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Married Monk

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Meditations of a Married Monk

Married Monk [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Meditations of a Married Monk by Kemper Kaliana Book Summary:

Meditations of a Married Monk is an intimate, inside-look at the blessings and rewards, challenges and growing-edges, of being married and being a monk at the same time. Kemper provides insightful anecdotes from his own monastic process and practice, details of his unique and unconventional marriage, some journal entries he's recorded along the way, and philosophical support for such a counter-cultural way of living. Everyone will find something of value--whether monk or not, married or not--because one of the primary thrusts of the book is an invitation to recognize that we are always alone and never alone, with pointings to the possibility of a deeper union with self and other. Kemper lives as a self-proclaimed happily married monk in a simple hermitage with a yoga studio attached, next door to his beloved wife Christy on nine acres of off-grid paradise in Crestone, CO. Besides solitude, communion with God, and togetherness with Christy, the joy of his heart is teaching meditation and yoga, and serving as a guide for his students on the interior journey. Kemper is also the author of Water Still and The Unnamed Kaliana Way. His website, with videos and other material, is

Married Monk

Married Monk [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Married Monk by Pradeep B. Muzoomdar Book Summary:

Balance your life, be a Married Monk. Five most important factors of happiness in life are to be your real self, be simple, be in present, be positive, and be free. Knowledge, faith, and practice are the three necessities that you need to make impossible possible. This book will provide you with the knowledge, and guide you through the process of developing faith, and putting to practice the five factors. Live your real nature: You are not your body and mind, your real nature is divine. This book reintroduces you to your true nature; so that you live a happily life. Live a simple life: Only when you walk away from the luxuries of life, and start living a simple life, as guided in this book, you will experience true happiness of life. Live in the present moment: This book tells you how to get over the unpleasant past, and not worry about future. True happiness comes only when you live in the present moment. Live with a positive attitude: You attract good things in life when you think positive; talk, act and react positive. This book reveals the secret of how you can be positive all the time. Live free: After food, clothing, and shelter freedom is the fourth basic necessity in life. This book boldly claims that every individual is ever free; and shows you how to experience that freedom. Live your true nature, simple, in present, positive, and free. That’s the secret of Living a Happy Life.

Marriage of a Monk

Married Monk [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Marriage of a Monk by Venkata Mohan Book Summary:

An IIT graduate, who always dreamt of becoming a monk, married an IAS officer. Both thought they understood each other, as well as their priorities in life, so well that neither her commitment to work nor his pursuit of Truth would be affected by the marriage. What they did not know was that life does not oblige mortal’s plans…

The Monk and the Married Man

Married Monk [Pdf/ePub] eBook

The Monk and the Married Man by Julia Rattray Waddington Book Summary:

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Only Don't Know

Married Monk [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Only Don't Know by Seung Sahn Book Summary:

Here is the inimitable Zen Master Seung Sahn up close and personal—in selections from the correspondence that was one of his primary modes of teaching. Seung Sahn received hundreds of letters per month, each of which he answered personally, and some of the best of which are included here. His frank and funny style, familiar to readers of Dropping Ashes on the Buddha, is seen here in a most intimate form. The beloved Zen master not only answers questions on Zen teaching and practice, but applies an enlightened approach to problems with work, relationships, suffering, and the teacher-student relationship.

Carnal Israel

Married Monk [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Carnal Israel by Daniel Boyarin Book Summary:

Beginning with a startling endorsement of the patristic view of Judaism—that it was a "carnal" religion, in contrast to the spiritual vision of the Church—Daniel Boyarin argues that rabbinic Judaism was based on a set of assumptions about the human body that were profoundly different from those of Christianity. The body—specifically, the sexualized body—could not be renounced, for the Rabbis believed as a religious principle in the generation of offspring and hence in intercourse sanctioned by marriage. This belief bound men and women together and made impossible the various modes of gender separation practiced by early Christians. The commitment to coupling did not imply a resolution of the unequal distribution of power that characterized relations between the sexes in all late-antique societies. But Boyarin argues strenuously that the male construction and treatment of women in rabbinic Judaism did not rest on a loathing of the female body. Thus, without ignoring the currents of sexual domination that course through the Talmudic texts, Boyarin insists that the rabbinic account of human sexuality, different from that of the Hellenistic Judaisms and Pauline Christianity, has something important and empowering to teach us today.

Lessons from the Monk I Married

Married Monk [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Lessons from the Monk I Married by Katherine Jenkins Book Summary:

Lessons from the Monk I Married offers up ten of the most powerful lessons about life, love, and spirituality that Katherine Jenkins has gathered during her marriage to former Buddhist monk Seong Yoon Lee. A seeker in the truest sense of the word, Jenkins went to Korea on a whim, hoping to find the answers to her deepest, most pressing questions about how to find peace and her purpose in life. During her first months there, she sought out a remote temple, where she unknowingly crossed paths with an unassuming Buddhist monk. Months later, they met again by chance—and fell in love. Though their courtship was long, mostly secretive, and fraught with logistical and spiritual considerations, Jenkins and Lee were ultimately married in Korea in 2003. Through their relationship, Jenkins discovered the most important lesson of all: No one holds the keys to peace and happiness—you have walk your own path and find your own wisdom through your own experiences. More than the improbable story of a girl from Seattle who found peace of mind (and love) with a Buddhist monk, Lessons from the Monk I Married is an approachable guide to the most elemental spiritual questions of our day.

Mr. Monk and Philosophy

Married Monk [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Mr. Monk and Philosophy by D. E. Wittkower Book Summary:

Mr. Monk and Philosophy is a carefully and neatly organized collection of eighteen chapters divided into exactly six groups of precisely three chapters each. Drawing on a wide range of philosophers—from Aristotle and Diogenes, to Siddhartha Gautama and St. Thomas Aquinas, to David Hume and Karl Popper—the authors ask how Adrian Monk solves his cases, why he is the way he is, how he thinks, and what we can learn from him. Some of the authors suggest Monk is a kind of tragic hero, whose flaws help us live out and expunge the fear and anxiety we all experience; that he is more than just his personality or memories, but something more individual and indefinable; and that his most distinctive traits are not the traits that make him a detective, but those that make him a friend. His most notable trait is the dedication he shows to his late wife, Trudy. Other authors explore how Monk encounters the world, arguing that his genius comes not from logic or reasoning, but from his ability to see his surroundings in a pre-conceptualized way; that there isn’t as much distance between his rational beliefs about crimes and evidence and his irrational phobic beliefs as there might seem; and that his phobias have themselves made him approach himself and the world as something to be overcome. Just how does Mr. Monk come to his conclusions? Does he use inductive, deductive, or abductive reasoning? Is he dependent on a false notion of the law of noncontradiction? Is it possible that his reasoning might have more to do with constructing harmonious stories than it does with evidence, causes, or insights? Some contributors ponder Monk's name and what it means given his views on religion. Some authors argue that Mr. Monk's approach to the world is fundamentally similar to that of medieval monastic orders; that his rituals and deductive ‘dancing’ show how he exhibits a kind of shamanism; and that he acts in accordance with the Bodhisattva ideal, bringing others to enlightenment through circumstances and by accident, even though he has no such intention or goal. In one chapter, the author asks how the character Monk is related to other similar characters, arguing that Monk and House are closely related characters, each based on the conflict between reason and emotion which exemplifies the motif of the “troubled genius;” that Monk and House both pursue ethical practices and goals even as they fail at the everyday face-to-face ethics of normal social interactions; and that great detectives all, through their flaws, help us to understand and forgive ourselves for our flaws. And finally, there are several chapters in which the authors consider Monk from the psychologist’s perspective, discussing how Monk’s relationship with Trudy, while having unhealthy codependent elements, demonstrates some important aspects of successful romantic partnerships; how laughter plays a difficult role in mental illness, and the difficult position that the show and therapists are placed in when having to treat seriously disorders that are both tragic and comic; and how, from a psychoanalytic perspective, Monk’s inability to mourn shows us why we both reject and are drawn towards death. In the words of author D. E. Wittkower, "In order to be sure that the reader is able to enjoy the book, every chapter will have an even number of words. You’ll thank me later."

Eminent Buddhist Women

Married Monk [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Eminent Buddhist Women by Karma Lekshe Tsomo Book Summary:

Explores the exemplary legacy of Buddhist women across the centuries and across the Buddhist world. Eminent Buddhist Women reveals the exemplary legacy of Buddhist women through the centuries. Despite the Buddha’s own egalitarian values, Buddhism as a religion has been dominated by men for more than two thousand years. With few exceptions, the achievements of Buddhist women have remained hidden or ignored. The narratives in this book call into question the criteria for “eminence” in the Buddhist tradition and how these criteria are constructed and controlled. Each chapter pays a long-overdue tribute to one woman or a group of women from across the Buddhist world, including the West. Using a variety of sources, from orally transmitted legends to firsthand ethnographic research, contributors examine the key issues women face in their practice of Buddhist ethics, contemplation, and social action. What emerges are Buddhist principles that transcend gender: loving kindness, compassion, wisdom, spiritual attainment, and liberation. “In her chapter ‘What Is a Relevant Role Model?’ Rita Gross describes the need for more stories about Buddhist women, particularly those whose feats are not so fabled as to seem out of reach for contemporary practitioners. This volume advances that objective, mapping the paths of numerous, often lesser-known women who have dedicated their lives to Buddhism and inspired their communities.” — Buddhadharma “Educational and inspirational, this important collection will appeal to scholars and practitioners alike.” — Hsiao-Lan Hu, author of This-Worldly Nibbāna: A Buddhist-Feminist Social Ethic for Peacemaking in the Global Community

Neither Monk Nor Layman

Married Monk [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Neither Monk Nor Layman by Richard M. Jaffe Book Summary:

Buddhism comes in many forms, but in Japan it stands apart from all the rest in one striking way - the monks get married. This study addresses the emergence of an openly married clergy as a momentous change in the history of modern Japanese Buddhism.

The Monks of the West

Married Monk [Pdf/ePub] eBook

The Monks of the West by Ch. Forbes Montalembert Book Summary:

The Monks of the West, from St. Benedict to St. Bernard: book IV. St. Benedict. book V. St. Gregory the Great. Monastic Italy and Spain in the sixth and seventh centuries. book VI. The monks under the first Merovingians. book VII. St. Columbanus. The Irish in Gaul and the colonies of Luxeuil.

At the Top of the World

Married Monk [Pdf/ePub] eBook

At the Top of the World by Linnea Larsson Book Summary:

There is a wild land high up through the Himalayan Breach between Tibet and Nepal named Mustang where warlords rode and ruled and Western visitors were not welcome. This is a story of an American girl and an English boy who disappeared up through that breach into the Himalayan Mountains, a story of Khampa warriors who raided across the undefended, unmarked border between Mustang and Tibet. This of the Chinese and, too, of the fighters for whom lifes final victory was the taking of Chinese with them into death. And also of the beauty, the silence, the stench of fear, the crack of rifles, the gleam of blood, the feel of death beneath ones blade.

The Antiquities of England and Wales Displayed

Married Monk [Pdf/ePub] eBook

The Antiquities of England and Wales Displayed by Henry Boswell Book Summary:

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Identity, Ritual and State in Tibetan Buddhism

Married Monk [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Identity, Ritual and State in Tibetan Buddhism by Martin A. Mills Book Summary:

This is a major anthropological study of contemporary Tibetan Buddhist monasticism and tantric ritual in the Ladakh region of North-West India and of the role of tantric ritual in the formation and maintenance of traditional forms of state structure and political consciousness in Tibet. Containing detailed descriptions and analyses of monastic ritual, the work builds up a picture of Tibetan tantric traditions as they interact with more localised understandings of bodily identity and territorial cosmology, to produce a substantial re-interpretation of the place of monks as ritual performers and peripheral householders in Ladakh. The work also examines the central and indispensable role of incarnate lamas, such as the Dalai Lama, in the religious life of Tibetan Buddhists.

From Priest's Whore to Pastor's Wife

Married Monk [Pdf/ePub] eBook

From Priest's Whore to Pastor's Wife by Dr Marjorie Elizabeth Plummer Book Summary:

On 13 June 1525, Martin Luther married Katharina von Bora, a former nun, in a private ceremony officiated by city preacher Johann Bugenhagen. Whilst Luther was not the first former monk or Reformer to marry, his marriage immediately became one of the iconic episodes of the Protestant Reformation. From that point on, the marital status of clergy would be a pivotal dividing line between the Catholic and Protestant churches. Tackling the early stages of this divide, this book provides a fresh assessment of clerical marriage in the first half of the sixteenth century, when the debates were undecided and the intellectual and institutional situation remained fluid and changeable. It investigates the way that clerical marriage was received, and viewed in the dioceses of Mainz and Magdeburg under Archbishop Albrecht of Brandenburg from 1513 to 1545. By concentrating on a cross-section of rural and urban settings from three key regions within this territory - Saxony, Franconia, and Swabia - the study is able to present a broad comparison of reactions to this contentious issue. Although the marital status of the clergy remains perhaps the most identifiable difference between Protestant and Roman Catholic churches, remarkably little research has been done on how the shift from a "celibate" to a married clergy took place during the Reformation in Germany or what reactions such a move elicited. As such, this book will be welcomed by all those wishing to gain greater insight, not only into the theological debates, but also into the interactions between social identity, governance, and religious practice.

The Hindee Moral Preceptor

Married Monk [Pdf/ePub] eBook

The Hindee Moral Preceptor by John Borthwick Gilchrist Book Summary:

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Damsels Not in Distress

Married Monk [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Damsels Not in Distress by Andrea Hopkins, Ph.D. Book Summary:

Explores the roles played by women of various classes in medieval society, in the nobility, in the church, and in daily life and work.


Married Monk [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Katallagete by N.A Book Summary:

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The Best Buddhist Writing 2007

Married Monk [Pdf/ePub] eBook

The Best Buddhist Writing 2007 by Melvin McLeod Book Summary:

The Best Writing 2007 is an eclectic inspiring collection of writings from a Buddhist perpective. Selected by the editors of the Shambhala Sun, North America's leading Buddhist-inspired magazine the anthology offers an entertaining mix of writing styles and reflects on a wide range of issues form a Buddhist point of view. The collection will include writings by Matthieu Ricard, Dzongsar Khyentse, Diana Mukpo, thick Nhat Hanh, Charles Johnson, Susan Piver, bell hooks, John Tarrant, Natalie Goldberg and Khenpo Tsultrim Gyamtso among others.

Writer's Diary Volume 1

Married Monk [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Writer's Diary Volume 1 by Fyodor Dostoevsky,Kenneth Lantz,Gary Saul Morson Book Summary:

Winner of the AATSEEL Outstanding Translation Award This is the first paperback edition of the complete collection of writings that has been called Dostoevsky's boldest experiment with literary form; it is a uniquely encyclopedic forum of fictional and nonfictional genres. The Diary's radical format was matched by the extreme range of its contents. In a single frame it incorporated an astonishing variety of material: short stories; humorous sketches; reports on sensational crimes; historical predictions; portraits of famous people; autobiographical pieces; and plans for stories, some of which were never written while others appeared in the Diary itself.