publication, becoming the first novel of a genre that might be called "Bohemian". Much of its success was due to its then-shocking sexual content, describing scenes of adolescent sexuality and of noble savagery in the Austrian Tyrol. There is a complimentary allusion to the novel in the 1934 detective story The Nine Tailors by Dorothy L. Sayers. Fifteen-year-old Hilary tells her father she aspires to write novels: "Best sellers. The sort that everybody goes potty over. Not just bosh ones, but like The Constant Nymph." Sayers includes a positive mention by two characters in her 1930 epistolary novel, The Documents in the Case.

Saving Willowbrook

Mistress Of Greyladies [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Saving Willowbrook by Anna Jacobs Book Summary:

When Ella discovers that her husband, Miles, is secretly planning to sell the farm her family has owned for hundreds of years, it’s the final straw. Her already rocky marriage is over. Determined to save Willowbrook and protect her disabled daughter, Amy, from a father who doesn’t love her, Ella works hard to build the farm into a successful B&B. And when Cameron O’Neal arrives in the Wiltshire village and offers to help Ella, she suddenly finds herself torn between a fear of getting hurt again and a powerful attraction to a man whom both she and Amy are falling for. With a determined and vindictive Miles plaguing her efforts, Ella must find the courage to trust Cameron if she hopes to save her home. An emotional contemporary saga of love and family perfect for fans of Maeve Binchy

Winter in Madrid

Mistress Of Greyladies [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Winter in Madrid by C. J. Sansom Book Summary:

Fans of Carlos Ruiz Zafón's The Shadow of the Wind and Sebastian Faulks' Birdsong will fall in love with Winter in Madrid, the arresting novel from C.J. Sansom. In September 1940, the Spanish Civil War is over and Madrid lies in ruins while the Germans continue their march through Europe. Britain stands alone as General Franco considers whether to abandon neutrality and enter the war. Into this uncertain world comes Harry Brett, a privileged young man who was recently traumatized by his experience in Dunkirk and is now a reluctant spy for the British Secret Service. Sent to gain the confidence of Sandy Forsyth, an old school friend turned shadowy Madrid businessman, Brett finds himself involved in a dangerous game and surrounded by memories. Meanwhile, Sandy's girlfriend, ex-Red Cross nurse Barbara Clare, is engaged in a secret mission of her own. A vivid and haunting depiction of wartime Spain, Winter in Madrid is an intimate and riveting tale that offers a remarkable sense of history unfolding, and reveals the profound impact of impossible choices. From the Trade Paperback edition.

The Country Bride

Mistress Of Greyladies [Pdf/ePub] eBook

The Country Bride by Dilly Court Book Summary:

Little Creek, 1879. For most of her life Judy Begg has been a loyal servant at Creek Manor, and to Jack Fox, its future lord. But just as their childhood friendship blossoms into a secret engagement, he abandons her. And with Creek Manor up for sale, Judy and her family lose everything. Devastated, Judy is nonetheless determined to make the best of her life. Resolving to forget about Jack, she battles to keep her family from poverty's door and her mother from the hands of her violent husband. Rob Dorning, the new owner of the manor, seems to be the answer to all of Little Creek's problems, but Judy isn't convinced. And when the ghosts of her past resurface, Judy will need to find more courage than ever before...

Tom's Midnight Garden

Mistress Of Greyladies [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Tom's Midnight Garden by Philippa Pearce Book Summary:

Tom is not prepared for what is about to happen when he hears the grandfather clock strike thirteen. Outside the back door is a garden, which everyone tells him does not exist.

Lord of the Far Island

Mistress Of Greyladies [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Lord of the Far Island by Victoria Holt Book Summary:

Lovely Ellen Kellaway was rescued from a bleak future by her newly discovered guardian, Jago Kellaway, Lord of the Far Island, off the wild coast of Cornwall. There, Ellen was drawn deeper and deeper into the secrets of a past as alive and threatening as the present. There Jago offered her the fabled Island Necklace worn by the mistresses of Kellaway Castle. But was it a promise of happiness -- or a dark symbol of death . . .?

The Railway Detective

Mistress Of Greyladies [Pdf/ePub] eBook

The Railway Detective by Edward Marston Book Summary:

In 1851, after the London to Birmingham mail train is robbed and derailed, Inspector Robert Colbeck enlists the aid of former police officer Brendan Mulryne to help him investigate the crime.

The Trader's Wife

Mistress Of Greyladies [Pdf/ePub] eBook

The Trader's Wife by Anna Jacobs Book Summary:

Singapore in the 1860s is exotic and yet terrifying for Isabella Saunders, a penniless Englishwoman, alone and vulnerable after her mother's death. Too pretty to obtain a governess's job, she accepts an offer from Mr Lee, a Singapore merchant, to teach him English and live with his family. Two years later Bram Deagan arrives in the country, determined to make his fortune as a trader. Mr Lee sees a way to expand his business connections and persuades Isabella to marry Bram, and she bravely sets sail for a new land and life. But the past casts a long shadow and together they face unexpected dangers. Will they ever be able to achieve their dreams - and find happiness together along the way? ******************* What readers are saying about THE TRADER'S WIFE 'This is women's fiction at its very best' - 5 stars 'I loved this book' - 5 stars 'Fantastic, couldn't put it down' - 5 stars 'I love Anna Jacobs books and never want them to end' - 5 stars 'Like all her books, excellent' - 5 stars

Always I'll Remember

Mistress Of Greyladies [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Always I'll Remember by Rita Bradshaw Book Summary:

Friendship gives one young woman the strength to face tragedy... and a devastating secret. In Rita Bradshaw's Always I'll Remember, one young woman faces jealousy, tragedy and a dark secret, yet love and friendship see her through the worst. Perfect for fans of Dilly Court and Lyn Andrews. It's 1939 and Abigail Vickers, enjoying her promising new job in an office, is overjoyed when she meets James Benson there and they both fall completely in love. But life for Abby is a constant struggle against her dominant and selfish mother, Nora, who is jealous of Abby's beauty and success. When war breaks out, all their lives change forever. In the furore of patriotism that follows, James signs up and Abby swears to wait for him, joining the land army to do her bit. But when Abby's father is involved in a dreadful accident, a terrible secret that Nora has been carrying for years is revealed, tearing the family apart. After receiving heart breaking news of James, Abby begins to wonder if she will ever find happiness. Only time will tell if there are better days ahead... What readers are saying about Always I'll Remember: 'This book is one of the best reads ever, holds the attention and very hard to put down' 'Became engrossed, such interesting characters' '[This book] describes the lives of three land girls, their friendship and families. The characters are real and very human and the plot throws up much that is unexpected'

The Wise Man's Fear

Mistress Of Greyladies [Pdf/ePub] eBook

The Wise Man's Fear by Patrick Rothfuss Book Summary:

Sequel to the extraordinary THE NAME OF THE WIND, THE WISE MAN'S FEAR is the second instalment of this superb fantasy trilogy from Patrick Rothfuss. This is the most exciting fantasy series since George R. R. Martin's A SONG OF ICE AND FIRE, and a must-read for all fans of HBO's GAME OF THRONES. Picking up the tale of Kvothe Kingkiller once again, we follow him into exile, into political intrigue, courtship, adventure, love and magic ... and further along the path that has turned Kvothe, the mightiest magician of his age, a legend in his own time, into Kote, the unassuming pub landlord. Packed with as much magic, adventure and home-grown drama as THE NAME OF THE WIND, this is a sequel in every way the equal to its predecessor and a must-read for all fantasy fans. Readable, engaging and gripping THE WISE MAN'S FEAR is the biggest and the best fantasy novel out there.

A Company of Swans

Mistress Of Greyladies [Pdf/ePub] eBook

A Company of Swans by Eva Ibbotson Book Summary:

Weekly ballet classes are Harriet Morton's only escape from her intolerably dull life. So when she is chosen to join a corps de ballet which is setting off on a tour of the Amazon, she leaps at the chance to run away for good. Performing in the grand opera houses is everything Harriet dreamed of, and falling in love with an aristocratic exile makes her new life complete. Swept away by it all, she is unaware that her father and intended fiance have begun to track her down...

Miss Marlow at Play

Mistress Of Greyladies [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Miss Marlow at Play by Alan Alexander Milne Book Summary:

Download or read Miss Marlow at Play book by clicking button below to visit the book download website. There are multiple format available for you to choose (Pdf, ePub, Doc).

The Third Eye

Mistress Of Greyladies [Pdf/ePub] eBook

The Third Eye by Ethel Lina White Book Summary:

Caroline Watts has accepted a post as games mistress at the prestigious Abbey School in the west of England. She is delighted with the appointment: it's an excellent private girls' school. No matter that she was introduced to the post through a tenuous network of family contacts. And that the previous games mistress was found dead in bed from heart failure. From the moment she arrives at the school, Caroline is beset by fear. But of what? How could a school, owned by two influential ladies and run by the formidable Mrs Nash, threaten harm to a new teacher, eager to start her first job? Rumour has it that her predecessor died of fright ...

The Whicharts

Mistress Of Greyladies [Pdf/ePub] eBook

The Whicharts by Noel Streatfeild Book Summary:

Young, naive and too kind for her own good, Rose falls for a young Brigadier with a colourful history. Soon after their fling ends he drops a baby off on her doorstep begging her to raise it for his latest mistress. Tender hearted Rosie nurtures the baby into a sophisticated young woman called Marmie - alongside two other baby girls dropped off by the Brigadier - Daisy, a natural born dancer, and Tania who aspires to be a mechanic. But raising three growing girls on very little money after the war is an impossible task, so the girls find a way to earn their keep through a life on the stage. Revealing the toil a dancer goes through backstage and the friendship and love needed to survive it, The Whicharts is an exceptional inter-war novel from Carnegie Medal winning author Noel Streatfeild.

The Thief's Daughter

Mistress Of Greyladies [Pdf/ePub] eBook

The Thief's Daughter by Jeff Wheeler Book Summary:

A Wall Street Journal bestseller Owen Kiskaddon first came to the court of the formidable King Severn as a prisoner, winning favor with the stormy monarch by masquerading as a boy truly blessed by the Fountain. Nine years hence, the once-fearful Owen has grown into a confident young man, mentored in battle and politics by Duke Horwath and deeply in love with his childhood friend, the duke's granddaughter. But the blissful future Owen and Elysabeth Mortimer anticipate seems doomed by the king's machinations. A pretender to Severn's throne has vowed to seize the crown of Kingfountain. But Severn means to combat the threat by using Elysabeth as bait to snare the imposter--and forcing Owen, as a pawn in the dangerous charade, to choose between duty and devotion. With poisoners and spies circling ominously, and war looming on the horizon, Owen must make painful sacrifices to beat back the advancing shadows of death and disaster. Will Owen's conflicted heart follow the king's path or will he risk everything for love?