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Integers Polynomials And Rings A Course In Algebra

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Integers, Polynomials, and Rings

Integers Polynomials And Rings A Course In Algebra [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Integers, Polynomials, and Rings by Ronald S. Irving Book Summary:

This book began life as a set of notes that I developed for a course at the University of Washington entitled Introduction to Modern Algebra for Tea- ers. Originally conceived as a text for future secondary-school mathematics teachers, it has developed into a book that could serve well as a text in an - dergraduatecourseinabstractalgebraoracoursedesignedasanintroduction to higher mathematics. This book di?ers from many undergraduate algebra texts in fundamental ways; the reasons lie in the book’s origin and the goals I set for the course. The course is a two-quarter sequence required of students intending to f- ?ll the requirements of the teacher preparation option for our B.A. degree in mathematics, or of the teacher preparation minor. It is required as well of those intending to matriculate in our university’s Master’s in Teaching p- gram for secondary mathematics teachers. This is the principal course they take involving abstraction and proof, and they come to it with perhaps as little background as a year of calculus and a quarter of linear algebra. The mathematical ability of the students varies widely, as does their level of ma- ematical interest.

A Course in Algebra

Integers Polynomials And Rings A Course In Algebra [Pdf/ePub] eBook

A Course in Algebra by Ėrnest Borisovich Vinberg Book Summary:

Great book! The author's teaching experinece shows in every chapter. --Efim Zelmanov, University of California, San Diego Vinberg has written an algebra book that is excellent, both as a classroom text or for self-study. It is plain that years of teaching abstract algebra have enabled him to say the right thing at the right time. --Irving Kaplansky, MSRI This is a comprehensive text on modern algebra written for advanced undergraduate and basic graduate algebra classes. The book is based on courses taught by the author at the Mechanics and Mathematics Department of Moscow State University and at the Mathematical College of the Independent University of Moscow. The unique feature of the book is that it contains almost no technically difficult proofs. Following his point of view on mathematics, the author tried, whenever possible, to replace calculations and difficult deductions with conceptual proofs and to associate geometric images to algebraic objects. Another important feature is that the book presents most of the topics on several levels, allowing the student to move smoothly from initial acquaintance to thorough study and deeper understanding of the subject. Presented are basic topics in algebra such as algebraic structures, linear algebra, polynomials, groups, as well as more advanced topics like affine and projective spaces, tensor algebra, Galois theory, Lie groups, associative algebras and their representations. Some applications of linear algebra and group theory to physics are discussed. Written with extreme care and supplied with more than 200 exercises and 70 figures, the book is also an excellent text for independent study.

A First Course in Abstract Algebra

Integers Polynomials And Rings A Course In Algebra [Pdf/ePub] eBook

A First Course in Abstract Algebra by Marlow Anderson,Todd Feil Book Summary:

Like its popular predecessors, A First Course in Abstract Algebra: Rings, Groups, and Fields, Third Edition develops ring theory first by drawing on students' familiarity with integers and polynomials. This unique approach motivates students in the study of abstract algebra and helps them understand the power of abstraction. The authors introduce g

A Concrete Approach to Abstract Algebra

Integers Polynomials And Rings A Course In Algebra [Pdf/ePub] eBook

A Concrete Approach to Abstract Algebra by Jeffrey Bergen Book Summary:

A Concrete Approach to Abstract Algebra presents a solid and highly accessible introduction to abstract algebra by providing details on the building blocks of abstract algebra. It begins with a concrete and thorough examination of familiar objects such as integers, rational numbers, real numbers, complex numbers, complex conjugation, and polynomials. The author then builds upon these familiar objects and uses them to introduce and motivate advanced concepts in algebra in a manner that is easier to understand for most students. Exercises provide a balanced blend of difficulty levels, while the quantity allows the instructor a latitude of choices. The final four chapters present the more theoretical material needed for graduate study. This text will be of particular interest to teachers and future teachers as it links abstract algebra to many topics which arise in courses in algebra, geometry, trigonometry, precalculus, and calculus. Presents a more natural 'rings first' approach to effectively leading the student into the the abstract material of the course by the use of motivating concepts from previous math courses to guide the discussion of abstract algebra Bridges the gap for students by showing how most of the concepts within an abstract algebra course are actually tools used to solve difficult, but well-known problems Builds on relatively familiar material (Integers, polynomials) and moves onto more abstract topics, while providing a historical approach of introducing groups first as automorphisms Exercises provide a balanced blend of difficulty levels, while the quantity allows the instructor a latitude of choices

A Course in Abstract Algebra, 5th Edition

Integers Polynomials And Rings A Course In Algebra [Pdf/ePub] eBook

A Course in Abstract Algebra, 5th Edition by Khanna V.K. & Bhamri S.K Book Summary:

Designed for undergraduate and postgraduate students of mathematics, the book can also be used by those preparing for various competitive examinations. The text starts with a brief introduction to results from Set theory and Number theory. It then goes on to cover Groups, Rings, Fields and Linear Algebra. The topics under groups include subgroups, finitely generated abelian groups, group actions, solvable and nilpotent groups. The course in ring theory covers ideals, embedding of rings, Euclidean domains, PIDs, UFDs, polynomial rings, Noetherian (Artinian) rings. Topics of field include algebraic extensions, splitting fields, normal extensions, separable extensions, algebraically closed fields, Galois extensions, and construction by ruler and compass. The portion on linear algebra deals with vector spaces, linear transformations, Eigen spaces, diagonalizable operators, inner product spaces, dual spaces, operators on inner product spaces etc. The theory has been strongly supported by numerous examples and worked-out problems. There is also plenty of scope for the readers to try and solve problems on their own.New in this Edition• A full section on operators in inner product spaces.• Complete survey of finite groups of order up to 15 and Wedderburn theorem on finite division rings.• Addition of around one hundred new worked-out problems and examples.• Alternate and simpler proofs of some results.• A new section on quick recall of various useful results at the end of the book to facilitate the reader to get instant answers to tricky questions.

Algebra in Action: A Course in Groups, Rings, and Fields

Integers Polynomials And Rings A Course In Algebra [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Algebra in Action: A Course in Groups, Rings, and Fields by Shahriar Shahriar Book Summary:

This text—based on the author's popular courses at Pomona College—provides a readable, student-friendly, and somewhat sophisticated introduction to abstract algebra. It is aimed at sophomore or junior undergraduates who are seeing the material for the first time. In addition to the usual definitions and theorems, there is ample discussion to help students build intuition and learn how to think about the abstract concepts. The book has over 1300 exercises and mini-projects of varying degrees of difficulty, and, to facilitate active learning and self-study, hints and short answers for many of the problems are provided. There are full solutions to over 100 problems in order to augment the text and to model the writing of solutions. Lattice diagrams are used throughout to visually demonstrate results and proof techniques. The book covers groups, rings, and fields. In group theory, group actions are the unifying theme and are introduced early. Ring theory is motivated by what is needed for solving Diophantine equations, and, in field theory, Galois theory and the solvability of polynomials take center stage. In each area, the text goes deep enough to demonstrate the power of abstract thinking and to convince the reader that the subject is full of unexpected results.

A First Course in Noncommutative Rings

Integers Polynomials And Rings A Course In Algebra [Pdf/ePub] eBook

A First Course in Noncommutative Rings by Tsit-Yuen Lam Book Summary:

Aimed at the novice rather than the connoisseur and stressing the role of examples and motivation, this text is suitable not only for use in a graduate course, but also for self-study in the subject by interested graduate students. More than 400 exercises testing the understanding of the general theory in the text are included in this new edition.

A Course on Abstract Algebra

Integers Polynomials And Rings A Course In Algebra [Pdf/ePub] eBook

A Course on Abstract Algebra by Minking Eie,Shou-Te Chang Book Summary:

This textbook provides an introduction to abstract algebra for advanced undergraduate students. Based on the author's lecture notes at the Department of Mathematics, National Chung Cheng University of Taiwan, it begins with a description of the algebraic structures of the ring and field of rational numbers. Abstract groups are then introduced. Technical results such as Lagrange's Theorem and Sylow's Theorems follow as applications of group theory. Ring theory forms the second part of abstract algebra, with the ring of polynomials and the matrix ring as basic examples. The general theory of ideals as well as maximal ideals in the rings of polynomials over the rational numbers are also discussed. The final part of the book focuses on field theory, field extensions and then Galois theory to illustrate the correspondence between the Galois groups and field extensions. This textbook is more accessible and less ambitious than most existing books covering the same subject. Readers will also find the pedagogical material very useful in enhancing the teaching and learning of abstract algebra.

A Course in Constructive Algebra

Integers Polynomials And Rings A Course In Algebra [Pdf/ePub] eBook

A Course in Constructive Algebra by Ray Mines,Fred Richman,Wim Ruitenburg Book Summary:

The constructive approach to mathematics has enjoyed a renaissance, caused in large part by the appearance of Errett Bishop's book Foundations of constr"uctiue analysis in 1967, and by the subtle influences of the proliferation of powerful computers. Bishop demonstrated that pure mathematics can be developed from a constructive point of view while maintaining a continuity with classical terminology and spirit; much more of classical mathematics was preserved than had been thought possible, and no classically false theorems resulted, as had been the case in other constructive schools such as intuitionism and Russian constructivism. The computers created a widespread awareness of the intuitive notion of an effecti ve procedure, and of computation in principle, in addi tion to stimulating the study of constructive algebra for actual implementation, and from the point of view of recursive function theory. In analysis, constructive problems arise instantly because we must start with the real numbers, and there is no finite procedure for deciding whether two given real numbers are equal or not (the real numbers are not discrete) . The main thrust of constructive mathematics was in the direction of analysis, although several mathematicians, including Kronecker and van der waerden, made important contributions to construc tive algebra. Heyting, working in intuitionistic algebra, concentrated on issues raised by considering algebraic structures over the real numbers, and so developed a handmaiden'of analysis rather than a theory of discrete algebraic structures.

A Course in Algebra

Integers Polynomials And Rings A Course In Algebra [Pdf/ePub] eBook

A Course in Algebra by Y Fan,Q Y Xiong,Y L Zheng Book Summary:

This volume is based on the lectures given by the authors at Wuhan University and Hubei University in courses on abstract algebra. It presents the fundamental concepts and basic properties of groups, rings, modules and fields, including the interplay between them and other mathematical branches and applied aspects. Contents:Preliminaries:SetsLogicRelationsMapsZorn's LemmaGroups:Transformations and PermutationsGroupsSubgroupsHomomorphisms, IsomorphismsCosetsNormal Subgroups, Quotient GroupsHomomorphism TheoremsCyclic Groups, Orders of ElementsDirect ProductsRings:FundamentalsZero Divisors, Invertible Elements Ideals, Residue RingsHomomorphism TheoremsPrime Ideals, Maximal IdealsDirect SumsFraction Fields of Integral DomainsPolynomial RingsFactorial RingsPolynomial Rings over Factorial RingsModules:ModulesHomomorphismsDirect Products, Direct SumsExact Sequences of HomomorphismsFree Modules, Matrices over RingsMatrices over Division RingsMatrices over Commutative RingsAlgebras over Commutative RingsTensor ProductsProjective Modules, Injective ModulesFields:Subfields and ExtensionsSingle ExtensionsAlgebraic ExtensionsSplitting Fields, Normal ExtensionsTwo ApplicationsSeparability, Multiple RootsFinite FieldsCodingp-adic NumbersQuaternions Readership: First- and second-year students in algebra. Keywords:textbook;Abstract Algebra;Basic Group Theory;Rings;Ideals;Modules;Field Extensions;ExercisesReviews: “… this introductory textbook on abstract algebra deserves the predicate ‘methodologically outstanding’. The exposition transpires the experience and sympathetic understanding of the authors as teachers, as well as the ripening process that this text seemingly has undergone over several decades.” Zentralblatt Math., Sept 2001

A First Course in Abstract Algebra

Integers Polynomials And Rings A Course In Algebra [Pdf/ePub] eBook

A First Course in Abstract Algebra by Joseph J. Rotman Book Summary:

This spectacularly clear introduction to abstract algebra is is designed to make the study of all required topics and the reading and writing of proofs both accessible and enjoyable for readers encountering the subject for the first time. Number Theory. Groups. Commutative Rings. Modules. Algebras. Principal Idea Domains. Group Theory II. Polynomials In Several Variables. For anyone interested in learning abstract algebra.

Introduction to MATLAB with Applications for Chemical and Mechanical Engineers

Integers Polynomials And Rings A Course In Algebra [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Introduction to MATLAB with Applications for Chemical and Mechanical Engineers by Daniel G. Coronell Book Summary:

Introduction to MATLAB with Applications for Chemical and Mechanical Engineers provides applications from chemical engineering and biotechnology, such as thermodynamics, heat transfer, fluid mechanics, and mass transfer. The book features a section on input, output, and storage of data as well as a section on data analysis and parameter estimation that contains statistical analysis, curve fitting optimization, and error analysis. Many applied case studies are included from the engineering disciplines. It also offers instruction on the use of the MATLAB® optimization toolbox. With a CD-ROM of MATLAB programs, this text is essential for chemical engineers, mechanical engineers, applied mathematicians, and students.

Algorithms for Computer Algebra

Integers Polynomials And Rings A Course In Algebra [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Algorithms for Computer Algebra by Keith O. Geddes,Stephen R. Czapor,George Labahn Book Summary:

Algorithms for Computer Algebra is the first comprehensive textbook to be published on the topic of computational symbolic mathematics. The book first develops the foundational material from modern algebra that is required for subsequent topics. It then presents a thorough development of modern computational algorithms for such problems as multivariate polynomial arithmetic and greatest common divisor calculations, factorization of multivariate polynomials, symbolic solution of linear and polynomial systems of equations, and analytic integration of elementary functions. Numerous examples are integrated into the text as an aid to understanding the mathematical development. The algorithms developed for each topic are presented in a Pascal-like computer language. An extensive set of exercises is presented at the end of each chapter. Algorithms for Computer Algebra is suitable for use as a textbook for a course on algebraic algorithms at the third-year, fourth-year, or graduate level. Although the mathematical development uses concepts from modern algebra, the book is self-contained in the sense that a one-term undergraduate course introducing students to rings and fields is the only prerequisite assumed. The book also serves well as a supplementary textbook for a traditional modern algebra course, by presenting concrete applications to motivate the understanding of the theory of rings and fields.

A History of Abstract Algebra

Integers Polynomials And Rings A Course In Algebra [Pdf/ePub] eBook

A History of Abstract Algebra by Israel Kleiner Book Summary:

This book does nothing less than provide an account of the intellectual lineage of abstract algebra. The development of abstract algebra was propelled by the need for new tools to address certain classical problems that appeared insoluble by classical means. A major theme of the book is to show how abstract algebra has arisen in attempting to solve some of these classical problems, providing a context from which the reader may gain a deeper appreciation of the mathematics involved. Mathematics instructors, algebraists, and historians of science will find the work a valuable reference.

The Mathematical Gazette

Integers Polynomials And Rings A Course In Algebra [Pdf/ePub] eBook

The Mathematical Gazette by N.A Book Summary:

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Topics in Commutative Ring Theory

Integers Polynomials And Rings A Course In Algebra [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Topics in Commutative Ring Theory by John J. Watkins Book Summary:

Topics in Commutative Ring Theory is a textbook for advanced undergraduate students as well as graduate students and mathematicians seeking an accessible introduction to this fascinating area of abstract algebra. Commutative ring theory arose more than a century ago to address questions in geometry and number theory. A commutative ring is a set-such as the integers, complex numbers, or polynomials with real coefficients--with two operations, addition and multiplication. Starting from this simple definition, John Watkins guides readers from basic concepts to Noetherian rings-one of the most important classes of commutative rings--and beyond to the frontiers of current research in the field. Each chapter includes problems that encourage active reading--routine exercises as well as problems that build technical skills and reinforce new concepts. The final chapter is devoted to new computational techniques now available through computers. Careful to avoid intimidating theorems and proofs whenever possible, Watkins emphasizes the historical roots of the subject, like the role of commutative rings in Fermat's last theorem. He leads readers into unexpected territory with discussions on rings of continuous functions and the set-theoretic foundations of mathematics. Written by an award-winning teacher, this is the first introductory textbook to require no prior knowledge of ring theory to get started. Refreshingly informal without ever sacrificing mathematical rigor, Topics in Commutative Ring Theory is an ideal resource for anyone seeking entry into this stimulating field of study.


Integers Polynomials And Rings A Course In Algebra [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Choice by N.A Book Summary:

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Lectures in Abstract Algebra I

Integers Polynomials And Rings A Course In Algebra [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Lectures in Abstract Algebra I by N. Jacobson Book Summary:

The present volume is the first of three that will be published under the general title Lectures in Abstract Algebra. These vol umes are based on lectures which the author has given during the past ten years at the University of North Carolina, at The Johns Hopkins University, and at Yale "University. The general plan of the work IS as follows: The present first volume gives an introduction to abstract algebra and gives an account of most of the important algebraIc concepts. In a treatment of this type it is impossible to give a comprehensive account of the topics which are introduced. Nevertheless we have tried to go beyond the foundations and elementary properties of the algebraic sys tems. This has necessitated a certain amount of selection and omission. We feel that even at the present stage a deeper under standing of a few topics is to be preferred to a superficial under standing of many. The second and third volumes of this work will be more special ized in nature and will attempt to give comprehensive accounts of the topics which they treat. Volume II will bear the title Linear Algebra and will deal with the theorv of vectQ!_JlP. -a. ces. . . . . Volume III, The Theory of Fields and Galois Theory, will be con cerned with the algebraic structure offieras and with valuations of fields. All three volumes have been planned as texts for courses.

Mathematics for Computer Algebra

Integers Polynomials And Rings A Course In Algebra [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Mathematics for Computer Algebra by Maurice Mignotte Book Summary:

This book corresponds to a mathematical course given in 1986/87 at the University Louis Pasteur, Strasbourg. This work is primarily intended for graduate students. The following are necessary prerequisites : a few standard definitions in set theory, the definition of rational integers, some elementary facts in Combinatorics (maybe only Newton's binomial formula), some theorems of Analysis at the level of high schools, and some elementary Algebra (basic results about groups, rings, fields and linear algebra). An important place is given to exercises. These exercises are only rarely direct applications of the course. More often, they constitute complements to the text. Mostly, hints or references are given so that the reader should be able to find solutions. Chapters one and two deal with elementary results of Number Theory, for example : the euclidean algorithm, the Chinese remainder theorem and Fermat's little theorem. These results are useful by themselves, but they also constitute a concrete introduction to some notions in abstract algebra (for example, euclidean rings, principal rings ... ). Algorithms are given for arithmetical operations with long integers. The rest of the book, chapters 3 through 7, deals with polynomials. We give general results on polynomials over arbitrary rings. Then polynomials with complex coefficients are studied in chapter 4, including many estimates on the complex roots of polynomials. Some of these estimates are very useful in the subsequent chapters.

Basic Algebra

Integers Polynomials And Rings A Course In Algebra [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Basic Algebra by Anthony W. Knapp Book Summary:

Basic Algebra and Advanced Algebra systematically develop concepts and tools in algebra that are vital to every mathematician, whether pure or applied, aspiring or established. Together, the two books give the reader a global view of algebra and its role in mathematics as a whole. The presentation includes blocks of problems that introduce additional topics and applications to science and engineering to guide further study. Many examples and hundreds of problems are included, along with a separate 90-page section giving hints or complete solutions for most of the problems.