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Cunning Pdf [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Cunning by Don Herzog Book Summary:

Want to be cunning? You might wish you were more clever, more flexible, able to cut a few corners without getting caught, to dive now and again into iniquity and surface clutching a prize. You might want to roll your eyes at those slaves of duty who play by the rules. Or you might think there's something sleazy about that stance, even if it does seem to pay off. Does that make you a chump? With pointedly mischievous prose, Don Herzog explores what's alluring and what's revolting in cunning. He draws on a colorful range of sources: tales of Odysseus; texts from Machiavelli; pamphlets from early modern England; salesmen's newsletters; Christian apologetics; plays; sermons; philosophical treatises; detective novels; famous, infamous, and obscure historical cases; and more. The book is in three parts, bookended by two murderous churchmen. "Dilemmas" explores some canonical moments of cunning and introduces the distinction between knaves and fools as a "time-honored but radically deficient scheme." "Appearances" assails conventional approaches to unmasking. Surveying ignorance and self-deception, "Despair?" deepens the case that we ought to be cunning--and then sees what we might say in response. Throughout this beguiling book, Herzog refines our sense of what's troubling in this terrain. He shows that rationality, social roles, and morality are tangled together--and trickier than we thought.

Luck or Cunning

Cunning Pdf [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Luck or Cunning by Samuel Butler Book Summary:

Reproduction of the original: Luck or Cunning by Samuel Butler

Popular Magic: Cunning-folk in English History

Cunning Pdf [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Popular Magic: Cunning-folk in English History by Owen Davies Book Summary:

Cunning-folk were local practitioners of magic, providing small-scale but valued service to the community. They were far more representative of magical practice than the arcane delvings of astrologers and necromancers. Mostly unsensational in their approach, cunning-folk helped people with everyday problems: how to find lost objects; how to escape from bad luck or a suspected spell; and how to attract a lover or keep the love of a husband or wife. While cunning-folk sometimes fell foul of the authorities, both church and state often turned a blind eye to their existence and practices, distinguishing what they did from the rare and sensational cases of malvolent witchcraft. In a world of uncertainty, before insurance and modern science, cunning-folk played an important role that has previously been ignored.

The Cunning of Uncertainty

Cunning Pdf [Pdf/ePub] eBook

The Cunning of Uncertainty by Helga Nowotny Book Summary:

Uncertainty is interwoven into human existence. It is a powerful incentive in the search for knowledge and an inherent component of scientific research. We have developed many ways of coping with uncertainty. We make promises, manage risks and make predictions to try to clear the mists and predict ahead. But the future is inherently uncertain - and the mist that shrouds our path an inherent part of our journey. The burning question is whether our societies can face up to uncertainty, learn to embrace it and whether we can open up to a constantly evolving future. In this new book, Helga Nowotny shows how research can thrive at the cusp of uncertainty. Science, she argues, can eventually transform uncertainty into certainty, but into certainty which remains always provisional. Uncertainty is never completely static. It is constantly evolving. It encompasses geological time scales and, at the level of human experience, split-second changes as cells divide. Life and death decisions are taken in the blink of the eye, while human interactions with the natural environment may reveal their impact over millennia. Uncertainty is cunning. It appears at unexpected moments, it shuns the straight line, takes the oblique route and sometimes the unexpected short-cut. As we acknowledge the cunning of uncertainty, its threats retreat. We accept that any scientific inquiry must produce results that are provisional and uncertain. This message is vital for politicians and policy-makers: do not be tempted by small, short-term, controllable gains to the exclusion of uncertain, high-gain opportunities. Wide-ranging in its use of examples and enriched by the author’s experience as President of the European Research Council, one of the world’s leading funding organisations for fundamental research. The Cunning of Uncertainty is a must-read for students and scholars of all disciplines, politicians, policy-makers and anyone concerned with the fundamental role of knowledge and science in our societies today.

Cunning Challenge

Cunning Pdf [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Cunning Challenge by Jada Penn Book Summary:

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The Cunning of Reason

Cunning Pdf [Pdf/ePub] eBook

The Cunning of Reason by Martin Hollis Book Summary:

In this book, the author is attempting to make sense, as a philosopher, of the ideas of rationality put forward by economists, sociologists, and political theorists. The book intervenes in intense current debates within and among several disciplines. Its concern is with the true nature of social actors and the proper character of social science. Its arguments are the more challenging for being presented in simple, incisive, and lucid prose.

The Cunning Tortoise

Cunning Pdf [Pdf/ePub] eBook

The Cunning Tortoise by Pamela Kola Book Summary:

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Cunning Deceit

Cunning Pdf [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Cunning Deceit by Kerry J. Button Book Summary:

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That Cunning Mask

Cunning Pdf [Pdf/ePub] eBook

That Cunning Mask by Gabby Ozems Book Summary:

Melodious mild sunk the crimson sun Over an earth so fated with harm Above islands primitive as woes That sally in the union of those Who hail the curfewed tear of Taila By which tear the legend of Taila And the ancient sun got entangled A ditty they upheld but mingled Ditty as harmonious as gusto Telling of a Zowdor Nemoso Tussling against the Sissi Nanna Trampling upon the Zomo Nanna Even though he conspired with the night The morning our islands went ablight History shall spare her sworn fiance As we mourn the son of Kalante

The Cunning of Recognition

Cunning Pdf [Pdf/ePub] eBook

The Cunning of Recognition by Elizabeth A. Povinelli Book Summary:

The Cunning of Recognition is an exploration of liberal multiculturalism from the perspective of Australian indigenous social life. Elizabeth A. Povinelli argues that the multicultural legacy of colonialism perpetuates unequal systems of power, not by demanding that colonized subjects identify with their colonizers but by demanding that they identify with an impossible standard of authentic traditional culture. Povinelli draws on seventeen years of ethnographic research among northwest coast indigenous people and her own experience participating in land claims, as well as on public records, legal debates, and anthropological archives to examine how multicultural forms of recognition work to reinforce liberal regimes rather than to open them up to a true cultural democracy. The Cunning of Recognition argues that the inequity of liberal forms of multiculturalism arises not from its weak ethical commitment to difference but from its strongest vision of a new national cohesion. In the end, Australia is revealed as an exemplary site for studying the social effects of the liberal multicultural imaginary: much earlier than the United States and in response to very different geopolitical conditions, Australian nationalism renounced the ideal of a unitary European tradition and embraced cultural and social diversity. While addressing larger theoretical debates in critical anthropology, political theory, cultural studies, and liberal theory, The Cunning of Recognition demonstrates that the impact of the globalization of liberal forms of government can only be truly understood by examining its concrete—and not just philosophical—effects on the world.

Put On By Cunning

Cunning Pdf [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Put On By Cunning by Ruth Rendell Book Summary:

The eleventh book to feature the classic crime-solving detective, Chief Inspector Wexford. Sir Manuel Camargue, Kingsmarkham's very own celebrity flautist, dies tragically on a snowy night. His death is met with a ruling of misadventure and appears to be an open-and-shut-case. However Wexford, as the investigating officer, has a few niggling doubts. Nineteen years later, Camargue's entrancing daughter, Natalie, now a considerable heiress, suddenly reappears in Kingsmarkham. When her fiancé appeals to Wexford for help, believing that Natalie is using a false identity, the case of the Camargues is once more under investigation. Events soon take a gruesome twist and the pressure is on for Wexford to discover Natalie's true identity and to solve the mystery of the Camargue family, once and for all.

Passion and Cunning

Cunning Pdf [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Passion and Cunning by Conor Cruise O'Brien Book Summary:

Conor Cruise O'Brien's brilliant and hugely controversial 1965 essay on the political convictions of W. B. Yeats is the title-piece for this superb 1988 collection of pieces on politics, religion, nationalism and terrorism. 'O'Brien is a man of strong views, and he writes with verve and wit. Agree with him or not, one reads him with enjoyment.' Foreign Affairs '[Passion and Cunning] displays once again [O'Brien's] wonderful range of talents: a beautiful command of the language, gentle wit and coruscating satire, shrewd political judgment and a raking critical power. O'Brien is, moreover, a critic against all-comers, his spiky guns pointing in all directions: woe betide anyone incautious enough to presume that O'Brien is on their 'side'. . . O'Brien believes in all manner of good causes, but his own independence is finally what he cares about most.' R. W. Johnson, London Review of Books

The Cunning Man

Cunning Pdf [Pdf/ePub] eBook

The Cunning Man by Charles Burney,Kerry Scott Grant Book Summary:

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The Cunning Plan

Cunning Pdf [Pdf/ePub] eBook

The Cunning Plan by Caryl Hart Book Summary:

Foxy DuBois is on a mission to get rich quick. Only one thing stands in her way - Alphonso the Alligator! Can Foxy's hair-brained schemes make enough money to keep Alphonso fed? Or will Foxy DuBois find herself on the menu? An hilarious new series for young readers from an award-winning author-illustrator team. Alex's first fiction series - Claude - was selected for the Richard and Judy Children's Book Club and the Waterstone's Children's Book Prize, and he is the World Book Day Illustrator 2014. Caryl has been shortlisted for the Red House Award and won many awards, including the Stockport Award.

The Cunning Judge

Cunning Pdf [Pdf/ePub] eBook

The Cunning Judge by Anita Gupta Book Summary:

Jungle stories always fascinate the tiny tots. They not only offer the children wholesome entertainment, but also broaden their knowledge about nature and jungle life. Keeping this in mind, mind melodies has come out with a set of eight story books on jungle life. To make them more attractive, the stories are enriched with beautiful illustrations.

100 Cunning Crosswords

Cunning Pdf [Pdf/ePub] eBook

100 Cunning Crosswords by Thomas Joseph Book Summary:

What makes these crosswords cunning? First, they use real words—not ones that exist only in crossword puzzle dictionaries. Next, they have a theme, at least two answers in each puzzle that relate to each other. And finally, the clues are hard enough to test your crossword savvy, without making you scream in frustration. So, sharpen your pencil—and mind—and attack these skillfully made, entertaining puzzles.

The cunning loverr

Cunning Pdf [Pdf/ePub] eBook

The cunning loverr by Manuel García,Paolo Rosich Book Summary:

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Why Monkeys Are Cunning

Cunning Pdf [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Why Monkeys Are Cunning by Kamil Miklaszewski Book Summary:

To the sounds of a guitar, at sunset, animals were telling old stories. "it was a long time ago, when Peter was the emperor of Brazil..." Did you know that Brazil had the emperor, and animals had their secrets? If you want to introduce your child to the world of Brazilian fairy tales in attractive, richly illustrated form, you must read "Why monkeys are cunning?".

A Factory of Cunning

Cunning Pdf [Pdf/ePub] eBook

A Factory of Cunning by Philippa Stockley Book Summary:

First published in 2005, this story tells how in the years before the French Revolution, London is an unsettled, dangerous place: the scene of an exquisite, thrilling tale of revelation and revenge. One freezing May morning, two veiled women step off the boat from Holland. A French lady, calling her Mrs Fox, and her maid: they are on the run. Fearing for her life, Mrs Fox must make her way in a strange new city . . . but both her past and present crackle with danger. Immoral and beautiful, Mrs Fox has always used men to support and amuse her. Trusting on her wits to keep ahead of the hangman, she manipulates others to survive: gullible Lord Danceacre; sweet Violet Denyss; and degenerate predator, Earl Much. Yet in the Earl, Mrs Fox has met an adversary whose sadistic viciousness is a match for her own attempts to destroy him. Games are played with ever higher stakes, until someone must pay the penalty - but will it be the innocent or the damned? Through a dark, quick world of liars and lechers, where infidelity and intellect cross swords with desire or death, Mrs Fox hurtles towards a horrible climax. Here is London, 1784 . . . Welcome to a factory of cunning.

How to Be Smart, Shrewd & Cunning — Legally!

Cunning Pdf [Pdf/ePub] eBook

How to Be Smart, Shrewd & Cunning — Legally! by Richard Lee Orey Book Summary:

Millions of us feel lost in the pressures of our modern world. Personal and economic stresses drive us to divorce, charges of driving under the influence and work-related embezzlement and contract disputes. We face misfortunes that leave us fearful, depressed, and suffering sleepless nights, loss of employment and bankruptcy. And we don ́t know what to do about it. How to be SMART, SHREWD & CUNNING--Legally! reveals the courthouse secrets of judges and top trial lawyers and shows you how to avoid misfortune, win disputes and laugh all the way to the bank. In just thirty days of self-study, you ́ll feel confident and the master of your fate.