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Gender Class And Freedom In Modern Political Theory

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Gender, Class, and Freedom in Modern Political Theory

Gender Class And Freedom In Modern Political Theory [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Gender, Class, and Freedom in Modern Political Theory by Nancy J. Hirschmann Book Summary:

In Gender, Class, and Freedom in Modern Political Theory, Nancy Hirschmann demonstrates not merely that modern theories of freedom are susceptible to gender and class analysis but that they must be analyzed in terms of gender and class in order to be understood at all. Through rigorous close readings of major and minor works of Hobbes, Locke, Rousseau, Kant, and Mill, Hirschmann establishes and examines the gender and class foundations of the modern understanding of freedom. Building on a social constructivist model of freedom that she developed in her award-winning book The Subject of Liberty: Toward a Feminist Theory of Freedom, she makes in her new book another original and important contribution to political and feminist theory. Despite the prominence of "state of nature" ideas in modern political theory, Hirschmann argues, theories of freedom actually advance a social constructivist understanding of humanity. By rereading "human nature" in light of this insight, Hirschmann uncovers theories of freedom that are both more historically accurate and more relevant to contemporary politics. Pigeonholing canonical theorists as proponents of either "positive" or "negative" liberty is historically inaccurate, she demonstrates, because theorists deploy both conceptions of freedom simultaneously throughout their work.

Disability and Political Theory

Gender Class And Freedom In Modern Political Theory [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Disability and Political Theory by Barbara Arneil,Nancy J. Hirschmann Book Summary:

Though disability scholarship has been robust in history, philosophy, English, and sociology for decades, political theory and political science more generally have been slow to catch up. This groundbreaking volume presents the first full-length book on political theory approaches to disability issues. Barbara Arneil and Nancy J. Hirschmann bring together some of the leading scholars in political theory to provide a historical analysis of disability through the works of canonical figures, ranging from Hobbes and Locke to Kant, Rawls and Arendt, as well as an analysis of disability in contemporary political theory, examining key concepts, such as freedom, power and justice. Disability and Political Theory introduces a new disciplinary framework to disability studies, and provides a comprehensive introduction to a new topic of political theory.

Rethinking Obligation

Gender Class And Freedom In Modern Political Theory [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Rethinking Obligation by Nancy J. Hirschmann Book Summary:

In Rethinking Obligation, Nancy J. Hirschmann provides an innovative analysis of liberal obligation theory that uses feminism as a theoretical method for rethinking political obligations from the bottom up. In articulating a feminist method for political theory, Hirschmann skillfully brings together theoretical categories and methods previously seen as opposed: feminist standpoint and postmodernism, gender psychology and anti-essentialism, empiricism and interpretivism. Rethinking Obligation mounts a vital challenge to central aspects of liberal theory. Students and scholars of political philosophy, political theory, feminist theory, and women’s studies will want to read it.

Isaiah Berlin and the Politics of Freedom

Gender Class And Freedom In Modern Political Theory [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Isaiah Berlin and the Politics of Freedom by Bruce David Baum,Robert Nichols Book Summary:

Since his death in 1997, Isaiah Berlin’s writings have generated continual interest among scholars and educated readers, especially in regard to his ideas about liberalism, value pluralism, and "positive" and "negative" liberty. Most books on Berlin have examined his general political theory, but this volume uses a contemporary perspective to focus specifically on his ideas about freedom and liberty. Isaiah Berlin and the Politics of Freedom brings together an integrated collection of essays by noted and emerging political theorists that commemorate in a critical spirit the recent 50th anniversary of Isaiah Berlin’s famous lecture and essay, "Two Concepts of Liberty." The contributors use Berlin’s essay as an occasion to rethink the larger politics of freedom from a twenty-first century standpoint, bringing Berlin’s ideas into conversation with current political problems and perspectives rooted in postcolonial theory, feminist theory, democratic theory, and critical social theory. The editors begin by surveying the influence of Berlin’s essay and the range of debates about freedom that it has inspired. Contributors’ chapters then offer various analyses such as competing ways to contextualize Berlin’s essay, how to reconsider Berlin’s ideas in light of struggles over national self-determination, European colonialism, and racism, and how to view Berlin’s controversial distinction between so-called "negative liberty" and "positive liberty." By relating Berlin’s thinking about freedom to competing contemporary views of the politics of freedom, this book will be significant for both scholars of Berlin as well as people who are interested in larger debates about the meaning and conditions of freedom.

Contemporary Korean Political Thought in Search of a Post-Eurocentric Approach

Gender Class And Freedom In Modern Political Theory [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Contemporary Korean Political Thought in Search of a Post-Eurocentric Approach by Jung In Kang Book Summary:

This book is a collection of essays written by Korean political theorists addressing the study of contemporary Korean political thought on the premise that such study should be carried out with a post-Eurocentric approach. The negative effects brought about by the domination of Western-centrism are pervasive in academic disciplines as well as in everyday life of South Korea. This book outlines three strategic approaches to combating Western-centrism: (1) theorizing contemporary Korean politics from a Korean perspective, (2) the Koreanization of Western political thought, and (3) modernizing traditional East Asian political thought. These essays examine and explore the validity of the three strategic approaches with the objective of coping with Western-centrism in Korean political theory. These contributing authors share a concern about Western-centrism, but approach it from different directions and at different layers.

A Theory of Freedom

Gender Class And Freedom In Modern Political Theory [Pdf/ePub] eBook

A Theory of Freedom by S. Welch Book Summary:

This book offers a liberatory conception of individual freedom that uniquely responds to the problems of social oppression and demands of the interrelatedness insofar as it pertains specifically to the social domain of activity.

The Bloomsbury Companion to Hobbes

Gender Class And Freedom In Modern Political Theory [Pdf/ePub] eBook

The Bloomsbury Companion to Hobbes by S.A. Lloyd Book Summary:

Thomas Hobbes (1588-1679) is widely held to be one of the most important thinkers in the history of philosophy. His contributions to ethics, political philosophy and psychology in particular were hugely innovative and he was regarded by his contemporaries as a major intellectual figure. This comprehensive and accessible guide to Hobbes's life and work features 120 specially commissioned entries written by a team of leading experts in the field of seventeenth-century philosophy and political thought, covering every aspect of Hobbes's ideas. The Companion presents a comprehensive overview of the major themes and topics in Hobbes's work, in particular within the fields of language, political philosophy, moral philosophy and psychology, religion, law and science. It concludes with a thoroughly comprehensive bibliography of primary and secondary sources. This is an essential reference tool for anyone working in the fields of seventeenth-century philosophy and political theory.

Trouble dans le genre

Gender Class And Freedom In Modern Political Theory [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Trouble dans le genre by Judith BUTLER Book Summary:

Dans cet ouvrage majeur publié en 1990 aux États-Unis, la philosophe Judith Butler invite à penser le trouble qui perturbe le genre pour définir une politique féministe sans le fondement d'une identité stable. Ce livre désormais classique est au principe de la théorie et de la politique queer : non pas solidifier la communauté d'une contre-culture, mais bousculer l'hétérosexualité obligatoire en la dénaturalisant. Il ne s'agit pas d'inversion, mais de subversion. Judith Butler localise les failles qui témoignent, à la marge, du dérèglement plus général de ce régime de pouvoir. En même temps, elle questionne les injonctions normatives qui constituent les sujets sexuels. Jamais nous ne parvenons à nous conformer tout à fait aux normes : entre genre et sexualité, il y a toujours du jeu. Le pouvoir ne se contente pas de réprimer ; il ouvre en retour, dans ce jeu performatif, la possibilité d'inventer de nouvelles formations du sujet. La philosophe relit Foucault, Freud, Lacan et Lévi-Strauss, mais aussi Beauvoir, Irigaray, Kristeva et Wittig, afin de penser, avec et contre eux, sexe, genre et sexualité – nos désirs et nos plaisirs. Pour jeter le trouble dans la pensée, Judith Butler donne à voir le trouble qui est déjà dans nos vies

The Politics of Property

Gender Class And Freedom In Modern Political Theory [Pdf/ePub] eBook

The Politics of Property by Laura Brace Book Summary:

The concept of property is central to political thought and crucial to understanding the ideas of key political thinkers. This book provides an up-to-date analysis of the idea, taking into account current debates about gender, slavery and colonialism, and introducing property as a contested concept in debates between thinkers, across ideologies and in political practice.Analysing key debates in the history of the idea of property, the book illustrates the ways in which the concept has informed the development of liberalism, socialism and conservatism. In addition, case studies show the intrinsic links between property as a political concept and issues of gender, race and class, grounding the theoretical work in real-life scenarios.Considering the relationship between property and power from a novel viewpoint, Laura Brace synthesises thinking from liberal and non-liberal traditions, feminist critique, critical race theory and postcolonialism. The book offers an introduction to modern political theory and to key political thinkers as well as to the particular concept of property and will be essential reading in a key area of politics, political philosophy and the history of political thought.Key Features:*Places politics of property within context of modern political theory*Engages with the work of Locke, Winstanley, Godwin, Bentham, Hegel and Marx*Covers core themes in political theory: the individual and community; freedom and authority; justice; equality; the state; human nature*Uses case studies to illuminate the arguments*Includes issues of race, gender and class

La culture de la convergence

Gender Class And Freedom In Modern Political Theory [Pdf/ePub] eBook

La culture de la convergence by Henry Jenkins Book Summary:

Sur la mer agitée des théories consacrées aux réseaux, Henry Jenkins est un auteur qui compte, une boussole qui indique le nord de façon constante. Pour cette raison, La Culture de la convergence se présente comme un vaisseau amiral, peut-être l’ouvrage le plus important consacré aux transformations de la culture à l’âge du numérique. Désormais, une nouvelle façon de faire de la culture émerge. La culture, dite de masse, est devenue la culture de la plupart des individus, tout en ne demeurant plus sous le seul contrôle des industries culturelles. Fidèle à son approche compréhensive, en aucun cas hautaine, Jenkins surfe sur les pratiques, va au plus près des mutations en entrant avec délectation et finesse dans les nouveaux programmes. Il passe ainsi en revue les stratégies marketing sur le nouveau placement des produits. Il plonge dans l’étude de la téléréalité d’aventure et musicale (Survivor/Koh Lanta, American Idol/Nouvelle Star) et des jeux vidéo, en passant par celle du nouveau cinéma participatif avec Matrix et Harry Potter, sans oublier la vie politique américaine, où le numérique est au cœur de transformations potentielles entre électeurs et politiques. Les frontières semblent s’effacer entre les médias, les producteurs et les usagers, au profit d’une vision plus contestée et plus ludique du monde. .

La Femme mystifiée

Gender Class And Freedom In Modern Political Theory [Pdf/ePub] eBook

La Femme mystifiée by Betty FRIEDAN Book Summary:

Événement ! La Femme mystifiée, le livre qui a changé la vie des femmes, est pour la première fois réédité depuis sa parution en France en 1964, dans la traduction originale de celle qui n'était pas encore madame la ministre Yvette Roudy. Quand il paraît aux États-Unis en 1963, La Femme mystifiée fait l'effet d'une bombe. Dans cet essai passionnant, fruit d'innombrables entretiens et d'une longue et minutieuse enquête, la journaliste féministe Betty Friedan met des mots sur l'indicible malaise féminin : loin de la plénitude de la femme au foyer célébrée par l' American Way of Life, la femme noie ses frustrations, intellectuelles, culturelles, sexuelles, dans l'alcool et les psychotropes, réduite au rôle de procréatrice silencieuse par un système patriarcal sournoisement oppressant, coupable d'être malheureuse dans une société qui prétend tout faire pour la combler. Plus de cinquante ans plus tard, la voix de Betty Friedan résonne toujours. Une lecture essentielle pour mesurer le chemin parcouru et comprendre les enjeux de notre époque. Le combat n'est pas terminé !

Feminist Interpretations of Jean-Jacques Rousseau

Gender Class And Freedom In Modern Political Theory [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Feminist Interpretations of Jean-Jacques Rousseau by Lynda Lange Book Summary:

A progenitor of modern egalitarianism, communitarianism, and participatory democracy, Jean-Jacques Rousseau is a philosopher whose deep concern with the relationship between the domains of private domestic and public political life has made him especially interesting to feminist theorists, but also has made him very controversial. The essays in this volume, representing a wide range of feminist interpretations of Rousseau, explore the many tensions in his thought that arise from his unique combination of radical and traditional perspectives on gender relations and the state. Among the topics addressed by the contributors are the connections between Rousseau&’s political vision of the egalitarian state and his view of the &"natural&" role of women in the family; Rousseau&’s apparent fear of the actual danger and power of women; important questions Rousseau raised about child care and gender relations in individualist societies that feminists should address; the founding of republics; the nature of consent; the meaning of citizenship; and the conflation of modern universal ideals of democratic citizenship with modern masculinity, leading to the suggestion that the latter is as fragile a construction as the former. Overall this volume makes an important contribution to a core question at the hinge of modernism and postmodernism: how modern, egalitarian notions of social contract, premised on universality and objective reason, can yet result in systematic exclusion of social groups, including women. Contributors are Leah Bradshaw, Melissa A. Butler, Anne Harper, Sarah Kofman, Rebecca Kukla, Lynda Lange, Ingrid Makus, Lori J. Marso, Mira Morgenstern, Susan Moller Okin, Alice Ormiston, Penny Weiss, Elie Wiestad, Elizabeth Wingrove, Monique Wittig, and Linda Zerilli.

Civil Disabilities

Gender Class And Freedom In Modern Political Theory [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Civil Disabilities by Nancy J. Hirschmann,Beth Linker Book Summary:

An estimated one billion people around the globe live with a disability; this number grows exponentially when family members, friends, and care providers are included. Various countries and international organizations have attempted to guard against discrimination and secure basic human rights for those whose lives are affected by disability. Yet despite such attempts many disabled persons in the United States and throughout the world still face exclusion from full citizenship and membership in their respective societies. They are regularly denied employment, housing, health care, access to buildings, and the right to move freely in public spaces. At base, such discrimination reflects a tacit yet pervasive assumption that disabled persons do not belong in society. Civil Disabilities challenges such norms and practices, urging a reconceptualization of disability and citizenship to secure a rightful place for disabled persons in society. Essays from leading scholars in a diversity of fields offer critical perspectives on current citizenship studies, which still largely assume an ableist world. Placing historians in conversation with anthropologists, sociologists with literary critics, and musicologists with political scientists, this interdisciplinary volume presents a compelling case for reimagining citizenship that is more consistent, inclusive, and just, in both theory and practice. By placing disability front and center in academic and civic discourse, Civil Disabilities tests the very notion of citizenship and transforms our understanding of disability and belonging. Contributors: Emily Abel, Douglas C. Baynton, Susan Burch, Allison C. Carey, Faye Ginsburg, Nancy J. Hirschmann, Hannah Joyner, Catherine Kudlick, Beth Linker, Alex Lubet, Rayna Rapp, Susan Schweik, Tobin Siebers, Lorella Terzi.

Justice de genre, citoyenneté et développement

Gender Class And Freedom In Modern Political Theory [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Justice de genre, citoyenneté et développement by N.A Book Summary:

Bien que les femmes aient, partout dans le monde, obtenu des gains notables au cours des dernières décennies, les inégalités entre les hommes et les femmes et les injustices fondées sur le genre continuent d'empêcher les femmes de réaliser leurs droits et leur plein exercice au titre de citoyennes et de partenaires à part entière dans les processus décisionnels et le développement. Les études présentées ici relient la réflexion actuelle sur la justice de genre aux débats sur la citoyenneté, les droits, les lois et le développement.

Feminist Aesthetics and the Politics of Modernism

Gender Class And Freedom In Modern Political Theory [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Feminist Aesthetics and the Politics of Modernism by Ewa Płonowska Ziarek Book Summary:

Ewa Ziarek fully articulates a feminist aesthetics, focusing on the struggle for freedom in women's literary and political modernism and the devastating impact of racist violence and sexism. She examines the contradiction between women's transformative literary and political practices and the oppressive realities of racist violence and sexism, and she situates these tensions within the entrenched opposition between revolt and melancholia in studies of modernity and within the friction between material injuries and experimental aesthetic forms. Ziarek's political and aesthetic investigations concern the exclusion and destruction of women in politics and literary production and the transformation of this oppression into the inaugural possibilities of writing and action. Her study is one of the first to combine an in-depth engagement with philosophical aesthetics, especially the work of Theodor W. Adorno, with women's literary modernism, particularly the writing of Virginia Woolf and Nella Larsen, along with feminist theories on the politics of race and gender. By bringing seemingly apolitical, gender-neutral debates about modernism's experimental forms together with an analysis of violence and destroyed materialities, Ziarek challenges both the anti-aesthetic subordination of modern literature to its political uses and the appreciation of art's emancipatory potential at the expense of feminist and anti-racist political struggles.

Démocratie, dans quel État ?

Gender Class And Freedom In Modern Political Theory [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Démocratie, dans quel État ? by Alain Badiou,Jean-Luc Nancy,Daniel Bensaïd,Jacques Rancière,Slavoj Žižek,Giorgio Agamben,Wendy Brown,Kristin Ross Book Summary:

"Qu'est-ce qu'un démocrate, je vous prie ? C'est là un mot vague, banal, sans acception précise, un mot en caoutchouc." Cette question, ce jugement sans appel d'Auguste Blanqui datent d'un siècle et demi mais gardent une actualité dont ce livre est un signe. Il ne faut pas s'attendre à y trouver une définition de la démocratie, ni un mode d'emploi et encore moins un verdict pour ou contre. Les huit philosophes qui ont accepté d'y participer n'ont sur le sujet qu'un seul point commun : ils et elles rejettent l'idée que la démocratie consisterait à glisser de temps à autre une enveloppe dans une boîte de plastique transparent. Leurs opinions sont précises dans leurs divergences, voire contradictoires - ce qui était prévu et même souhaité. Il en ressort, pour finir, que tout usé que soit le mot "démocratie", il n'est pas à abandonner à l'ennemi car il continue à servir de pivot autour duquel tournent, depuis Platon, les plus essentielles des controverses sur la politique.