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Design Basics 2d And 3d

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Design Basics: 2D and 3D

Design Basics 2d And 3d [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Design Basics: 2D and 3D by Stephen Pentak,Richard Roth,David A. Lauer Book Summary:

DESIGN BASICS, the market-leading text for the two-dimensional design course, now covers 3D design! DESIGN BASICS: 2D and 3D presents art fundamentals in two- to four-page spreads, making the text practical and easy for students to refer to while they work. This modular format gives instructors the utmost flexibility in organizing the course. Visual examples from many periods, peoples, and cultures are provided for all elements and principles of design. Icons throughout the book prompt students to access CourseMate (available separately), which provides studio art demonstrations, interactive exercises that help students explore the foundations of art, and an interactive eBook. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

Design Basics: 3D

Design Basics 2d And 3d [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Design Basics: 3D by Richard Roth,Stephen Pentak Book Summary:

DESIGN BASICS:3D presents three-dimensional design concepts in full two- to four-page spreads, making the text practical and easy for students to refer to while they work. This modular format gives instructors the utmost flexibility in organizing the course. Filled with examples from nature, art, and popular culture, this clear and easy-to-use book demystifies the design process as it illustrates the elements of exceptional 3D design. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

Learn Autodesk Inventor 2018 Basics

Design Basics 2d And 3d [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Learn Autodesk Inventor 2018 Basics by T. Kishore Book Summary:

Get started with the basics of part modeling, assembly modeling, presentations, and drawings in this step-by-step tutorial on Autodesk Inventor fundamentals. Next, this book teaches you some intermediate-level topics such as additional part modeling tools, sheet metal modeling, top-down assembly features, assembly joints, and dimension and annotations. Engaging explanations, practical examples, and step-by-step instructions make this tutorial book complete. Once you have read Learn Autodesk Inventor 2018 Basics you will be able to use Autodesk Inventor for 3D modeling, 2D drawings, finite element analysis, mold design, and other purposes, just like a design professional. You will gain all the basic information and essential skills you need to work in Autodesk Inventor immediately. What You'll Learn Carry out virtual 3D modeling for your next 3D printing projects Design molds for 3D printing and other projects Generate 2D drawings Who This Book Is For Novice users of Autodesk Inventor.

Design of 3D Integrated Circuits and Systems

Design Basics 2d And 3d [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Design of 3D Integrated Circuits and Systems by Rohit Sharma Book Summary:

Three-dimensional (3D) integration of microsystems and subsystems has become essential to the future of semiconductor technology development. 3D integration requires a greater understanding of several interconnected systems stacked over each other. While this vertical growth profoundly increases the system functionality, it also exponentially increases the design complexity. Design of 3D Integrated Circuits and Systems tackles all aspects of 3D integration, including 3D circuit and system design, new processes and simulation techniques, alternative communication schemes for 3D circuits and systems, application of novel materials for 3D systems, and the thermal challenges to restrict power dissipation and improve performance of 3D systems. Containing contributions from experts in industry as well as academia, this authoritative text: Illustrates different 3D integration approaches, such as die-to-die, die-to-wafer, and wafer-to-wafer Discusses the use of interposer technology and the role of Through-Silicon Vias (TSVs) Presents the latest improvements in three major fields of thermal management for multiprocessor systems-on-chip (MPSoCs) Explores ThruChip Interface (TCI), NAND flash memory stacking, and emerging applications Describes large-scale integration testing and state-of-the-art low-power testing solutions Complete with experimental results of chip-level 3D integration schemes tested at IBM and case studies on advanced complementary metal–oxide–semiconductor (CMOS) integration for 3D integrated circuits (ICs), Design of 3D Integrated Circuits and Systems is a practical reference that not only covers a wealth of design issues encountered in 3D integration but also demonstrates their impact on the efficiency of 3D systems.

Up and Running with AutoCAD 2011

Design Basics 2d And 3d [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Up and Running with AutoCAD 2011 by Elliot Gindis Book Summary:

Up and Running with AutoCAD 2011: 2D and 3D Drawing and Modeling provides an introduction to the fundamental concepts of AutoCAD. These concepts have been distilled down to basic, easy to understand explanations for the benefit of beginner students. Each chapter explains the new concept or command and why it is important. Readers are given the chance to apply just-learned knowledge to a real-life exercise, drawing, or model. They can also test their knowledge with end-of-chapter quizzes and drawing exercises. The book is organized into three parts: Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3. Level 1 offers a wide breadth of knowledge on many topics. Its chapters comprise the complete essential knowledge set of an intermediate user. Students can then work on, if not necessarily set up and manage, moderate to complex drawings. Level 2 is meant for advanced users who are CAD managers, full-time AutoCAD draftspersons, architects, or self-employed and must do everything themselves. The goal here is depth, and several features not deemed critically important in Level 1 are revisited to explore additional advanced options. Also introduced are advanced topics necessary to set up and manage complex drawings. Level 3 is all about 3D. Solid knowledge of the previous two levels is highly recommended before starting these chapters. The 3D material covers all aspects of AutoCAD solid modeling, including lights and rendering. Strips away complexities, both real and perceived and reduces AutoCAD to easy-to-understand basic concepts Teaches only what is essential to operating AutoCAD first, thereby immediately building student confidence All basic commands are documented step-by-step, meaning that what the student needs to type in and how AutoCAD responds is all spelled out in discrete and clear steps with screen shots added as needed Using the author’s extensive multi-industry knowledge of what is important and widely used in practice versus what is not, the material is presented by immediately immersing the student in practical, critically essential knowledge, with no padding of text or filler material All concepts are explained first in theory, and only then is AutoCAD introduced and the actual “button pushing discussed. This is one of the key concepts in having students understand exactly what it is they are doing and why, before they do it

Développer des jeux avec Godot Game Engine

Design Basics 2d And 3d [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Développer des jeux avec Godot Game Engine by Anthony Cardinale Book Summary:

Godot Game Engine est un outil de création de jeux vidéo multiplateforme et open-source. Son environnement de développement intuitif et performant s'adresse aussi bien aux concepteurs professionnels qu'aux débutants. Ce livre vise à fournir toutes les clés pour créer ses propres jeux avec Godot. Après une introduction aux concepts de base et à la programmation en GDScript (une sorte de python spécifique à Godot), le lecteur développera deux projets complets : un jeu 2D en vue de côté et un jeu 3D (type Monkey Ball). Vous verrez comment créer un niveau, un personnage joueur, des objets interactifs, des ennemis; comment ajouter du challenge, des animations, des bruitages et, pour la 3D, comment modéliser des objets simples avec Blender et les importer dans Godot. Son approche pratique vous aidera à assimiler facilement les mécaniques de bases de Godot tout en vous initiant aux bonnes pratiques de la conception de jeux. Niveau : Débutant/Intermédiaire Sommaire : I. Notions fondamentales 1. Découverte de Godot Engine 2. Création d'une scène dans Godot 3. Instanciation avec Godot 4. Initiation à la création de scripts avec Godot 5. Plus loin avec GDScript 6. Interview de Julian Murgia, contributeur au projet Godot II. Développement d'un jeu 2D 7 Mise en place du projet 8. Création du personnage joueur 9. Animation du personnage 10. Création d'une plateforme 2D 11. Mise en place d'un TileSet 12. Conception d'un niveau du jeu 13. Interaction avec les objets 14. Création de l'interface utilisateur 15. Ajout des ennemis 16. Musique et effets sonores 17. Finalisation du jeu III. Création d'un jeu 3D 18. Modélisation 3D : initiation à Blender 19. Modélisation 3D du niveau de notre jeux 20. Mise en place du projet 21. Anticrénelage, éclairage et post-processing 22. Création de la balle 23. Déplacement de la balle 24. Déclenchement de la fin du niveau 25. Quelques objets à ramasser 26. L'interface utilisateur 27. Finalisation et publication du jeu

Communicability, Computer Graphics, and Innovative Design for Interactive Systems

Design Basics 2d And 3d [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Communicability, Computer Graphics, and Innovative Design for Interactive Systems by Francisco Cipolla Ficarra,Kim Veltman,Miguel Cipolla-Ficarra,Andreas Kratky Book Summary:

This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the First International Symposium on Communicability, Computer Graphics and Innovative Design for Interactive Systems, held in Córdoba, Spain, in June 2011. The 13 revised full papers presented were carefully reviewed and selected from various submissions. They examine latest breakthroughs and future trends within the communicability, computer graphics, and innovative design of interactive systems.

Design First for 3D Artists

Design Basics 2d And 3d [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Design First for 3D Artists by Geoffrey Kater Book Summary:

Working on a project for most 3D artists means hitting the keyboard first without ever touching a pencil. But in the world of animation, the pencil is revered as the most powerful tool in the animation process, because it directly addresses the design aesthetic of an animated project. Production design is the process by which an artist establishes the tone for a particular film by offering a unique aesthetic vision that is in support of the story. As a 3D artist, to overlook design is to overlook the fundamental process that greatly influences not only the film itself but also your contributions as a professional. To combine the disciplines of traditional design and 3D animation is a choice that only you can make. The result of this choice is a broader artistic skill set that increases your creativity and consequently increases your worth as a professional. Plain and simple, Design First for 3D Artists is going to teach you easy-to-use design techniques that will make you a better designer and increase your worth as a 3D artist.

Creating Striking Graphics with Maya and Photoshop

Design Basics 2d And 3d [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Creating Striking Graphics with Maya and Photoshop by Daniel Gray Book Summary:

Add Another Dimension to Your Portfolio—And Move to the Top of Your Craft Professional artists who strive to bring a new look to their illustrations are using Alias' premier 3D software in tandem with Adobe's prominent digital imaging program to create cutting-edge graphics. Now, with Maya 6, this remarkable combo is even better integrated than before. Creating Striking Graphics with Maya and Photoshop—brought to you from Maya Press, a publishing partnership between Sybex and Alias—is a dazzling introduction to the vibrant world of 3D and Maya. Graphics wiz Daniel Gray, with help from an elite group of pros, will inspire you to incorporate 3D into your graphics and think more artistically when approaching your creations. And if you're already familiar with Maya, you'll learn how Maya 6 makes it even easier to work between both applications. First you'll get the essential Photoshop user's introduction to Maya and learn how to make the leap from 2D to 3D. Then, you'll discover how high-profile artists use Maya and Photoshop together in real-world scenarios where 2D and 3D collide in a burst of creativity. Through a series of interviews that address a variety of 3D applications, you'll discover how: Maya Master Meats Meier depicts Mother Nature with otherworldly success Michael Elins combines photography and classical painting with the 3D world Damon Riesberg cranks out a daily comic strip by posing and rendering his cast of characters guru studios crafts beautiful 3D cartoons with a cool retro feel for TELETOON Meteor Studios brings ultra-realistic prehistoric creatures to life for the Discovery Channel's Dinosaur Planet IBM painstakingly re-creates ancient artifacts, such as the Sphinx, for the Egyptian Museum in Cairo Meshwerks digitizes automobiles for use in movies, advertising, and video games and creates the ultra-cool chopped and channeled Honda EleMENTAL Woodie! Note: CD-ROM/DVD and other supplementary materials are not included as part of eBook file.

La Corporation

Design Basics 2d And 3d [Pdf/ePub] eBook

La Corporation by T.J. English Book Summary:

La Corporation, c’est le nom que s’est elle-même donné l’organisation mafieuse la plus prospère des États-Unis au cours de la deuxième moitié du XXe siècle. S’appuyant sur la communauté cubaine exilée en Floride, profondément humiliée par la déroute de la baie des Cochons, un ancien policier de La Havane, Pedro Miguel Battle, a bâti un empire financier à la vitesse de l’éclair à partir d’une loterie illégale, la bolita, qui lui a vite assuré des revenus colossaux. Bientôt considérée comme plus dangereuse que la Cosa Nostra, cette entité criminelle ultra-violente a étendu son influence le long de la côte Est jusqu’à New York en investissant tous les rayons du crime organisé : trafic de cocaïne, rackets en tous genres, blanchiment de dizaines de millions de dollars à travers d’innombrables sociétés écrans. Raconter l’ascension vertigineuse de ce parrain cubain, c’est aussi revenir sur l’acharnement d’un flic, David Shanks, qui a consacré sa vie à la lutte contre El Padrino, ses moyens illimités et ses tueurs sans pitié. Il a fallu dix ans d’enquête à T.J. English pour remonter le fil de cette histoire rigoureusement inédite de la mafia cubaine aux États-Unis qui se lit comme une saga d’une des plus grandes familles criminelles américaines des dernières décennies.

Course Design Made Easy

Design Basics 2d And 3d [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Course Design Made Easy by George Piskurich Book Summary:

Simply put, course design—an essential part of instructional systems development (ISD)—is when a designer or design team plans a training course. This Infoline focuses mainly on the essential tasks involved in course desgin.

Process Centrifugal Compressors

Design Basics 2d And 3d [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Process Centrifugal Compressors by Klaus H. Lüdtke Book Summary:

Throughout the last decades, centrifugal compressor research and development have been revolutionized. Computational fluid dynamics have provided a better understanding of the flow and physical phenomena, and the design of new cen trifugal compressor components has been transformed from an "art" into a "sci ence". New materials and manufacturing techniques now create new geometries that could only be dreamed of in the past, and new challenging applications have pushed the limits beyond what was considered the state of the art. This new book presenting a comprehensive look at industrial compressors is therefore very timely. Readers will find a large amount of information based on extensive experience, a clear and well-founded approach to real-gas handling and solutions to many practical problems. It will provide engineering contractors and users of industrial compressors with a better insight into the "how" and "why" of different design features thus allowing a more profound basis for discussions with manufacturers. It will also cast a light on the day-by-day design practice to academia by revealing the limitations and requirements of practical applications and economics. This book combines a strict mathematical approach with practical experience and is illustrated with many examples. It fills in the gap between academic text books and encyclopaedic descriptions of industrial compressors. I have no doubt that this book, based on several decades of experience in the industry, both in the USA and Europe, will be well received by the centrifugal compressor community.

Introduction to AutoCAD 2017

Design Basics 2d And 3d [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Introduction to AutoCAD 2017 by Bernd S. Palm,Alf Yarwood Book Summary:

Master the complexities of the world's bestselling 2D and 3D software with Introduction to AutoCAD 2017. Ideally suited to new users of AutoCAD, this book will be a useful resource for drawing modules in both vocational and introductory undergraduate courses in engineering and construction. A comprehensive, step-by-step introduction to the latest release of AutoCAD. Covering all the basic principles and acting as an introduction to 2D drawing, it also contains extensive coverage of all 3D topics, including 3D solid modelling and rendering. Written by a member of the Autodesk Developer Network. Hundreds of colour pictures, screenshots and diagrams illustrate every stage of the design process. Worked examples and exercises provide plenty of practice material to build proficiency with the software. Further education students will find this an invaluable textbook for City & Guilds AutoCAD qualifications as well as the relevant Computer Aided Drawing units of BTEC National Engineering, Higher National Engineering and Construction courses from Edexcel. Students enrolled in Foundation Degree courses containing CAD modules will also find this a very useful reference and learning aid.

Basics Fashion Design 09: Designing Accessories

Design Basics 2d And 3d [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Basics Fashion Design 09: Designing Accessories by John Lau Book Summary:

Accessories are key items in any fashion collection today. Designing Accessories examines four key items from concept to production: bags, footwear, jewellery and millinery.

Basics of Game Design

Design Basics 2d And 3d [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Basics of Game Design by Michael Moore Book Summary:

Basics of Game Design is for anyone wanting to become a professional game designer. Focusing on creating the game mechanics for data-driven games, it covers role-playing, real-time strategy, first-person shooter, simulation, and other games. Written by a 25-year veteran of the game industry, the guide offers detailed explanations of how to design t

Game Design

Design Basics 2d And 3d [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Game Design by Jim Thompson,Barnaby Berbank-Green,Nic Cusworth Book Summary:

Practical, complete coverage of game design basics from design process to production This full-color, structured coursebook offers complete coverage of game design basics, focusing on design rather than computer programming. Packed with exercises, assignments, and step-by-step instructions, it starts with an overview of design theory, then progresses to design processes, and concludes with coverage of design production. Jim Thompson, Barnaby Berbank-Green, and Nic Cusworth (London, UK) are computer game designers and lecturers in animation and computer game design.

Blender Pour les nuls

Design Basics 2d And 3d [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Blender Pour les nuls by Jason VAN GUMSTER Book Summary:

Un livre ultra complet et pédagogique sur la toute dernière version 2.5 de Blender Si vous souhaitez rentrer de plain pied dans le monde de la 3D avec le logiciel libre et donc gratuit Blender dans sa version 2.5, ce livre est fait pour vous. Cette toute nouvelle version 2.5 de Blender apporte un grande nombre de nouveautés explosives qui vous seront exposées tout au long de ce livre. Que vous soyez débutant avec Blender où que vous passiez du version antérieure du logiciel ou d'un autre logiciel d'animation 3D, ce livre est rempli d'astuces et de conseils qui vous permettront de maîtriser rapidement votre nouvel outil, quelle que soit la plate-forme sur laquelle vous utilisez Blender (Mac OS, Windows ou Linux). Vous apprendrez à créer des animations percutantes et à maîtriser la toute nouvelle interface multi-fenêtre, ainsi que les nouveaux événements système. Au programme : Découverte de l'interface et des outils de Blender La philosophie de Blender Travail en mode Edition et en mode Objet Utiliser Mesh pour créer tout ce qui vous passe par la tête Utiliser les maillages non-Mesh Modifier la texture des matériaux Techniques d'éclairage des scènes Modéliser des objets Animer des objets Déformer des objets Techniques de rendu avancées Exporter des scènes