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Bhowani Junction

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Bhowani Junction

Bhowani Junction [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Bhowani Junction by John Masters Book Summary:

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Lord Cornwallis Is Dead

Bhowani Junction [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Lord Cornwallis Is Dead by Nico Slate Book Summary:

Do democracies bring about greater equality among their citizens? India embraced universal suffrage in 1947 and yet its citizens are far from realizing equality. The U.S. struggles with intolerance and inequality well into the twenty-first century. Nico Slate offers a new look at the struggle for freedom that linked two former British colonies.

'The Eurasian Question'

Bhowani Junction [Pdf/ePub] eBook

'The Eurasian Question' by E.W. Rosen Jacobson,Liesbeth Rosen Jacobson Book Summary:

‘Within the borders of these isles shall remain a race one calls Indo. Neither white, nor brown.’ This ‘Indo’ was part of the Indo-Europeans, a group of mixed indigenous and European ancestry, from the former Dutch East Indies. In almost all other Asian colonies, including British India and French Indochina, which are also covered in this study, such a group of mixed ancestry came into being. The future of these Eurasians after decolonisation was quite insecure. The European rulers, on which their status was based, were gone. The new indigenous rulers perceived them suspiciously as colonial remnants and often even as traitors. In this chaotic situation, they were forced to make a choice, between staying in the former colony or leaving for the European mother country. Did they belong in the country of their European fathers or the former colony, the country of their Asian mothers?

“Quit India”

Bhowani Junction [Pdf/ePub] eBook

“Quit India” by Dror Izhar Book Summary:

This book looks at the changing image of the Indian Patriot’s war for India’s Independence and its reflection, which were shown during the Cold War period on the screens of commercial British films and TV. By using a variety of primary and secondary sources, as demonstrated by utilizing Gramsci’s theory of Common Sense/Folklore, the author traces the evolution of the Indian Patriot from a ‘villain’ to a ‘saint,’ and the British Colonials from ‘kind’ to ‘mediocre’ and even ‘evil’ personalities.

Colonial India and the Making of Empire Cinema

Bhowani Junction [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Colonial India and the Making of Empire Cinema by Prem Chowdhry Book Summary:

"This book is an empirico-historical enquiry into the empire cinema made in Hollywood and Britain during the turbulent 1930s and 1940s. It shows how empire cinema constructed the colonial world, its rationale for doing so, and the manner in which such constructions were received by the colonised people".--Back cover.

Miklós Rózsa's Ben-Hur

Bhowani Junction [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Miklós Rózsa's Ben-Hur by Roger Hickman Book Summary:

In this book, Roger Hickman focuses on the confluence of traditions, trends, and innovations that shaped one of film's greatest scores.

Playing for Malaya

Bhowani Junction [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Playing for Malaya by Rebecca Kenneison Book Summary:

Reggie, according to his niece Wendy, 'only told what Reggie wanted you to know.' Reggie was my father. He had honed the technique of talking with apparent openness and using that talk as a decoy duck: while you were listening to it quack around the pond, you weren't noticing all the others hiding in the reeds. What follows includes tales that Reggie told repeatedly but, on the whole, it's about what Reggie didn't tell me. So begins a stunning personal account of a Eurasian family living in Malaya. Reggie was the author's father, and one of the many gaps in his account of his family was that his mother was Eurasian. When Rebecca Kenneison discovered this omission after his death, she set out to learn more about her extended family on the other side of the world. Her voyage of discovery is compelling in itself, but Playing for Malaya has a much larger purpose. Set in the 1930s and 1940s, it recounts the experiences of an extended Eurasian family during the invasion and occupation of Malaya by the Japanese. Colonial society considered Eurasians insufficiently European to be treated as British, but during the Pacific War they seemed all too European to the Japanese, who subjected the Eurasian community to discrimination and worse. Because many Eurasians, including members of the Kenneison family, supported the Allied cause, their wartime experiences are an extraordinary account of tragedy, heroism and endurance, presented here with great eloquence and clarity.

Subaltern Sports

Bhowani Junction [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Subaltern Sports by James H. Mills Book Summary:

This unique volume explores sports stories that contain elements of colonialism and show the rise of nationalism and the emergence of communalism; other examples show how the establishment of nationhood in a post-colonial world, the challenge of the regions to the political centre and the impacts of globalization and economic liberalization have all left their mark on the development of sport in South Asia. Quite simply, South Asian history and society have transformed sports in the region while at the same time such games and activities have often shaped the development of South Asia.

My Dateless Diary

Bhowani Junction [Pdf/ePub] eBook

My Dateless Diary by R. K. Narayan Book Summary:

The author, an Indian novelist, recounts his experiences traveling in the U.S. during the late fifties

Ava Gardner

Bhowani Junction [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Ava Gardner by Ava Gardner,Peter Evans Book Summary:

Ava Gardner was one of the most glamorous and famous stars in Hollywood in the 1940s and 1950s. Her list of films includes The Killers, Showboat and Mogambo, for which she was nominated for an Academy Award for best actress, and her co-stars included Clark Gable, Gregory Peck, Burt Lancaster, Humphrey Bogart, Charlton Heston, and Richard Burton - the A-list of male Hollywood stars. Married three times - to Mickey Rooney, Artie Shaw, and Frank Sinatra - the first two lasted only about a year each whilst her marriage to Sinatra lasted several. She had a long-running affair with Howard Hughes, and a briefer one with George C. Scott, among others. In Ava Gardner, she has much to say about her husbands and lovers, and some of her co-stars,all of whom get Gardner's unflinchingly honest treatment. Ava Gardner is irresistibly candid and surprising. She began the book because, as she told Evans, 'it's either write the book or sell the jewels and I'm kinda fond of the jewels.' At the time of their collaboration Gardner was living in London, where she had lived for decades, smoking and drinking heavily. Having suffered a stroke that damaged the left side of her face and her left arm she had trouble sleeping and was often depressed - the glamorous wardrobes replaced by grey. Her story could itself have been depressing except for her wit and wickedness, which are on full display in this book. This book tells the story of her life as she wanted to tell it. Ava Gardner is the autobiography that Ava Gardner began with writer Peter Evans in 1988. She never finished it and decided against publishing it because of its frankness. She later collaborated on a tamer autobiography, which was published at her death in 1990. After Gardner's death, her estate authorised the book to be published much as she and Evans had originally conceived it.

Bless You Bollywood!

Bhowani Junction [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Bless You Bollywood! by Tilak Rishi Book Summary:

May 3, 1913—a historic day in the history of Indian Cinema. India's first indigenous silent film Raja Harishchandra was released at the Coronation Cinema in Mumbai. This lay the foundation of what, in time, would grow to become the largest film-producing industry in the world. Spanning a wide range of decades, genres, and style, the Bollywood film culture in all its glory is a wonderful thing. Of the hundreds of great hits it has given, some have attained an aura of unparalleled respectability because, overtime, they continue to draw viewers in multitudes for weeks, months, and even years. Bless You Bollywood is an endeavor to pay tributes to the tallest among movie makers, artistes, composers, lyricists, and scriptwriters down the decades for contributing their extraordinary caliber to Bollywood.

Costume Design in the Movies

Bhowani Junction [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Costume Design in the Movies by Elizabeth Leese Book Summary:

Comprehensive, lavishly illustrated reference work provides biographical/career data for major designers (Adrian, Jean Louis, Edith Head, more). Updated to 1988, with over 400 new film credits. 177 illustrations. Index of 6,000 films.

Rusty Goes to London

Bhowani Junction [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Rusty Goes to London by Ruskin Bond Book Summary:

Rusty Travels Abroad To Fulfil His Dream Of Becoming A Writer Rusty Goes To London Is The Fourth Book In Puffin'S New Series Of The Complete Escapades Of Rusty; This Is The First Time That All The Rusty Stories Are Available In Chronological Order. In His Early Twenties Now, Rusty Finally Severs Ties With Dehra And Books A Passage To England, With The Dream Of Writing And Selling His Novel Abroad. First In His Aunt'S House In Jersey, And Then In Rented Lodgings In London, He Works As A Clerk By Day And Writes Away In The Evenings. Eventually The Novel Is Finished And Rusty Even Finds A Publisher. But This, He Discovers, Does Not Mean That His Book Will See The Light Of Day Soon ... While In London, Rusty Has Myriad Adventures, Each More Incredible Than The Last. Strolling Down Baker Street, He Runs Into Sherlock Holmes, Who Gives Him A Few Lessons In Investigative Techniques. At The Victoria And Albert Museum, He Is Accosted By Rudyard Kipling. And Then, Of Course, There Is The Strange Incident At The Chinese Quarter, The Calypso Christmas In His Lodgings, And The Story Of The Vietnamese Girl Vu-Phuong. After Three Years Abroad, However, Rusty Realizes That He Wants To Make India His Permanent Home; All He Really Needs Is A Room Of His Own To Live And Write In, As The Vibrant World That He Has Known And Loved All Along Unfolds Outside. Returning To Dehra, He Renews Some Acquaintances And Makes A Few New Ones, And Settles Into His Role As Full-Time Author. Full Of Interesting Stories And Memorable Characters, Rusty Goes To London Is A Book That Will Delight All Of Ruskin Bond'S Young Fans.

Edinburgh Companion to Hugh MacDiarmid

Bhowani Junction [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Edinburgh Companion to Hugh MacDiarmid by Scott Lyall Book Summary:

This book explores the principal thematic and aesthetic preoccupations in MacDiarmid's work, relating his poetry to key national and international concerns in modern culture and politics.

Cinema at the End of Empire

Bhowani Junction [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Cinema at the End of Empire by Priya Jaikumar Book Summary:

How did the imperial logic underlying British and Indian film policy change with the British Empire’s loss of moral authority and political cohesion? Were British and Indian films of the 1930s and 1940s responsive to and responsible for such shifts? Cinema at the End of Empire illuminates this intertwined history of British and Indian cinema in the late colonial period. Challenging the rubric of national cinemas that dominates film studies, Priya Jaikumar contends that film aesthetics and film regulations were linked expressions of radical political transformations in a declining British empire and a nascent Indian nation. As she demonstrates, efforts to entice colonial film markets shaped Britain’s national film policies, and Indian responses to these initiatives altered the limits of colonial power in India. Imperially themed British films and Indian films envisioning a new civil society emerged during political negotiations that redefined the role of the state in relation to both film industries. In addition to close readings of British and Indian films of the late colonial era, Jaikumar draws on a wealth of historical and archival material, including parliamentary proceedings, state-sponsored investigations into colonial filmmaking, trade journals, and intra- and intergovernmental memos regarding cinema. Her wide-ranging interpretations of British film policies, British initiatives in colonial film markets, and genres such as the Indian mythological film and the British empire melodrama reveal how popular film styles and controversial film regulations in these politically linked territories reconfigured imperial relations. With its innovative examination of the colonial film archive, this richly illustrated book presents a new way to track historical change through cinema.

Lived Between Lines

Bhowani Junction [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Lived Between Lines by Daniel Jewesbury Book Summary:

Daniel Jewesbury uses the fictional account of an Anglo-Indian woman in John Masters' 1954 novel Bhowani Junction as a template to construct his own hybrid autobiography. Jewesbury constructs a comparative mapping between the original text and the screenplay from the 1956 George Cukor Hollywood adaptation, tracing his own Anglo-Indian background by photographing certain locations from his past that denote potential sites for events in the novel. A text by Kathleen J. Cassity, 1Identity in Motion', further questions the nature of the fluid subject.

Nightrunners of Bengal

Bhowani Junction [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Nightrunners of Bengal by John Masters Book Summary:

New Year's Eve, 1856. As Captain Rodney Savage of the 13th Rifles, Bengal Native Infantry, celebrates the start of 1857 with his wife and friends in the isolated cantonment of Bhowani, news comes of a crisis that will have terrifying and widespread repercussions: the Rajah of the neighbouring native state of Kishanpur has been assassinated, and the Rani has had thirty-five of the culprits garrotted. With unrest mounting, the British have no option but to send troops to protect her and her young son. In the following months, as tension erupts into violence and the British begin to wonder whether even their closest servents are trustworthy, Rodney has good cause to remember the quiet comment of Caroline Langford, a visitor from England: 'India is your palace, but you live shut up in little rooms like the Bhowani Cantonment, and the next English room is always away at the other end of the palace somewhere.'

The World's Most Difficult Quiz

Bhowani Junction [Pdf/ePub] eBook

The World's Most Difficult Quiz by Patrick Cullen Book Summary:

Which US president did Washington Irving once unflatteringly refer to as a “withered little apple-john?” What reduplicative word refers to a Siamese three-wheeled taxi? In which city is Charlemagne's octagon? These and other fiendishly difficult questions have stumped pupils at King William's College as part of its annual General Knowledge Papers for more than a century—along with Guardian readers, for whom the test has been reprinted in its entirety since 1951. Here, for the first time, is a compendium of the wonderfully obscure questions—and their often unexpected answers—that have appeared on the test over the past thirty years. Guaranteed to challenge even the most ardent trivia enthusiast, this exhaustive compilation is organized thematically and chronologically and includes a set of previously unpublished questions by current quizmaster Pat Cullen. For history hotshots, fountains of fact, and perennial powerhouses of pub trivia, The World's Most Difficult Quiz lives every bit up to its superlative name, offering an addictive assortment of intriguing questions.

A.L.B. Theatre Corporation V. Loew's Incorporated

Bhowani Junction [Pdf/ePub] eBook

A.L.B. Theatre Corporation V. Loew's Incorporated by N.A Book Summary:

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Empire Films and the Crisis of Colonialism, 1946–1959

Bhowani Junction [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Empire Films and the Crisis of Colonialism, 1946–1959 by Jon Cowans Book Summary:

Cover -- Contents -- Acknowledgments -- Introduction -- PART I: THE PERSISTENCE OF EMPIRE: COLONIALIST FILMS IN THE DECOLONIZATION ERA -- 1 The White Woman's Burden -- 2 Heroes of Empire -- 3 Westerns -- PART II: COMING TO TERMS: CONFRONTING INSURGENCY AND DECOLONIZATION -- 4 The British Empire and Decolonization -- 5 The French Empire and Decolonization -- 6 Americans in Postwar Asia -- PART III: DANGEROUS LIAISONS: INTERRACIAL COUPLES IN FILMS -- 7 Miscegenation in Westerns -- 8 Romance across the Pacific -- 9 Black-White Couples and Internal Decolonization -- Conclusion -- Appendix A: Attitudes toward Indians and U.S. Conquest in Westerns -- Appendix B: Outcomes of Interracial Romance in Miscegenation Films -- Notes -- Index -- A -- B -- C -- D -- E -- F -- G -- H -- I -- J -- K -- L -- M -- N -- O -- P -- Q -- R -- S -- T -- U -- V -- W -- X -- Z.

The Ravi Lancers

Bhowani Junction [Pdf/ePub] eBook

The Ravi Lancers by John Masters Book Summary:

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Películas clave del cine de aventuras

Bhowani Junction [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Películas clave del cine de aventuras by Ricardo Aldarondo Book Summary:

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Records & Briefs New York State Appellate DIvision

Bhowani Junction [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Records & Briefs New York State Appellate DIvision by N.A Book Summary:

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George Cukor

Bhowani Junction [Pdf/ePub] eBook

George Cukor by Murray Pomerance Book Summary:

George Cukor is one of the studio era's most famous and admired directors, with many of the American cinema's most beloved classics to his credit, including The Women, Gaslight, Adam's Rib, A Star is Born, and My Fair Lady to his credit. Not himself a scriptwriter, he was particularly adept at choosing which properties to adapt and then managing the adaptation process with verve and effectiveness. What makes for a good adapter, for a talented master of ceremonies who knows where to put everything and everybody (including the camera)? Who knows how to make a property his own even while enhancing the value it has as belonging to someone else? The essays in this volume provide a series of complementary answers to those questions. Though many of his films are celebrated, Cukor has hitherto not received appropriate critical attention. Cukor's interest in the various forms of indoor cinema lacked the generic focus of Ford's westerns and Hitchcock's thrillers. His style was theatricality writ large, a successful transference to the screen of what he had learned from his successful Broadway career, including the outsized, often flamboyant handling of emotionality. Yet Cukor was also a man of the cinema, fascinated by the ever-developing potentials of his adopted medium, as shown by the more than fifty films he directed in a career that endured from the early sound era into the 1970s.

Midnight's Orphans

Bhowani Junction [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Midnight's Orphans by Glenn D'Cruz Book Summary:

'This book is the first detailed study of Anglo-Indians in literature. Rather than simply dismissing the representation of Anglo-Indians in literary texts as offensive stereotypes, the book identifies the conditions for the emergence of these stereotypes through close readings of key novels, such as Bhowani Junction, Midnight's Children and The Impressionist. It also examines the work of contemporary Anglo-Indian writers such as Allan Sealy and Christopher Cyrill".

The Road Past Mandalay

Bhowani Junction [Pdf/ePub] eBook

The Road Past Mandalay by John Masters Book Summary:

The second part of the bestselling novelist's autobiography about his time in the Gurkhas during the second world war This is the second part of John Masters' autobiography: how he fought with his Gurkha regiment during World War II until his promotion to command one of the Chindit columns behind enemy lines in Burma. Written by a bestselling novelist at the height of his powers, it is an exceptionally moving story that culminates in him having to personally shoot a number of wounded British soldiers who cannot be evacuated before their position is overrun by the Japanese. It is an uncomfortable reminder that Churchill's obsession with 'special forces' squandered thousands of Allied lives in operations that owed more to public relations than strategic calculation. This military and moral odyssey is one of the greatest of World War II frontline memoirs.

Who the Devil Made It

Bhowani Junction [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Who the Devil Made It by Peter Bogdanovich Book Summary:

Peter Bogdanovich, award-winning director, screenwriter, actor and critic, interviews 16 legendary directors over a 15-year period. Their richly illuminating conversations combine to make this a riveting chronicle of Hollywood and picture making. NOTE: This edition does not include photographs.

Things That Must Not Be Forgotten

Bhowani Junction [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Things That Must Not Be Forgotten by Michael David Kwan Book Summary:

Winner of the Kiriyama Pacific Rim Book Prize Things That Must Not Be Forgotten is a beautifully written collection of Michael David Kwans childhood experiences in China during the 1930s and 1940s. Born into privilege, David saw his pampered life disintegrate as the Japanese overran China. His father, the wealthy administrator for Chinas railroads, took a position in the pro-Japanese government to work covertly for the Chinese resistance. In Beijing, the Kwan household became a gathering place for resistance members. At their summer villa in Beidaihe, the family surreptitiously aided the guerillas in the nearby mountains. In Qingdao, the Kwans lived next door to a Japanese admiral and his wife. From a tree house overlooking their garden, young David enjoyed listening to the music they played, while his father worked secretly for the resistance. Davids other memories (for example, cricket hunting with his fathers tenant farmer, performing rituals as an altar boy, being tormented in school, gardening with the owner of an antique shop, and participating in Boy Scouts) provide fascinating insights into life in China during those turbulent times. In August 1945, the United States dropped atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Within days, Japan surrendered. Chiang Kai-sheks regime replaced the Japanese puppet government in Nanking. Chiang declared that all who had links to the defunct government would be considered traitors until proven otherwise. Davids father was imprisoned. During the Japanese occupation, Chiangs Kuomintang and Mao Zedongs Communists had been united against the invaders, but once Japan was defeated, China moved toward chaos as the two factions vied for power. At age twelve, David was sent to live with relatives in Shanghai before being spirited out of the country, not knowing if hed ever see his family again. Things That Must Not Be Forgotten will stay in readers hearts and minds long after theyve turned the final, wrenching page.

Now, God be Thanked

Bhowani Junction [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Now, God be Thanked by John Masters Book Summary:

The gripping story of a world – and a family – at war. The Rowlands, powerful and rich, are at the centre of British high society, but they are blind to the changes that the Great War will bring. For the younger Rowlands, the excitement of war becomes a bloody reality in the mud-filled trenches of Flanders. For the older generation left at home, they must learn to swim with the new tide or face total ruin. But this isn't just a war for the upper classes. The Strattons, who have worked in the Rowland's factories for two generations, find themselves fighting with them as shells explode and death surrounds them. The war will prove a great leveller, one that could bring the aristocracy down, and lift the working classes up. Not only class will be put to the test, for, when all the men are gone, it is time for women to enter the work force, taking the roles thought to have been impossible and improper for them in the past. First published in 1979, Now, God Be Thanked explores living at war from the perspectives of the young aristocratic officers, the working men who volunteered and showed themselves equal to those previously thought their 'betters', the men that stayed at home maintaining industry, the women who waited for their husbands and sons, often in vain, and the young women who had to carve out a new identity for themselves in a changing world.

Japan 1945

Bhowani Junction [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Japan 1945 by Clayton K. S. Chun Book Summary:

ALSO AVAILABLE TO BUY AS AN E-BOOK. In this 200th Campaign series title Clayton Chun examines the final stages of World War II as the Allies debated how to bring about the surrender of Japan. He details Operation Downfall (the planned invasion of the Japanese home islands).Chun explains why these plans were never implemented, before examining the horrific alternative to military invasion – the attacks on Hiroshima and Nagasaki with nuclear weapons. With a series of illustrations, including detailed diagrams of the atomic bombs, a depiction of the different stages of the explosions and maps of the original invasion plans, this book provides a unique perspective of a key event in world history.

Heart of War

Bhowani Junction [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Heart of War by John Masters Book Summary:

January 1 1916: Europe is bleeding to death as the corpses rot from Poland to Gallipoli in the cruel grip of the Great War... Heart of War follows the fate and fortunes of the Rowland family and those people bound up in their lives: the Cate squirearchy, the Strattons who manage the Rowland owned factory, and the humble, multi-talented Gorse family. In this all-consuming conflict, not a single family will remain untouched. With Quentin and Boy Rowland fighting in the trenches and Guy flying the skies above, it would be a miracle for the whole family to come home untouched... During the years 1916 and 1917, the appalling slaughter of the Somme and Passchendaele cuts deep into the hearts of British people as military conscription looms over Britain for the first time in a thousand years. As babies are born, fathers, sons and brothers killed, and women strike out in the work-place, Britain looks to never be the same again. First published in 1980 – book two in a three volume saga including Now, God be Thanked, and By The Green of Spring – Heart of War explores the emotional turmoil of Britain at war from every angle: from the eyes of the upper class aristocracy who are losing their grip on power, to the lower classes rising up as they fight alongside those previously thought their betters.

Memoirs of the Geological Survey of India

Bhowani Junction [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Memoirs of the Geological Survey of India by Geological Survey of India Book Summary:

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The Madras Revenue Register

Bhowani Junction [Pdf/ePub] eBook

The Madras Revenue Register by N.A Book Summary:

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By the Green of the Spring

Bhowani Junction [Pdf/ePub] eBook

By the Green of the Spring by John Masters Book Summary:

1918 dawns desolate over the fields of Flanders. Decimated by the worst war the world has ever seen, neither British nor German troops can break the deadlock of the trenches. After four years of murderous stalemate, peace seems buried for ever. But finally, one by one, the guns fall silent... By the Green of the Spring relives the last terrible months of the Great War and the uneasy, exhausted peace which followed it. From the North-West Frontier to the war in France and the civil war in Ireland, John Masters follows the fortunes of four Kent families – the Cates, the Rownlands, the Strattons and the Gorses – through the cataclysm that ended the golden Edwardian dream for ever. By the Green of the Spring, first published in 1981, is the third, self-contained volume of the Loss of Eden trilogy, a magnificent conclusion to an enthralling epic of war and peace by a major contemporary novelist.

Aztec Warrior

Bhowani Junction [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Aztec Warrior by John Pohl Book Summary:

According to one popular image, the Aztec army was a ruthless and efficient war machine, that established an empire by convincingly overwhelming its neighbors, sacrificing thousands to bloodthirsty gods along the way. From a contrasting perspective, its native warriors were no match for the modern warring methods of Cortés' greatly outnumbered Spaniards, who decisively defeated them. The reality of the Aztec warrior's ability and effectiveness lies somewhere between those two extremes, as this title makes clear. By examining the experiences of a hypothetical individual, Cuauhtli, this meticulously researched book shows that the history of Aztec warfare is much richer and far more complex than previously understood, and reveals the close relationship between social and military matters in Aztec society.