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White Fang

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White Fang by Jack London Book Summary:

An abridged version of the story complete with vocabulary and, comprehension checks for beginning readers. Divided into ten short chapters written using McGraw-Hill's Core Vocabulary and measured by the Fry Readability Formula, the workbook includes questions that test for comprehension, critical thinking, inference, recall of detail, and sequencing.


Fang Pdf [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Fang by Chike Aniakor Book Summary:

Surveys the culture, history, and contemporary life of the Fang people of Equitorial Guinea, Gabon, and Cameroon.

The Call of the Wild and White Fang

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The Call of the Wild and White Fang by Jack London Book Summary:

The Call of the Wild and White Fang two American classics by Jack London, now together in The Call of the Wild and White Fang. The Call of the Wild (1903) and White Fang (1906) are two classic American adventure novels depicting the evolution of two dogs in the wild. The novels are in fact mirror images of one another, as Call of the Wild depicts Buck's journey from domestic to wild dog, while White Fang recounts White Fang's transformation from wild beast to domestic companion. Both convey powerful themes of redemption and survival that continue to affect readers even today. These beautifully written stories, not together in one highly produced volume, are a perfect addition to any young adult's library. Anyone with a taste for adventure, loves the outdoors or camping, or spends time day dreaming about living self-sufficiently will be enamored by these adventure stories. This elegantly designed clothbound edition features an elastic closure and a new introduction by Kenneth Brandt.

White Fang

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White Fang by Lisa Mullarkey,Jack London Book Summary:

Presents an adaptation of the adventures in the northern wilderness of a dog who is part wolf and how he comes to peace with man.

Fang Shui

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Fang Shui by Michael Domis Book Summary:

The craze from the viewpoint of a cat. Bestseller.

White Fang

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White Fang by N.A Book Summary:

This is one in a series of books that offers a quick way into a range of exciting stories. Fast-moving and accessible, each story is a shortened, dramatically illustrated version of the classic novel which loses none of the strength and flavour of the original.

The Mysterious Wu Fang

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The Mysterious Wu Fang by Robert J. Hogan Book Summary:

The ancient Indian tomb had been sealed for a thousand years; its discovery was an archaeological find. But few guessed its horrible secret, or knew that a certain Oriental super-villain, the fiendish Wu Fang, wished to enter its portals . . . not to study the withered bones, but to capture the death germs buried there -- deadly germs of a rare plague of madness which he meant to use to control the world! "The Case of the Suicide Tomb" originally appeared in the December, 1935 issue of "The Mysterious Wu Fang," a classic pulp magazine, and is presented with its original cover and interior arwork.

Fang Me

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Fang Me by Parker Blue Book Summary:

The vampires want it. The demons want it, too. And someone is willing to kill Val for it. Val and Fang have to find the powerful Encyclopedia Magicka before either of San Antonio's warring underworld factions locate it or the consequences will be deadly for the entire city. As usual, Val's vampire enemies (they still call her The Slayer) want her dead. Even some of her fellow demons may be less than trustworthy, since they'd like to grab the legendary book of spells before she does. Val has a personal claim to the Encyclopedia--her demon father left it to her when he died--but someone stole it recently. And that can't be good. Battling vamps and dodging demons, Val struggles to unravel the mystery and find the thief. At the same time, she's fighting her attraction to sweet, sexy Shade--her favorite shadow demon. Rumor has it that Val will lose her part-demon, vampire-fighting powers if she gives herself to him. With a crowd of vamps and demons out to trick her or kill her, it's not a good time for her to risk her job as the city's best vampire hunter by falling in love. The stakes are high and aimed right at her heart. But Lola, Val's hungry little lust demon, doesn't like being denied. Will Lola finally get her way? What's a part-lust-demon-teen supposed to do? Whatever it takes.

Mei Lan-fang

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Mei Lan-fang by A.C. Scott Book Summary:

Mei Lan-fang came from a famous actor family -the profession is often hereditary in China-and this story of his life is drawn mainly from his own reminiscences and from conversations with the author. He was a national figure whose name was a household word for more than forty years; even in Europe, Japan, Russia and America he was widely known and admired. He was instrumental in opening the eyes of men like Stanislavsky, Eisenstein and Brecht to new dimensions of theatrical expression. No other Chinese actor attained and retained the unique position held by Mei Lan-fang. In foreign eyes it is unique in another sense for Mei made his reputation playing the women's roles of the Chinese classical repertoire, somewhat in the tradition of the Elizabethan theatre in the West. This biographical sketch remains the solitary account in English of China's most famous actor.

Fang Is King

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Fang Is King by Joel Epstein Book Summary:

Vacation took a curious turn for Dexter when he discovered he had a very unusual relationship with Martin Luther King. Dexter couldn't tell his mother, because she was too preoccupied trying to get a promotion. His aunt Nina might've been sympathetic, but she had a drinking problem. His cousin Alexis was definitely not an option either. She was too busy teasing him about carrying around a big stuffed dog named Fang. But Dexter had received Fang the day his dad died and had no intentions of ever getting rid of his furry best friend. Although he was very smart, there were some things that Dexter simply didn’t understand. Why was Mr. Hummel so intent for him to visit the top of the Gateway Arch? How could someone as hateful and selfish as Alexis possibly care for a new baby? And why was Ralph being so friendly to him? As summer wore on, Dexter eventually learned the answers to these questions and began to understand how to apply Martin Luther King’s teachings to his own life.

The Fang

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The Fang by Scott Williams Book Summary:

The Fang takes the most notorious villains of all timesvampiresand brings an all-new twist. Vampires have become organized in groups to defeat their common enemy, Rebecca. To do this, they have come up with a plan to destroy her employer, the Vatican. Now, Rebecca must find the one man who is best equipped to stop them and convince him to come back to the Vatican before the vampires plan is enacted.

The Call of the Wild & White Fang

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The Call of the Wild & White Fang by Jack London Book Summary:

This Top Five Classics illustrated edition of Jack London’s The Call of the Wild and White Fang includes: • More than 30 illustrations from the original editions of The Call of the Wild and White Fang by Philip R. Goodwin, Charles Livingston Bull, and Frank E. Schoonover • London’s 1908 essay, “The Other Animals,” his response to Teddy Roosevelt’s accusation of being a “nature-faker” • A helpful introduction, author bio, and bibliography Based in large part upon Jack London’s own experiences as a prospector during the Klondike Gold Rush of 1893, The Call of the Wild traces the untaming of Buck, a St. Bernard–Scotch shepherd mix taken from his comfortable home in the Santa Clara Valley to the frozen wilds of the Yukon. Published in 1903, the book vaulted London to international fame. Three years later, he wrote White Fang, the story of a wolf-dog who undergoes the opposite journey from the northern wilderness to civilization and domestication. Both books would become synonymous with the author and have rightly remained beloved classics for over a century.

The Call of the Wild and White Fang Comprehension Guide

Fang Pdf [Pdf/ePub] eBook

The Call of the Wild and White Fang Comprehension Guide by Ned Bustard Book Summary:

Download or read The Call of the Wild and White Fang Comprehension Guide book by clicking button below to visit the book download website. There are multiple format available for you to choose (Pdf, ePub, Doc).

Broken Fang

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Broken Fang by Rutherford George Montgomery Book Summary:

Only the dog has a deep bond with man. The dog alone volunteers to be man's chum and serf. This is the story of a dog wrongfully branded as a killer, who never lost the trust and confidence of his master.

Witch's Fang

Fang Pdf [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Witch's Fang by Heather Kellerhals-Stewart Book Summary:

Challenged by his father to be the first to ascend the Witch's Fang in southern British Columbia, sixteen-year-old Todd, along with his twin sister Jess and his friend Howie, begin the climb as Todd's rival Kurt helicopters ahead of them.

Dragon's Fang

Fang Pdf [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Dragon's Fang by Stacy A. Wright Book Summary:

Nickolas Landry; Martial Arts instructor, model citizen, and former Navy SEAL. Years ago, after leaving the Navy, he was confronted by an ancient little man from Japan, who claimed that Nick was destined to serve as the Guardian of mankind. His duty, until the end of times, is to safeguard humanity from the forces of darkness. This destiny came with a warning, explained by Masamoto that this duty would destroy the life Nick knows. When the time came, after years of training, Nick learned first hand how true the warning was. He believed that he possessed the strength and ability to protect his life and the loved ones in it. On the eve of his wedding, he was shown how wrong he was, when his bride to be was taken from him, along with Masamoto, losing her life because of his destiny. How does a man give his life to save the rest of mankind? Sure, he could've walked away and denied his destiny. But, how could he carry on with his life knowing that the future of mankind is doomed on Earth? Nickolas Landry is not that kind of man, but with the end of times near, he will soon learn the extent of this so-called destiny that has consumed his life, and what it will truly cost him. Allies have been made, with more to come to fight at his side, on this eve of doom. It is then that Nick will discover what the ultimate sacrifice is to save the word.

The Call of the Wild, White Fang, and Other Stories

Fang Pdf [Pdf/ePub] eBook

The Call of the Wild, White Fang, and Other Stories by Jack London Book Summary:

Of all Jack London's fictions none has been as popular as his dog stories. In addition to The Call of the Wild, the epic tale of a Californian dog's adventures during the Klondike gold rush, this edition includes White Fang, and five famous short stories - B tard, Moon-Face, Brown Wolf, That Spot, and To Build a Fire.

Blue Tiger/Yellow Fang

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Blue Tiger/Yellow Fang by Angelo Victor Mercure Book Summary:

Wanted on Federal charges, porn kingpin Dominick Mariano has jumped a one-million dollar cash bail and disappeared. John Calvin Fortune - a jaded, doomed private detective - has traced Mariano to Thailand, where the Russia Mafia and the Chinese Triads are relentlessly closing in.. Enter the murky, vice-ridden shemale sex dens of Bangkok and Pattaya - where every sordid erotic pleasure can be consummated - for a price, of course and where life, itself, can be so incredibly cheap Mercures writing is stark, sexy, hard-hitting. . . . . - Christopher James Exotique Magazine Printed in the U.S.A. 2006 Angelo V. Mercure All Rights Reserved

Fang-tastic Fiction

Fang Pdf [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Fang-tastic Fiction by Patricia O'Brien Mathews Book Summary:

Mathews uses a limited definition of paranormal, and examines works set, for the most part, in a relatively realistic modern world inhabited by both humans and paranormal beings.

Nugget and Fang

Fang Pdf [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Nugget and Fang by Tammi Sauer Book Summary:

In the deep ocean, tiny Nugget and big, toothy Fang get along swimmingly—until Nugget’s first day of minnow school. There Nugget learns that minnows are supposed to be afraid of sharks! To regain Nugget’s trust, Fang takes desperate (and hilarious) measures. But it’s not until his big sharp teeth save the entire school that minnows learn this shark is no foe. Fantastically stylized artwork adds even more humor to this undersea story of unlikely friendship.

The Call of the Wild + White Fang + The Son of the Wolf (3 Unabridged Classics)

Fang Pdf [Pdf/ePub] eBook

The Call of the Wild + White Fang + The Son of the Wolf (3 Unabridged Classics) by Jack London Book Summary:

This carefully crafted ebook: "The Call of the Wild + White Fang + The Son of the Wolf (3 Unabridged Classics)” is formatted for your eReader with a functional and detailed table of contents. First published in 1903, The Call of the Wild is regarded as Jack London's masterpiece. Based on London's experiences as a gold prospector in the Canadian wilderness and his ideas about nature and the struggle for existence, The Call of the Wild is a tale about unbreakable spirit and the fight for survival in the frozen Alaskan Klondike. The story takes place in the extreme conditions of the Yukon during the 19th-century Klondike Gold Rush where strong sled dogs were in high demand. After Buck, a domesticated dog, is snatched from a pastoral ranch in California, he is sold into a brutal life as a sled dog. The work details Buck's struggle to adjust and survive the cruel treatment he receives from humans, other dogs, and nature. He eventually sheds the veneer of civilization altogether and instead relies on primordial instincts and the lessons he has learned to become a respected and feared leader in the wild. White Fang is the story of a wild dog's journey toward becoming civilized in the Canadian territory of Yukon during the Klondike gold rush at the end of the nineteenth century. White Fang is a companion novel (and a thematic mirror) to Jack London's best-known work, The Call of the Wild, which concerns a kidnapped civilized dog turning into a wild wolf. The book is characteristic of London's precise prose style and his innovative use of voice and perspective. Much of the novel is written from the viewpoint of the animals, allowing London to explore how animals view their world and how they view humans. White Fang examines the violent world of wild animals and the equally violent world of supposedly civilized humans. The book also explores such complex themes as morality and redemption. The Son Of The Wolf is a collection of short stories, all with a common subject – the northern part of the American continent, the pursuit of gold during the rush in Yukon, and mainly the dealings between the locals (Native Americans) and the European settlers. Though the stories are different, they have much in common, and the mostly the same characters appear throughout them. Jack London gained a lot of fame by writing about the Klondike gold rush, and rightly so. London certainly has a very good insight into the minds of the men and women that occupy the raw, unforgiving North. The stories tell of endurance, hardships and strife but also about true friendship, brave men and virtuous women.

Fang or Flint? Crosscurrents

Fang Pdf [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Fang or Flint? Crosscurrents by Bob Fink Book Summary:

Download or read Fang or Flint? Crosscurrents book by clicking button below to visit the book download website. There are multiple format available for you to choose (Pdf, ePub, Doc).

Claw and Fang #4

Fang Pdf [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Claw and Fang #4 by Mike Kutcher Book Summary:

To save the Earth, the Warrior King Eremon makes a desperate one-way journey to confront the Demon Noro in the Spirit World. An impossible task turned hopeless after Eremon discovers that slaying the immortal Demon will only make him more powerful.

The Legend of Fang

Fang Pdf [Pdf/ePub] eBook

The Legend of Fang by D. C. Drapper Book Summary:

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Under the Fang

Fang Pdf [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Under the Fang by Sally Peters Book Summary:

A collection of stories by America's premier horror writers includes pieces by Nancy A. Collins, Charles de Lint, Chet Williamson, Lisa W. Cantrell, and others

Grammardog Guide to White Fang

Fang Pdf [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Grammardog Guide to White Fang by Mary Jane McKinney Book Summary:

Grammardog Teacher's Guide contains 16 quizzes for this novel. All sentences are from the novel. Figurative language and allusions are characteristic of Naturalism: "On the sled in a box lay a third man whose toil was over -- a man whom the Wild had conquered and beaten down until he would never move nor struggle again." "So there was no damming up the tide of life that was rising within him." "The night yawned about him." "some strange freak of Chance," "ruled over by Chance, merciless, planless, endless," "Fortune seemed to favor him."

Nuri's Quest: The Angel's Fang

Fang Pdf [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Nuri's Quest: The Angel's Fang by Phoenix Raven Book Summary:

The land of Nyir was harsh and unforgiving to all, but seemed it was even harsher yet to one particular young woman. Nuri has suffered painful tragedies her entire life. Everyone she had ever loved seemed to meet a terrible end. Even her adopted family of thieves was no longer in her life. She was alone and filled with anger. This is the tale of Nuri's Quest: The Angel's Fang, written by Phoenix Raven. Experience the magical land of Nyir filled with goblins, pixies and other strange magical creatures

Silver Fang At Hedgefield Farm

Fang Pdf [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Silver Fang At Hedgefield Farm by Linda H. Strachan Book Summary:

Download or read Silver Fang At Hedgefield Farm book by clicking button below to visit the book download website. There are multiple format available for you to choose (Pdf, ePub, Doc).

Fang & Claw - Tooth & Nail

Fang Pdf [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Fang & Claw - Tooth & Nail by Douglas Christian Larsen Book Summary:

Rodolphus and Larsen. Together in one book for the very first time. These two writers stir emotions, produce chills, and introduce characters that remain in our memories, as if they are people we know and love (and sometimes hate and fear). Collected here are such singular works as Fearsweat, wherein a supernatural stalker threatens an entire town. In My Father: The Killer, we meet a young man who has always believed the worst about his father, a famed terrorist. Interstate Chimes accompanies twins completing their separate destinies outside of time and space. We enter an amazing little girl's creative genius in Four-Leaf Clovers. And for a dark laugh (and scream) we ride along with The Dread Cowboy. Included herein is the unfinished Rodolphus master-work, the novella Contest Darkly which taps into the incredible world of Larsen's Vanya Song (a novel 40 years in the making). Rodolphus and Larsen, like coffee and cream, or hemlock and wine, we experience a world incredibly dark, yet vividly bright.

Claw and Fang #1

Fang Pdf [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Claw and Fang #1 by Mike Kutcher Book Summary:

Hoping to fill an unknown void in his mundane existence, Justin has given up on life in the real world choosing to live in a virtual one. The Firewoman forces the eternal Warrior King back into the real world when she bestows upon him the ancient Shaman relic that controls the fate of two worlds. A relic promised to a powerful demon.

Claw and Fang #2

Fang Pdf [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Claw and Fang #2 by Mike Kutcher Book Summary:

The Demon Noro unleashes his minions from all the dark corners of Earth to discover who the Firewoman appointed as the bearer of the sacred object. Unknown to Noro, Justin's soul is that of an immortal champion. The same Warrior King who banished Noro 3,000 years ago.

A Fling, A Fang and A Bong Get Boy

Fang Pdf [Pdf/ePub] eBook

A Fling, A Fang and A Bong Get Boy by Doc King Cole Book Summary:

This is a collection of short fictional accounts. Every writer writes from his or her soul according to the highs, lows, or substance abuse they chose to arm their minds with. From 2007 to the Present, these stories rested on a lap top I brought back from the sandy desert called Ramadi Iraq. The first part deals with from the years 1979-1983 and the present. Take the movie “Stand By Me” meets a Class Reunion years later. Parts II to IV all revolve around with the attempt of me to make peace with a past of antique thoughts which are fabricated from recycled thoughts thirty years old. An attempt to understand past teen days. In Part V is a comedy or farce of Southern Living Trailer Park Style. Part VI “Microwave Left Over Romances” is misadventures of pot holed love affairs. Part VII “The Secret Bearer” deals with a veteran of Iraq who tries to get a job with the CIA.

CliffsNotes on London's The Call of the Wild & White Fang

Fang Pdf [Pdf/ePub] eBook

CliffsNotes on London's The Call of the Wild & White Fang by Samuel J Umland Book Summary:

The original CliffsNotes study guides offer expert commentary on major themes, plots, characters, literary devices, and historical background. CliffsNotes on Call of the Wild & White Fang covers not one, but two of Jack London’s best known adventures. Meet an amazing dog named Buck and his human friend John Thornton in Call of the Wild, and then follow the story of two men, Henry and Bill, and the life of an unforgettable wolf cub. This study guide will help you keep up with all of the action as you contemplate the characters and their motivations. Helpful background information about the author brings these novels into context for even greater understanding. Other features that help you study include Complete character lists Character analyses of major players Critical essays Review questions Classic literature or modern modern-day treasure — you'll understand it all with expert information and insight from CliffsNotes study guides.

Spear and Fang

Fang Pdf [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Spear and Fang by Robert Howard Book Summary:

"Spear and Fang" is a short story by Robert Ervin Howard. Robert Ervin Howard (January 22, 1906 - June 11, 1936) was an American author who wrote pulp fiction in a diverse range of genres. He is well known for his character Conan the Barbarian and is regarded as the father of the sword and sorcery subgenre. Howard was born and raised in the state of Texas. He spent most of his life in the town of Cross Plains with some time spent in nearby Brownwood. A bookish and intellectual child, he was also a fan of boxing and spent some time in his late teens bodybuilding, eventually taking up amateur boxing. From the age of nine he dreamed of becoming a writer of adventure fiction but did not have real success until he was 23. Thereafter, until his death at the age of 30 by suicide, Howard's writings were published in a wide selection of magazines, journals, and newspapers, and he had become successful in several genres. Although a Conan novel was nearly published into a book in 1934, his stories never appeared in book form during his lifetime. The main outlet for his stories was in the pulp magazine Weird Tales. Howard's suicide and the circumstances surrounding it have led to varied speculation about his mental health. His mother had been ill with tuberculosis his entire life, and upon learning that she had entered a coma from which she was not expected to wake, he walked out to his car and shot himself in the head. In the pages of the Depression-era pulp magazine Weird Tales, Howard created Conan the Barbarian, a character whose cultural impact has been compared to such icons as Tarzan, Count Dracula, Sherlock Holmes, Batman, and James Bond. With Conan and his other heroes, Howard created the genre now known as sword and sorcery, spawning many imitators and giving him a large influence in the fantasy field. Howard remains a highly read author, with his best works still reprinted. Howard spent his late teens working odd jobs around Cross Plains; all of which he hated. In 1924, Howard returned to Brownwood to take a stenography course at Howard Payne College, this time boarding with his friend Lindsey Tyson instead of his mother. Howard would have preferred a literary course but was not allowed to take one for some reason. Biographer Mark Finn suggests that his father refused to pay for such a non-vocational education. In the week of Thanksgiving that year, and after years of rejection slips and near acceptances, he finally sold a short caveman tale titled "Spear and Fang," which netted him the sum of $16 and introduced him to the readers of a struggling pulp called Weird Tales. Now that his career in fiction had begun, Howard dropped out of Howard Payne College at the end of the semester and returned to Cross Plains. Shortly afterwards, he received notice that another story, "The Hyena," had been accepted by Weird Tales. During the same period, Howard made his first attempt to write a novel, a loosely autobiographical book modeled on Jack London's Martin Eden and titled Post Oaks & Sand Roughs. The book was otherwise of middling quality and was never published in the author's lifetime but it is of interest to Howard scholars for the personal information it contains. Howard's alter ego in this novel is Steve Costigan, a name he would use more than once in the future. The novel was finished in 1928 but not published until long after his death.

The Fang in the Forest

Fang Pdf [Pdf/ePub] eBook

The Fang in the Forest by Charles Alexander Book Summary:

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Nugget and Fang Go to School

Fang Pdf [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Nugget and Fang Go to School by Tammi Sauer Book Summary:

With a lot of support and encouragement from his minnow friend, Nugget, Fang the shark makes it through his first day at Mini Minnows Elementary.


Fang Pdf [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Fang by James Patterson Book Summary:

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