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Art Subjects Making Artists In The American University

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Art Subjects

Art Subjects Making Artists In The American University [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Art Subjects by Howard Singerman Book Summary:

"Few sites within the university open a richer critical reflection than that of the M.F.A., with its complex crossing of professionalism, theory, humanistic knowledge, and the absolute exposure of practice. Howard Singerman's Art Subjects does a magnificent job of both laying out our current crises, letting us see the shards of past practices embedded in them, and of demonstrating—rendering urgent and discussable—what it now means either to assume or award the name of the artist."—Stephen Melville, author of Seams, editor of Vision and Textuality "Art Subjects is a must read for anyone interested in both the education and status of the visual artist in America. With careful attention to detail and nuance, Singerman presents a compelling picture of the peculiarly institutional myth of the creative artist as an untaught and unteachable being singularly well adapted to earn a tenure position at a major research university. A fascinating study, thoroughly researched yet oddly, and movingly, personal."—Thomas Lawson, Dean, Art School, CalArts

Encyclopédie du Bauhaus

Art Subjects Making Artists In The American University [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Encyclopédie du Bauhaus by Lionel Richard Book Summary:

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International Handbook of Research in Arts Education

Art Subjects Making Artists In The American University [Pdf/ePub] eBook

International Handbook of Research in Arts Education by Liora Bresler Book Summary:

Providing a distillation of knowledge in the various disciplines of arts education (dance, drama, music, literature and poetry and visual arts), this essential handbook synthesizes existing research literature, reflects on the past, and contributes to shaping the future of the respective and integrated disciplines of arts education. While research can at times seem distant from practice, the Handbook aims to maintain connection with the live practice of art and of education, capturing the vibrancy and best thinking in the field of theory and practice. The Handbook is organized into 13 sections, each focusing on a major area or issue in arts education research.

Art of the Deal

Art Subjects Making Artists In The American University [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Art of the Deal by Noah Horowitz Book Summary:

Art today is defined by its relationship to money as never before. Prices of living artists' works have been driven to unprecedented heights, conventional boundaries within the art world have collapsed, and artists now think ever more strategically about how to advance their careers. Artists no longer simply make art, but package, sell, and brand it. Noah Horowitz exposes the inner workings of the contemporary art market, explaining how this unique economy came to be, how it works, and where it's headed. He takes a unique look at the globalization of the art world and the changing face of the business, offering the clearest analysis yet of how investors speculate in the market and how emerging art forms such as video and installation have been drawn into the commercial sphere. By carefully examining these developments against the backdrop of the deflation of the contemporary art bubble in 2008, "Art of the Deal" is a must-read book that demystifies collecting and investing in today's art market.

The Contemporaries

Art Subjects Making Artists In The American University [Pdf/ePub] eBook

The Contemporaries by Roger White Book Summary:

It's been nearly a century since Marcel Duchamp exhibited a urinal and called it art. Since then, painting has been declared dead several times over, and contemporary art has now expanded to include just about any object, action, or event: dance routines, slideshows, functional hair salons, seemingly random accretions of waste. In the meantime, being an artist has gone from a join-the-circus fantasy to a plausible vocation for scores of young people in America. But why--and how and by whom--does all this art get made? How is it evaluated? And for what, if anything, will today's artists be remembered? In The Contemporaries, Roger White, himself a young painter, serves as our spirited, skeptical guide through this diffuse creative world. White takes us into the halls of the RISD graduate program, where students learn critical lessons that go far beyond how to apply paint to canvases. In New York, we meet the neophytes who assist established artists--and who walk the fine line between "assistance" and "making the art." In Milwaukee, White trails a group of friends trying to create a viable scene where rent is cheap, but where the spotlight rarely shines. And he gives us an intimate perspective on three wildly different careers: that of Dana Schutz, an emerging star who is revitalizing painting; Mary Walling Blackburn, whose challenging art defies market forces; and Stephen Kaltenbach, a '70s wunderkind who is back on the critical radar, perhaps in spite of his own willful obscurity. From young artists trying to elbow their way in to those working hard at dropping out, White's essential book offers a once-in-a-generation glimpse of the inner workings of the American art world at a moment of unparalleled ambition, uncertainty, and creative exuberance.

Artistic Citizenship

Art Subjects Making Artists In The American University [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Artistic Citizenship by Mary Schmidt Campbell,Randy Martin Book Summary:

Artistic Citizenship asks the question: how do people in the creative arts prepare for, and participate in, civic life? This volume, developed at NYU’s Tisch School, identifies the question of artistic citizenship to explore civic identity – the role of the artist in social and cultural terms. With contributions from many connected to the Tisch School including: novelist E.L. Doctorow, performance artist Karen Finley, theatre guru Richard Schechner, and cultural theorist Ella Shohat, this book is indispensable to anyone involved in arts education or the creation of public policy for the arts.

Contemporary Art: A Very Short Introduction

Art Subjects Making Artists In The American University [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Contemporary Art: A Very Short Introduction by Julian Stallabrass Book Summary:

Contemporary art has never been so popular - but what is 'contemporary' about contemporary art? What is its role today, and who is controlling its future? Bloody toy soldiers, gilded shopping carts, and embroidered tents. Contemporary art is supposed to be a realm of freedom where artists shock, break taboos, flout generally received ideas, and switch between confronting viewers with works of great emotional profundity and jaw-dropping triviality. But away from shock tactics in the gallery, there are many unanswered questions. Who is really running the art world? What effect has America's growing political and cultural dominance had on art? Julian Stallabrass takes us inside the international art world to answer these and other controversial questions, and to argue that behind contemporary art's variety and apparent unpredictability lies a grim uniformity. Its mysteries are all too easily explained, its depths much shallower than they seem. Contemporary art seeks to bamboozle its viewers while being the willing slave of business and government. This book is your antidote and will change the way you see contemporary art. ABOUT THE SERIES: The Very Short Introductions series from Oxford University Press contains hundreds of titles in almost every subject area. These pocket-sized books are the perfect way to get ahead in a new subject quickly. Our expert authors combine facts, analysis, perspective, new ideas, and enthusiasm to make interesting and challenging topics highly readable.

Art History, After Sherrie Levine

Art Subjects Making Artists In The American University [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Art History, After Sherrie Levine by Howard Singerman Book Summary:

“Howard Singerman’s new volume is truly groundbreaking for reasons that might at first seem counter-intuitive in their common sense: he smartly sets artistic production of the 1980s in context, looking at artworks in parallel with intellectual dialogues of the time in order to show how each was deeply enmeshed in the other—and then he radically expands his art-historical frame. Taking up the work of one remarkable artist, Sherrie Levine, in light of art-historical precedents set by, among many others, Constantin Brancusi and Marcel Duchamp, Singerman traces what would seem to be (but are not) incorrigible lines of medium-specificity and conceptual strategy through the decades. Singerman proves that postmodernism does not necessarily enact the break we’ve been told it does (so much as make possible other, transformed, iterations of longstanding discourses in art) while simultaneously offering readers a new entry into debates of the last thirty years. When it comes to revising our understanding of twentieth-century and contemporary art, Singerman’s groundbreaking project is, indeed, art history, but only as it can be written after Sherrie Levine.” —Johanna Burton, editor of Cindy Sherman “Howard Singerman presents a solid overview not only of the career of the contemporary artist Sherrie Levine, but also of what came to be known as postmodernism in the late 1970s and 1980s. Singerman mobilizes a broad range of sources, moving back and forth comfortably between discursive and historical ground on the one hand, and theoretical speculation on the other. Art History, After Sherrie Levine answers many questions about American art of the late twentieth century. Rich in detail and challenging in ideas, it is a pleasure to read.” —Alexander Alberro, author of Conceptual Art and the Politics of Publicity

Sharon Lockhart

Art Subjects Making Artists In The American University [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Sharon Lockhart by Howard Singerman Book Summary:

A nuanced reading of an artwork that explores a place, transitory and pastoral, where childhood might be lived and imagined differently Sharon Lockhart's Pine Flat (2006) takes its name from a small hamlet in the foothills of the western slope of the Sierra Nevadas, just inside the Giant Sequoia National Monument. The work itself comprises three distinct parts: a set of three photographs of landscapes; a larger set of posed studio portraits of children and young teenagers; and a 138-minute 16-millimeter film, which is itself assembled from twelve ten-minute scenes—each a single immobile take—divided in half by a ten-minute intermission. This volume in Afterall's One Work series offers a nuanced reading of Lockhart's work, with color illustrations from both series of photographs and the film. Art historian Howard Singerman sees in Pine Flat not a straightforward portrait of a community of children or ethnography of a place. Rather, the work explores the possibility of a space for childhood in which children have the right to intimacy, innocence, and interest outside adult narratives. The children in Pine Flat are posed formally and conventionally, but the space they occupy and the identities they construct are their own. Youth culture has long been exploited, to sell itself in order to be sold to; today, the rights of children to their own childhoods are constantly eroded. In Pine Flat, Singerman argues, Lockhart proposes a place, transitory and pastoral, “where childhood might be lived differently, imagined under a different order of power and possibility.”

Making the "America of Art"

Art Subjects Making Artists In The American University [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Making the "America of Art" by Naomi Z. Sofer Book Summary:

"Making the "America of Art" demonstrates that beginning in the 1850s, women writers challenged the terms of the Scottish Common Sense philosophy, which had made artistic endeavors acceptable in the new Republic by subordinating aesthetic motivation to moral and educational goals. Harriet Beecher Stowe and Augusta Jane Evans drew on Ruskin to argue for the creation of a religiously based national aesthetic. In the postbellum years Louisa May Alcott, Rebecca Harding Davis, Elizabeth Stuart Phelps, and Constance Fenimore Woolson continued the process in a series of writings that revolved around three central areas of concern: the place of the popular in the realm of high art; the role of the genius; and the legacy of the Civil War." "Sofer significantly revises the history of 19th-century American women's authorship by detailing the gradual process that produced women writers wholly identified with literary high culture at the century's end."--BOOK JACKET.Title Summary field provided by Blackwell North America, Inc. All Rights Reserved

John White Alexander and the Construction of National Identity

Art Subjects Making Artists In The American University [Pdf/ePub] eBook

John White Alexander and the Construction of National Identity by Sarah J. Moore,John White Alexander Book Summary:

Moreover, it provides a broad picture of the historical, political, cultural, and aesthetic context in which Alexander's works in particular, and those of his cosmopolitan colleagues in general, were produced and discussed."--BOOK JACKET.

The New Encyclopedia of Southern Culture

Art Subjects Making Artists In The American University [Pdf/ePub] eBook

The New Encyclopedia of Southern Culture by Carol Crown,Cheryl Rivers,Charles Reagan Wilson Book Summary:

Folk art is one of the American South's most significant areas of creative achievement, and this comprehensive yet accessible reference details that achievement from the sixteenth century through the present. This volume of The New Encyclopedia of Southern Culture explores the many forms of aesthetic expression that have characterized southern folk art, including the work of self-taught artists, as well as the South's complex relationship to national patterns of folk art collecting. Fifty-two thematic essays examine subjects ranging from colonial portraiture, Moravian material culture, and southern folk pottery to the South's rich quilt-making traditions, memory painting, and African American vernacular art, and 211 topical essays include profiles of major folk and self-taught artists in the region.

Maya Deren and the American Avant-Garde

Art Subjects Making Artists In The American University [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Maya Deren and the American Avant-Garde by Bill Nichols,Maya Deren Book Summary:

Regarded as one of the founders of the postwar American independent cinema, Maya Deren was a poet, photographer, ethnographer and filmaker. These essays examine Deren's writings, films, and legacy from a variety of perspectives.

The Exchange Artist

Art Subjects Making Artists In The American University [Pdf/ePub] eBook

The Exchange Artist by Jane Kamensky Book Summary:

The riveting story of the country's first banking scandal in the first decades of the American republic This enthralling historical narrative of the birth of speculative capitalism in America opens in the 1790s when financial pioneer-turned-confidence-man Andrew Dexter, Jr. created a pyramid scheme founded on real estate speculation and the greed of banks, who freely printed the paper money he needed to finance the then tallest building in the United States-the Exchange Coffee House, a 153-room, seven-story colossus in downtown Boston. The story of Dexter's rise and eventual collapse offered an object lesson to the rising young nation, and presents striking parallels to the subprime mortgage meltdown and looming economic collapse of today.

The Art of Critical Making

Art Subjects Making Artists In The American University [Pdf/ePub] eBook

The Art of Critical Making by Rosanne Somerson,Mara Hermano Book Summary:

Describes the world's leading approach to art and design taught at Rhode Island School of Design At Rhode Island School of Design students are immersed in a culture where making questions, ideas, and objects, using and inventing materials, and activating experience all serve to define a form of critical thinking—albeit with one's hands—i.e. "critical making." The Art of Critical Making, by RISD faculty and staff, describes fundamental aspects of RISD's approach to "critical making" and how this can lead to innovation. The process of making taught at RISD is deeply introspective, passionate, and often provocative. This book illuminates how RISD nurtures the creative process, from brief or prompt to outcome, along with guidance on the critical questions and research that enable making great works of art and design. Explores the conceptual process, idea research, critical questions, and iteration that RISD faculty employ to educate students to generate thoughtful work Authors are from the faculty and staff of the Rhode Island School of Design, which consistently ranks as the number one fine arts and design college in the United States The Art of Critical Making shows you how context, materials, thought processes, and self-evaluation are applied in this educational environment to prepare creative individuals to produce dynamic, memorable, and meaningful works.

Georgia O'Keeffe and the Calla Lily in American Art, 1860-1940

Art Subjects Making Artists In The American University [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Georgia O'Keeffe and the Calla Lily in American Art, 1860-1940 by Barbara Buhler Lynes,Georgia O'Keeffe,Joseph and Margaret Muscarelle Museum of Art Book Summary:

"This book features fifty-four paintings, photographs, and drawings of the calla lily dating from the 1860s to 1940. It includes nine of O'Keeffe's most renowned paintings of the flower as well as works by Imogen Cunningham, Charles Demuth, Marsden Hartley, John La Farge, Man Ray, Joseph Stella, and Edward Weston. The book includes an introduction by esteemed O'Keeffe scholar Barbara Buhler Lynes and essays on various aspects of the flower in American art by Charles C. Eldredge and James Moore."--BOOK JACKET.Title Summary field provided by Blackwell North America, Inc. All Rights Reserved

Arte desde 1900

Art Subjects Making Artists In The American University [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Arte desde 1900 by Hal Foster,Yve-Alain Bois,Rosalind E. Krauss,Benjamin H. D. Buchloh Book Summary:

Con una estructura clara año a año, los autores presentan más de un centenar de artículos que, centrados en un acontecimiento crucial –la creación de una obra seminal, la publicación de un texto importante o la inauguración de una exposición fundamental, por ejemplo– contienen un gran volumen de información sobre el arte desde 1900 hasta nuestros días. Se exploran en profundidad todos los puntos de inflexión y los avances clave de la modernidad y la posmodernidad, sin olvidar las frecuentes reacciones modernas que proponían visiones alternativas del arte y del mundo. Cada uno de los autores ha escrito una introducción en la que se ocupa de las metodologías en boga en la historia del arte, informando y aumentando el grado de comprensión del lector en lo tocante a su práctica actual. La estructura flexible y las numerosas referencias cruzadas permiten que éste trace su propio camino a lo largo del siglo y siga cualquiera de las muchas narraciones que se despliegan en el libro, ya sea la historia de un medio como la pintura, el desarrollo del arte en un país determinado, la influencia de un movimiento como el Surrealismo o la aparición de un corpus estilístico o conceptual como la abstracción o el Minimalismo. El texto está ilustrado con más de seiscientas obras canónicas (y anticanónicas) del siglo, la mayoría en color. Recuadros con información sobre acontecimientos, lugares y personajes clave, así como un glosario y una amplia bibliografía, completan este excepcional volumen. Además de las introducciones a sus enfoques teóricos, los autores también han tomado parte en dos mesas redondas –una situada a mediados de siglo, la otra al final del libro– en las que se discuten algunas de las cuestiones planteadas por las décadas precedentes, al tiempo que dirigen su mirada al arte del futuro. Destinada a convertirse en la referencia sobre la materia, «Arte desde 1900» es una lectura esencial para cualquier persona que quiera comprender las complejidades del arte en el mundo contemporáneo.

Making Race

Art Subjects Making Artists In The American University [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Making Race by Jacqueline Francis Book Summary:

Offers a comparative history of New York expressionist painters Malvin Gray Johnson, Yasuo Kuniyoshi and Max Weber. Original.

A Companion to American Art

Art Subjects Making Artists In The American University [Pdf/ePub] eBook

A Companion to American Art by John Davis,Jennifer A. Greenhill,Jason D. LaFountain Book Summary:

A Companion to American Art presents 35newly-commissioned essays by leading scholars that explore themethodology, historiography, and current state of the field ofAmerican art history. Features contributions from a balance of established andemerging scholars, art and architectural historians, and otherspecialists Includes several paired essays to emphasize dialogue and debatebetween scholars on important contemporary issues in American arthistory Examines topics such as the methodological stakes in thewriting of American art history, changing ideas about whatconstitutes “Americanness,” and the relationship of artto public culture Offers a fascinating portrait of the evolution and currentstate of the field of American art history and suggests futuredirections of scholarship