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Astro Mind Maps

These are the books for those you who looking for to read the Astro Mind Maps, try to read or download Pdf/ePub books and some of authors may have disable the live reading. Check the book if it available for your country and user who already subscribe will have full access all free books from the library source.

Kim Farley's Astro Mind Maps

Astro Mind Maps [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Kim Farley's Astro Mind Maps by Kim Farley Book Summary:

Kim Farley's Astro Mind Maps is a handy booklet packed with information introducing the key components of the horoscope. Inside you'll find: a guide to the planets, signs, elements, modes and houses; mind maps for the signs, planets and aspects; tables and info on making the most of Mercury retrograde; a contemporary history of the outer planets through the signs; an instant ephemeris for the outer planets; easy to use Ascendant and Midheaven calculators; and much more.

Introduction to Psychology: Gateways to Mind and Behavior with Concept Maps and Reviews

Astro Mind Maps [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Introduction to Psychology: Gateways to Mind and Behavior with Concept Maps and Reviews by Dennis Coon,John O. Mitterer Book Summary:

Co-written by an author who garners more accolades and rave reviews from instructors and students with each succeeding edition, INTRODUCTION TO PSYCHOLOGY: GATEWAYS TO MIND AND BEHAVIOR, THIRTEENTH EDITION attracts and holds the attention of even difficult-to-reach students. The Thirteenth Edition's hallmark continues to be its pioneering integration of the proven-effective SQ4R learning system (Survey, Question, Read, Reflect, Review, Recite), which promotes critical thinking as it guides students step-by-step to an understanding of psychology's broad concepts and diversity of topics. Throughout every chapter, these active learning tools, together with the book's example-laced writing style, discussions of positive psychology, cutting-edge coverage of the field's new research findings, and excellent media resources, ensure that students find the study of psychology fascinating, relevant, and above all, accessible. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

Astrolocality Astrology

Astro Mind Maps [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Astrolocality Astrology by Martin Davis Book Summary:

Welcome to the revised and updated version of Astrolocality Astrology. In the 15 years since the original version was published, the world has shrunk and computer software has dramatically improved. It is now easier than ever to access astro-mapping software and so quite literally seek out the best places for holiday, work, relationships - you name it.This revised edition includes the fascinating case histories of Edward Snowden and Ronnie Biggs, and it is also organised in a more reader-friendly format.

Predictive Astrology

Astro Mind Maps [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Predictive Astrology by Bernadette Brady Book Summary:

This ground-breaking book, with its many new techniques and concepts, brings predictive astrology into a world of its own. Covers techniques and methods necessary for making accurate astrological predictions. Learn to reveal the future and put various aspects of life into perspective.

Extra Learning

Astro Mind Maps [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Extra Learning by Andrews, Kay Book Summary:

A discussion of out-of-school learning (OSHL), study support and extra-curricular activities. It describes why out-of-school learning is essential in helping to develop learning, and how to go about establishing and supporting effective programmes and activities outside the school curriculum.

Dark Matter in Astro- and Particle Physics

Astro Mind Maps [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Dark Matter in Astro- and Particle Physics by Germany) Dark 200 (2000 Heidelberg,Hans Volker Klapdor-Kleingrothaus Book Summary:

Dark matter in the Universe has become one of the most exciting and central fields of astrophysics, particle physics and cosmology. The lectures and talks in this book emphasize the experimental and theoretical status and perspectives of the ongoing search for dark matter, and the future potential of the field into the next millennium, stressing in particular the interplay between astro- and particle physics.

Astrology Made Easy

Astro Mind Maps [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Astrology Made Easy by Yasmin Boland Book Summary:

A clear and step-by-step guide to understanding the age-old wisdom of astrology. Astrology is an ancient and well-known wisdom system, yet still shrouded in mystery. In this book, award-winning astrology writer Yasmin Boland provides the tools every astrology newbie needs to understand their chart and begin making accurate predictions. In this book, readers will explore how astrology can be used as a tool to better understand ourselves and others. They will also learn: - how to read and understand their chart - how the planets, the signs of the zodiac, the houses and their aspects relate to each other - the talents and challenges every person is born with - how to make predictions - how to be a better parent, friend and colleague through knowing your close-ones' charts The book includes a link for the reader to download their personalized astrology chart. This book was previously published within the Hay House Basics series.

Planet Mercury Secrets

Astro Mind Maps [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Planet Mercury Secrets by Saket Shah Book Summary:

Have you ever heard a voice within, inquisitive, irritating, and contemplating all the time? Well, it has to be Mercury, the karaka of communication and wisdom according to Hindu Astrology. Mercury is the ruler of that fragment of mind that can decide, differentiate, and reason, the faculty that controls the subconscious thoughts and conscious actions and power of discrimination. Its influence is strong. Controlling travel, finance, logic, and education, Mercury can take you places if positioned strong in a horoscope. It can make you a nonsense wreck or sagaciously sensible. Mercury is responsible for how you express yourself to the outer world, how you handle stresses and tackle unfortunate choices in life. Though we are like buildings built brick by brick, it is Mercury that helps present ourselves in the fullest form

Dynamics of the Unconscious

Astro Mind Maps [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Dynamics of the Unconscious by Liz Greene,Howard Sasportas Book Summary:

An exciting book to help you understand yourself and your clients, combining the symbolism of astrology with psychology. Dynamics of the Unconscious shows readers how to understand depression, the astrology and psychology of aggression, and alchemical symbolism for growth.

Power of the Midheaven

Astro Mind Maps [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Power of the Midheaven by Stephanie Jean Clement Book Summary:

The horoscope is a map of the heavens at any particular time, usually at the birth of a person. An important aspect to consider when creating charts is the Midheaven. Before computers it was a vital computation in setting up horoscopes. Curiously, many astrologers ignore this point in their interpretations. During over twenty-five years as a professional astrologer, Stephanie Jean Clement, Ph.D., has emphasized that no point of a chart is unimportant. She reveals what she has learned in The Power of the Midheaven. Attention to the Midheaven can revolutionize your understanding of astrology. If you are an astrologer, you need the information in this book to make your readings more complete and to have a full understanding of a chart. The Midheaven indicates what we know about ourselves. The primary form of analysis is to examine the sign the Midheaven is in. For example, people with Leo Midheavens set their goals high and have the staying power to achieve them. They want to rise to the top socially (Jacqueline Kennedy is an example, as is Grace Kelly). They are self-confident, generous, know they are fine leaders, and have organizational capability — but may not be able to admit their own shortcomings. A Leo Midheaven is the master of control and free will, and achieves spiritual enlightenment by knowing that the physical body is necessary. Dr. Clement points out that both Charlie Chaplin and Adolf Hitler have a Leo Midheaven (they were born within days of each other). She gives quotes showing how they used their wills to control people, and both worked hard to eventually reach the top. Obviously, they were quite different people, but the way they achieved their goals was similar. Chaplin actually experienced his first movie-making disappointment with "The Little Dictator," a film about Hitler. This book covers the Midheaven through all the signs. It also includes planets in aspect, transits, and much more. If you are an astrologer, or if you are at all interested in your horoscope, you need this book.

Astrology and the Art of Healing

Astro Mind Maps [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Astrology and the Art of Healing by A.T. Mann Book Summary:

Conventional medicine treats symptoms with surgery and drugs rather than healing the root causes of illness. Complementary therapies attempt to address the whole self, which can raise awareness of and even counteract the imbalances that create disease. This book attempts to relate inner causes with our "four bodies" in order to affect healing. "Astrology and the Art of Healing" approaches healing and astrology in a new and revolutionary way. Physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual therapies relate to stages of your life process, from conception through birth, and from childhood to old age and death. Many horoscopes show how to understand the origins of health imbalances in your life. Correlations to appropriate therapies can support the expertise of your doctors. A free astro-chart is included.

Astronomy and Astro-physics ...

Astro Mind Maps [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Astronomy and Astro-physics ... by William Wallace Payne,George Ellery Hale Book Summary:

Download or read Astronomy and Astro-physics ... book by clicking button below to visit the book download website. There are multiple format available for you to choose (Pdf, ePub, Doc).


Astro Mind Maps [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Astrology by Kevin Burk Book Summary:

In Astrology: Understanding the Birth Chart, Kevin Burk takes you step-by-step from the core basics to the finer complexities of chart interpretation while avoiding sidetracks into obscure techniques and fuzzy thinking. As a teacher, Burk also understands that a real grasp of the subject entails more than just learning the techniques-it also involves grasping the underlying principles that make those techniques valid. Astrology: Understanding the Birth Chart is designed to be useful to all students of astrology, from beginners to more advanced practitioners, and will help you develop an integrated, synthesized approach to understanding the birth chart. You will discover how classical astrology can enrich your understanding of the planets, signs, and houses. You will explore the meaning of the Lunar Nodes, eclipses, the angles, retrograde planets, and aspect patterns. You will also learn how to identify key themes in the chart, and how to relate the different aspects and elements together to gain a holistic understanding of the birth chart-and of the individual. An up-to-date listing of astrological organizations and software programs is included that offers a wealth of resources for any astrologer. In short, this is a well-designed course that provides a solid foundation for anyone who is interested in practicing astrology quickly and with confidence. While many books at this level simply give you a set of techniques and ready-made interpretations, this book will give you a deeper grasp of an art and science that has its expression in the world around us, but its roots in the invisible world of primal origins.

Top Secret Book on Vedic Astrology

Astro Mind Maps [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Top Secret Book on Vedic Astrology by Saket Shah Book Summary:

Dear Reader, With My experience in astrology I am covering top 43 topics of vedic astrology the list is 1.Bhrighu Rules ---------------------------------------> Page 5 2.Atmakara and Ishta Devta -----------------------> Page 9 3.Secrets of Retrograde planets and Jupiter karko bhava nashaya ---------------------------------------------->Page 40 4.The real meaning of rahu and ketu --------->Page 43 5.Theory of Retrograde Planets ----------------->Page 48 6.Jeeva and Sarira ---------------->Page 58 7. Hidden Fortune ----------------->Page 60 8. Neechabhanga Rajyoga ------------------>Page 65 9. Energies of Nakshatras ------------------->Page 75 10.Sins and pastlife ------------------->Page 92 11. Concept of Arudha ------------------->Page 99 12.Hidden secrets of Navamsa ------------------->Page 105 13.Jyotish Secrets of Nadi Texts------------------>Page 109 14.Extraordinary Raj yogas ------------------->Page 122 15. Secrets of Transits ------------------->Page 138 16.Rare Concepts of Vedic Astrology------------>Page 150 17.Dharma and Divine Knowledge --------------->Page 166 18.Secret Behind Lordship of Nakshatra-------->Page 181 19.Pancha Mahapurusha Yogas ------------------>Page 186 20.Kendra Trikona Rajayoga ------------------>Page 192 21.Four Pillars of Vedic Astrology ----------------->Page 195 22.Navamsa in Vedic Astrology -------------------->Page 199 23.How to Read Dasamsa Chart ------------------->Page 202 24.Ketu and Vedic Astrology ------------------------>Page 206 25.Impact of Rahu and Ketu in our Lifes---------->Page 209 26.Bhagya Samhita and Astrological Houses---->Page 213 27.Bhagya Samhita and Planets -------------------->Page 219 28.Poverty and Kemdrum Yoga------------------- ->Page 226 29.Spirituality and Vedic Astrology----------------->Page 231 30.Complete Research on Aries Ascendant---->Page 240 31.Moksha Trikona ----------------->Page 287 32.Vargottam Planets Double the power-------->Page 291 33. What is Good Karma? --------->Page 295 34.Planets Aspecting the Ascendant --------->Page 303 35.Nadi Astrology and its Secrets ------->Page 318 36.Important yogas in Astrology -------->Page 413 37.Upchaya Houses ---------->Page 416 38.Wealth and Dhan Yogas --------->Page 419 39. Secret Energy of Nakshatra Padas --------->Page 423 40.Shadbala Strength in Jyotish ---------->Page 468 41.8th house and Change /Transformation------->Page 481 42.Signification of Number 108 --------->Page 484 43. Sade-Sati of Shani --------->Page 488

Teen Astrology

Astro Mind Maps [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Teen Astrology by M. J. Abadie,Marie-Jeanne Abadie Book Summary:

This astrology book for teens shows how the Sun represents outer personality, while the Moon reflects the inner self, and how to balance the two. Illustrations.

Effects of Moon in 27 Nakshatra Padas

Astro Mind Maps [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Effects of Moon in 27 Nakshatra Padas by Saket Shah Book Summary:

In this book I am trying to explain the energies of Nakshatra and how does the moon behaves and gives results on 27 Nakshatras and its padas. It will be a good learning if we know how does it effects our personality and thinking. Every person born at that time moon will be in any of 1 pada of 27 nakshatras. It gives them unique personality. My efforts here is to explain that details through this book. All advance astrologer will find this book very effective. With my more than 1 decade of experience I am writing this book. I have seen this common personality and effects in many horoscope

Maps of Consciousness

Astro Mind Maps [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Maps of Consciousness by Ralph Metzner Book Summary:

Download or read Maps of Consciousness book by clicking button below to visit the book download website. There are multiple format available for you to choose (Pdf, ePub, Doc).

Mythic Astrology

Astro Mind Maps [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Mythic Astrology by Ariel Guttman,Gail Guttman,Kenneth Johnson Book Summary:

Enter a new dimension of spiritual self-discovery when you probe the mythic archetypes represented in your astrological birth chart. Myth has always been closely linked with astrology. Experience these myths and gain a deeper perspective on your eternal self. Learn how the characteristics of the gods developed into the meanings associated with particular planets and signs. Look deeply into your own personal myths, and enjoy a living connection to the world of the deities within you. When you finally stand in the presence of an important archetype (through the techniques of dreamwork, symbolic amplification, or active imagination described in the book), the god or goddess will have something to tell you.

The Text-Book of Astrology

Astro Mind Maps [Pdf/ePub] eBook

The Text-Book of Astrology by Alfred John Pearce Book Summary:

The Text-Book of Astrology, written by noted English astrologer Alfred John Pearce, was first published as a combined edition in London in 1911. It includes the author's individual books on: Genethliacal Astrology Mundane Astrology Astro-Meteorology Medical Astrology Elections This classic work is filled with numerous examples and its original publication was praised in the the Spiritualist: "Even for those who desire only to obtain a general knowledge of the subject, or at most be able to cast and read an astrological figure, Mr. Pearce's book may be recommended as easily intellligible, and containing much interesting matter, besides the process that will be chiefly useful to the student whose aims are more ambitious. To the latter it is invaluable. It is enriched with many interesting notices of nativities illustrating the different rules and doctrines of the science. "

Horary Astrology Plain & Simple

Astro Mind Maps [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Horary Astrology Plain & Simple by Anthony Louis Book Summary:

Here is the best how-to guide for the intermediate astrologer on the art of astrological divination. Horary astrology is the best method for getting answers to questions of pressing personal concern: Will I ever have children? Should I buy that lakefront property? What happened to my car keys? When used wisely, horary acts like a trusted advisor to whom you can turn in times of trouble.

History of Greece. ... (With portrait, maps and index.) Fourth edition

Astro Mind Maps [Pdf/ePub] eBook

History of Greece. ... (With portrait, maps and index.) Fourth edition by George GROTE Book Summary:

Download or read History of Greece. ... (With portrait, maps and index.) Fourth edition book by clicking button below to visit the book download website. There are multiple format available for you to choose (Pdf, ePub, Doc).

Astrology For You

Astro Mind Maps [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Astrology For You by Shakuntala Devi Book Summary:

Astrology is not a complex science as it often made out to be and, in the hands of the world-famous 'human computer' Shakuntala Devi, it becomes yet simpler and easier to understand and practise. The present book discusses zodiacs, planets, asterisms, the rising signs, Bhavas, Yogas, Dasas and their effects and transits. It enables the reader to cast a horoscope, and also read one. There are tables of correction for various cities and for sidereal time. It is a complete book that leaves nothing to become an amateur astrologer.

Untold Secrets of Nakshatra Padas

Astro Mind Maps [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Untold Secrets of Nakshatra Padas by Saket Shah Book Summary:

I am keeping this book as simple as possible so that All the astrology seekers can understand it and make the benefit out of it. In my research in astrology I found nakshatra padas has certain energy which impact a human being. Here I am trying my best to explain these energies. I welcome everyone to journey of Advance Astrology.

The Astral Plane

Astro Mind Maps [Pdf/ePub] eBook

The Astral Plane by C. W. Leadbeater Book Summary:

1895 its scenery, inhabitants and phenomena. These manuals are not written for the eager student, whom no initial difficulties can daunt; they are written for the busy men and women of the work a day world, and seek to make plain some of the great trut.

Astrology for Lovers

Astro Mind Maps [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Astrology for Lovers by Liz Greene Book Summary:

Looks at the characteristics, mythology and sensuality of each sign of the zodiac and offers advice on finding one's true love. Reissue.

Astro Journal

Astro Mind Maps [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Astro Journal by Rikki Blythe Book Summary:

This is a deluxe hardback of a journal set out to specifically record astrology transits. The beautiful medallions are printed in gold and a little verse for each transit will inspire you to write with focus.

Rahu and Ketu in Houses, Signs, Transit and Conjunction

Astro Mind Maps [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Rahu and Ketu in Houses, Signs, Transit and Conjunction by Saket Shah Book Summary:

Rahu and Ketu are controversial figures in Hindu Mytho logy, Astronomy and Astrology. Whatever may have been the liables of mythology, the physics of eclipses tells us that the shadows are caused by the Earth, the Sun and the Moon. and they do not exist by themselves. In solar Eclipse. it is Moon that covers thd orb of the Sun and casts its shadow on the Earth and causes the eclipse, ln Lunar Eclipse, it is reasonably the Earth that casts the shadow on the Moon and cause the eclipse. But if we see the movement in both the cases, it is the Moon that causes the eclipse by playing hide and seek. What are Rahu and Ketu. The usual explanation given by some of the learned astrologers is that they are as much physical bodies (planets) as other planets are and they are invisible because their discs are dark. Others are of the opinion that they are points in the ecliptic where the plane of Moon's orbit cuts the plane of Sun's orbit. Rahu and Ketu pose difficult problems for the astrologer and have been the cause of considerable controversy in the recent past. Authorities differ about them. From what Varahmihira observes in is his Brihat Somhita. itis obvious that he was aware of the true causes of eclipses and other celestial phenomen. It must, however, be stated at the very outset that there is a fundamental difference between Rahu and Ketu and the other planets. The other planets are bodies of physical mass, actually existing in the sky and visible to the eye. They have form, shape and colour and their mass, gravity, atmosphere, motion, distance from the Sun etc., have been studied in detail and ascertained. On the other hand, Rahu and Ketu are only tqre imaginary points in the heavens, without shape or form. They are the points of intersection of the apparent path of the Sun with the path of 5 the Moon. As these paths are nearly circular, the points of intersection are two which lie I80 degrees apart. Now the basic assumption of astrology is that planets in fluence the earth and its inhabitants. Man dwells upon the earth and so is influenced by them. The planets possess mass and have force of gravity. They also emit electro-magnetic viberations. These effect the earth and its inhabitants. Rahu and Ketu do not exist in the heavens and posses no mass. They are only two imaginary points in the heavens. Then how do they effect the earth and its inhabitants ? It has already been stated that Rahu and Ketu are the two points of intersection of the path of the Sun and the Moon. The apparent motion of the Sun is due to the revolution of the earth around the Sun. And the Moon revolves around the Earth. Therefore, Rahu and Ketu are the points of intersection of the paths of the earth and the Moon in the heavens. The Earth and the Moon are two bodies possessing physical mass. They move on defined paths in the heavens. Their movements on their paths create fields of force. The naine of the force is not material. It may be called electromagnetic or any other. The inhabitants of the earth are not aware of the field of force created by the earth, because they are a part of the earth and move along with it. This fact may be explained through an example. The movements of a Railway Train on its track creates a field of force which is noticed by a passerby and not by persons who are in an equilibrium. Similarly, the inhabitants of the Earth are in an equilibrium with reference to the field of force created by the earth during its motion around the Sun. The equilibrium is, however. disturbed where the paths of the earth and the Moon intersect. It is natural that where two fields of force meet with each other, something unsual should happen. Rahu and Ketu are two 6 Nodes of the Moon, are the two points of disturbance on the paths of the Earth and the Moon. The path of the earths or the apparent path on the Sun is thb ecliptic. Thus Rahu and Ketu are the two points on the ecliptic 180 degrees apart and in whose vicinity disturbed condition prevail. They represent the cross-roads on the fields of force of the earth and the Moon. But what about the influence of Nodes, whibh are ima ginary points ? They cannot either emit rays or reflect rays emanating from the other celestial bodies. So what is their position in Astrology. Latitudes of the planets depend on their Nodes. so the mutual relationship in the position of the planets will not be the same at any two instants in Kalpa, (one Kalpa, being equal to 1090 Maha-yugas and one Maha-yuga is of 4,32000 years), as the periods of revolution of the Nodes are different for different planets. It is said that History repeats itself but not in a identical manner. This truth is established on a consideration of astrology. The events may be similar but can never be identical. Since the astrological influence of planets depends on their latitudes, (their Nodes), even though they are tmaginary points naturally exercise astrology influence on the earth and the living beings on it. The effect of Rahu and Ketu forces itself on our attention most clearly at the time of the eclipses of the Sun and the Moon. When the Sun and the Moon come near the Nodes at the time of the Full Moon or the new Moon and a certain other conditions are fulfilled an eclipse of the Moon or the Sun take place. Then the light and other electro-magnetic viberations coming from the Moon or the Sun are cut off and the normal arrangenents which obtains for the earth are disturbed. Persons, who are born at the tinte of.eclipscs are always prone to mental abnormality and to other physical suffering. They are also likely to have week 7 constitutions and short lives. It is known fact that during the period of eclipses and sometimes before and after them. the normall functioning of the human system-such as digestive apparatus etc. is disturbed and that is why it is said that no food should be taken during the period of an eclipse. But it is not only the Sun and the Moon that suffer when they come in contract with Rahu or Ketu. Other planets also develop abnormal traits when they come in contact rvith them and their natural quaiities suffer, usually for the worse. When Sun comes in conjunction with Rahu. this gives a strong advantage to the Rahu area. The ego and the new activity flow along the same path. Whenever the Sun is located is where there is strength, vitality, action and warmth. But when Sun is in conjunction with Ketu, this gives greater difficulty in establishing the new growth. In order to grow and learn, the person must build a strong ego. To cut short, whenever Rahu is in conjunction with any planet, it will en hance the basic quality of that planet. It is only in recent years that Rahu and Ketu are recogni sed in Western astrological texts-this is surely a sign of Indian influence on Western astrological thought. Lately few astrologers of the West have written few books proving with illustration that the Moon's Nodes play an impartant part in human affairs.


Astro Mind Maps [Pdf/ePub] eBook


Download or read ASTROMEDICAL RESEARCH book by clicking button below to visit the book download website. There are multiple format available for you to choose (Pdf, ePub, Doc).

Friends on a Rotten Day

Astro Mind Maps [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Friends on a Rotten Day by Hazel Dixon-Cooper Book Summary:

It’s about time for Friends on a Rotten Day, the first astrology book to focus entirely on friendships. After all, lovers come and go, but our girlfriends sustain, nurture, and protect us from cradle to grave. Friends on a Rotten Day explores the supportive, uproarious, and sometimes complex, relationships between girlfriends through an in-depth astrological analysis of each Sun sign. Dixon-Cooper shows readers what makes their friend tick on a soul level, revealing each friend’s inner character, friendship style, love style (including what to do or not do if a pal picks a loser), and party style. She offers suggestions on the best gifts to buy your friend, how to calm her down, cheer her up, and return the unconditional support and love that she gives you. Readers will discover why their Gemini buddy changes her mind so often, why the Virgo gal pal sweats the small stuff, why a Scorpio girlfriend sometimes seems distant, and why the Leo chum needs frequent headpats. They’ll also learn why a Pisces pal should never be forced to make a snap decision, why a Capricorn girlfriend might seem too serious for her own good, the truth about a Taurus friend’s hidden anxieties, the competitive side of an Aries chum, what causes Cancer pal’s emotional train wrecks, why the Aquarius buddy has a rebellious side, and why the Sagittarius girlfriend has occasional angry outbursts. "Dixon-Cooper reveals what every astrologer knows but none has dared say. (She) takes us on a seriously humorous ride through the land of truth and consequences. I highly recommend it." --Suzanne White

Rahu & Ketu Secrets

Astro Mind Maps [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Rahu & Ketu Secrets by Saket Shah Book Summary:

In Hindu astrology, Rahu and Ketu signify the two mathematical points on each side of the moon that have a significant impact on self-experience. The Significance of Rahu and Ketu in Vedic Astrology is realized positively and negatively in a person’s life. As a rising node of the moon, Rahu is known to cause spiritual growth and whenever it exists in a chart; the result is luxury and obsession. It’s a powerful node favorable to politicians as it presents opportunities and immense power to ascend in political affairs both justly and unjustly. Rahu also influences criminals, snakes as well as magicians just to mention a few. Rahu has the power to give wealth and make a person popular. At the same time, this shadow planet is likely to cause confusion, despair and emotional inequity. It’s very powerful in the 3rd, 6th and 11th houses of a horoscope. Ketu is a shadowy, descending and malefic planet but not as malefic as Rahu. Ketu offers liberation and nonattachment to material desires and worldly ambitions. It provides spiritual knowledge, power to differentiate, self-knowledge as well as wisdom. Whenever present in a chart, it gives a person psychic abilities. A person can perform natural healing, deal with ghosts, evil spirits, and astral forces as well as make them wizards of foods, herbs and spices. Ketu enables a person to blend in naturally among people

Know Your Future

Astro Mind Maps [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Know Your Future by Thirachai Phuvanatnaranubala Book Summary:

This book on Thai astrology is simple to use and makes several high profile predictions:

Psychological Astrology

Astro Mind Maps [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Psychological Astrology by Karen Hamaker-Zondag Book Summary:

Examines the traditional wisdom of astrology in the light of Jungian psychology, revealing the horoscope as a picture of our psychic structure and a key to self-knowledge and personal growth. Beginning with an analysis of Jung's terminology, including archetypes, the collective unconscious, and the theory of synchronicity, the author explores the striking correspondence between Jung's theory of psychological types and the traditional astrological elements.

Capricorn Ascendant Secrets

Astro Mind Maps [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Capricorn Ascendant Secrets by Saket Shah Book Summary:

There are times when people just can’t identify with the attributes of their Sun or Moon sign. In fact, they may feel that they are an antithesis of their zodiac sign. You may also have observed it. Your Leo friend may not seek attention, may be because he or she has a Capricorn ascendant. Your Sagittarius friend is very possessive, may be because he or she has a Scorpio Ascendant. It is easy to understand why some people do not correspond to their Sun or Moon signs once you know about what is the rising sign or Ascendant in a horoscope. Ascendant is the degree of the zodiac sign that was highest on the Easter horizon at the time and place of birth. When seen from Earth, the sky seems to move, so the entire zodiac can be observed in a span of 24 hours day which means the rising sign changes on the Eastern horizon every 2 hours because there are 12 zodiac signs. People tend to associate their physical, emotional and spiritual attributes more with rising sign at times.

Medical Astrology

Astro Mind Maps [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Medical Astrology by Heinrich Daath Book Summary:

This is one of the most sophisticated medical astrology books ever written. Many of the finer points are dealt with. You know the head is ruled by Aries, but did you know the nasal bones are co-ruled by Scorpio? There are references to Vedic principles. A helpful diagram explains the subtle division of the urinary tract between Libra and Scorpio. Rulerships are given not only for areas of the body and its organs, but also for bones, muscles, arteries and veins. Terminology in the book is modern. Gemini's rulership of muscles includes the deltoid, biceps, supinator radii, subclavians, triceps, serratus anticus minor, pectoralis, palmaris, etc. Many chapters are unique, such as Chapter 5, on crystallization, and Chapter 6, on tonicity, atonicity, and perversion. This chapter also tells how pairs of planets mirror each other: Sun/Moon, Mars/Saturn, Jupiter/Venus, Uranus/Neptune, with Mercury as a receiver. Chapter 11 concerns many different kinds of planetary strengths, among them, aspect strength, mundane strength, natural strength (the planet in its natal sign) and directional strength. Chapter 13 gives astrological indicators for some specific diseases, a foretaste of what Charles Carter would expand upon in his famous Encyclopaedia of Psychological Astrology. This book was originally published as Alan Leo's Astrological Manual No. 9 in 1908. This is the second edition of 1914. There are references in this book to other books in the Alan Leo series, dealing with chart construction. This book is highly recommended by H.L. Cornell in his Encyclopaedia of Medical Astrology. Heinrich Daath's Medical Astrology is part of a comprehensive series of classic astro-medical texts published by Astrology Classics. Other books in the series include: - Joseph Blagrave: Astrological Practice of Physick, 1671 C.E.O. Carter: An Encyclopaedia of Psychological Astrology, 1954 H.L. Cornell: Encyclopaedia of Medical Astrology, 1933 Nicholas Culpeper: Astrological Judgement of Diseases from the Decumbiture of the Sick, 1655, and, Urinalia, 1658 Richard Saunders: The Astrological Judgement and Practice of Physick, 1677 Luke Broughton: The Elements of Astrology, 1898

From Symbol to Substance

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From Symbol to Substance by Richard Swatton Book Summary:

In 'From Symbol to Substance: Training the Astrological Intuition' astrologer Richard Swatton teaches you to: develop creative and spontaneous interpretations for any placement; enhance intuitive faculties when analysing charts; and think creatively when exploring symbolism and correspondences. This unique booklet offers various methods and examples, as well as a guiding framework, to assist in the training of intuition when reading birth charts. In addition, there is a section on the astrology of Neptune and its links to Richard Nixon and the Watergate cover-up.

A Complete Dictionary of Astrology

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A Complete Dictionary of Astrology by James Wilson Book Summary:

1885 Arranged in alphabetical order of the true dictionary, the book is comprehensive and easy to use. Citing prime authorities such as Ptolemy and Placidus, Wilson enumerates and explains the various systems of Astrology. Help yourself to the best of a.

Mythic Astrology Applied

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Mythic Astrology Applied by Ariel Guttman,Gail Guttman,Kenneth Johnson Book Summary:

This is a guide to using myths and ancient deity archetypes for astrological chart interpretation.

A manual of astrology, or The book of the stars, by Raphael

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A manual of astrology, or The book of the stars, by Raphael by Robert Cross Smith Book Summary:

Download or read A manual of astrology, or The book of the stars, by Raphael book by clicking button below to visit the book download website. There are multiple format available for you to choose (Pdf, ePub, Doc).