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Art In China

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Performance Art in China

Art In China [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Performance Art in China by Thomas J. Berghuis Book Summary:

Performance Art in China takes as its subject one of the most dynamic and controversial areas of experimental art practice in China. In his comprehensive study, Sydney-based theorist and art historian Thomas J. Berghuis introduces and investigates the idea of the "role of the mediated subject of the acting body in art," a notion grounded in the realization that the body is always present in art practice, as well as its subsequent, secondary representations. Through a series of in-depth case studies, Berghuis reveals how, during the past 25 years, Chinese performance artists have "acted out" their art, often in opposition to the principles governing correct behavior in the public domain. In addition to a 25-year chronology of events, a systematic index of places, names and key terms, as well as a bibliography and a glossary in English and Chinese, this study also offers the reader numerous previously unpublished photos and documents.

Art in China

Art In China [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Art in China by Craig Clunas Book Summary:

China boasts a history of art lasting over 5,000 years and embracing a huge diversity of forms - objects of jade, lacquer and porcelain, painted scrolls and fans, sculptures in stone, bronze and wood, and murals.But this rich tradition has not, until now been fully appreciated in the West where scholars have focused attention on the European high arts of painting and sculpture, downplaying arts more highly prized by the Chinese themselves, such as calligraphy.Art in China marks a breakthrough in the study of the subject. Drawing on recent innovative scholarship - and newly-accessible studies in China itself - Craig Clunas surveys the full spectrum of the visual arts in China. He ranges from the Neolithic period to the art scene of the early 21st century,examining Chinese art in a variety of contexts - as it has been designed for tombs, commissioned by rulers, displayed in temples, created by the men and women of the educated elite, and bought and sold in the marketplace. This updated edition contains expanded coverage of modern and contemporaryart, from the fall of the empire in 1911 to the growing international interest in the art of an increasingly confident and booming China.

Comics Art in China

Art In China [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Comics Art in China by John A. Lent,Xu Ying Book Summary:

In the most comprehensive and authoritative source on this subject, Comics Art in China covers almost all comics art forms in mainland China, providing the history from the nineteenth century to the present as well as perspectives on both the industry and the art form. This volume encompasses political, social, and gag cartoons, lianhuanhua (picture books), comic books, humorous drawings, cartoon and humor periodicals, and donghua (animation) while exploring topics ranging from the earliest Western-influenced cartoons and the popular, often salacious, 1930s humor magazines to cartoons as wartime propaganda and comics art in the reform. Coupling a comprehensive review of secondary materials (histories, anthologies, biographies, memoirs, and more) in English and Chinese with the artists" actual works, the result spans more than two centuries of Chinese animation. Structured chronologically, the study begins with precursors in early China and proceeds through the Republican, wartime, Communist, and market economy periods. Based primarily on interviews senior scholar John A. Lent and Xu Ying conducted with over one hundred cartoonists, animators, and other comics art figures, Comics Art in China sheds light on tumult and triumphs. Meticulously, Lent and Xu describe the evolution of Chinese comics within a global context, probing the often-tense relationship between expression and government, as well as proving that art can be a powerful force for revolution. Indeed, the authors explore Chinese comics art as it continues to grow and adapt in the twenty-first century. Enhanced with over one hundred black-and-white and color illustrations, this book stands out as not only the first such survey in English, but perhaps the most complete one in any language.

Exhibiting Experimental Art in China

Art In China [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Exhibiting Experimental Art in China by Wu Hung,Prof Wu Hung Book Summary:

In his new book, Wu Hung raises timely questions about artistic freedom and censorship. Here, as in the Smart Museum's exhibition Canceled: Exhibiting Experimental Art in China, Wu uses the government's cancellation of the exhibition It's Me (Beijing, 1998) to anchor his analysis of the challenges faced by contemporary Chinese artists and curators. During this time of rapid change in mainland China, artists and curators are seeking new ways to show work, and finding new allies, patrons and audiences. They are investigating ways to respond to official antagonism, to realize the potential of experimental art in the public sphere, and to maintain the independence of this art in an increasingly commercialized society. Wu addresses these issues through a survey of current exhibition practices, a discussion of the Smart Museum exhibition, a case study of It's Me, a rich collection of primary materials from eleven recent exhibitions. By introducing readers to the complex milieu of experimental artists and curators in China, Wu makes a major contribution to the growing scholarship on contemporary Chinese culture.

Art in China

Art In China [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Art in China by 贾晓伟 Book Summary:

Purdue University's site for the art, music, language of China and other Chinese related sites. (File last updated: December, 10 1997). It's music page provides links to a slection of sound recordings of violin solos, instrumental folk music, songs, contemporary music, as well as Chinese comedy.

The Arts of China

Art In China [Pdf/ePub] eBook

The Arts of China by Michael Sullivan Book Summary:

this book presents a fascinating and balanced picture of Chinese art from the Stone Age to the present day. The author concerns himself not only with art, but also with Chinese philosophy, religion, and the realm of ideas.

Art and Artists of Twentieth-century China

Art In China [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Art and Artists of Twentieth-century China by Michael Sullivan Book Summary:

"Sullivan presents a wealth of material that has never before appeared in a Western language. I expect it will be the standard book on twentieth-century Chinese art for the foreseeable future."--Julia F. Andrews, author of "Painters and Politics in the People's Republic of China" "A most sympathetic and useful guide to twentieth-century Chinese art. Long the leading scholar on the subject, Professor Sullivan has presented a lucid account of a most dramatic chapter in Chinese art in a complex interplay of aesthetics, politics, cultural, and social history."--Wen C. Fong, Princeton University "So much of China's art in the twentieth century has to do with artistic (and political) ideas from the West that is is appropriate that one of its first comprehensive histories should be written by a Western scholar--especially one who has known personally many of China's leading artistic figures of the last fifty years. Not only does Professor Sullivan tell the complex story of twentieth century China art with lucidity and style, his learned text is also illuminated with witty anecdotes and incisive observations that can only come from an indsider."--Johnson Chang (Chang Tson-zung), Director, Hanart Tz Gallery, Hong Kong

The Real Thing

Art In China [Pdf/ePub] eBook

The Real Thing by Simon Groom,Karen Smith,Xu Zhen Book Summary:

For many in the West, Chinese contemporary art is synonymous with the political realist painters of the 1980s and 90s, who recycled the styles of communist social realism with pop cynicism. This book examines the different modes of production, artist groups, market systems and infrastructure that shape artistic production in China.

Buddhist Art in China Landscape Painting and the Buddhist Monk

Art In China [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Buddhist Art in China Landscape Painting and the Buddhist Monk by Xiaoyun (fa shi) Book Summary:

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Children in Chinese Art

Art In China [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Children in Chinese Art by Ann Elizabeth Barrott Wicks Book Summary:

Annotation Experts in the fields of Chinese art, religion, literature, and history introduce and illuminate many of the issues surrounding child imagery in China, including the frequent use of pictures of children to reinforce social values. Topics include a historical overview; images of children in song, painting, poetry, at play, as icons of good fortune, and in stories; the childhood of gods and sages; folk deities; and family pictures. The text is accompanied by 100-plus color and b&w illustrations. A glossary of Chinese characters is included. Edited by Wicks (art history, Miami U). Annotation c. Book News, Inc., Portland, OR (

Arts in China

Art In China [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Arts in China by Yong Jin Book Summary:

For several thousands of years, the Chinese people have enjoyed their lives through their artistic pursuits. Chinese art carries the heritage of traditional Chinese culture, embodying the personalities of artists and cultivating the national character. This book presents the rich history of art in China, exploring the indigenous styles of Chinese artists and how they were influenced by art from other cultures.

The Art of Modern China

Art In China [Pdf/ePub] eBook

The Art of Modern China by Julia F. Andrews,Kuiyi Shen Book Summary:

“The Art of Modern China is a long-awaited, much-needed survey. The authors’ combined experience in this field is exceptional. In addition to presenting key arguments for students and arts professionals, Andrews and Shen enliven modern Chinese art for all readers. The Art of Modern China gives just treatment to an expanded field of overlooked artworks that confront the challenges of modernization.”—De-nin Deanna Lee, author of The Night Banquet: A Chinese Scroll through Time.

Old Chinese Porcelain and Works of Art in China

Art In China [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Old Chinese Porcelain and Works of Art in China by A. W. Bahr Book Summary:

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New Perspectives on the Art of Ceramics in China

Art In China [Pdf/ePub] eBook

New Perspectives on the Art of Ceramics in China by George Kuwayama Book Summary:

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A Companion to Chinese Art

Art In China [Pdf/ePub] eBook

A Companion to Chinese Art by Martin J. Powers,Katherine R. Tsiang Book Summary:

A Companion to Chinese Art provides a contemporary survey of one of the world’s greatest and richest artistic traditions. Including over two dozen newly-commissioned essays, it examines this region’s art and theory in all of its multifaceted complexity—spanning the theories, genres, and media central to Chinese art throughout its history. The volume offers a rich insight into China’s social and political institutions, religious practices, and intellectual traditions alongside Chinese art history, theory, and criticism. It brings together an international team of scholars from East and West, whose contributions range from an overview of premodern theory, to those exploring calligraphy, fine painting, sculpture, personal accessories, and more. In addition, the Companion reflects on social and cultural issues, such as the challenges of comparative history, the role of the artist in society, the contested role of gender in art production, different theories of nature that have evolved over time, and articulates the direction in which the field of Chinese art history is moving. In promoting a comparative understanding of China’s long record of cultural production, this volume provides students and scholars of both Asian and non-Asian art history with an exceptional guide to the history of art in China, from its earliest incarnations to the present day.

Taoism and the Arts of China

Art In China [Pdf/ePub] eBook

Taoism and the Arts of China by Stephen Little,Shawn Eichman,Kristofer Shipper,Patricia Buckley Ebrey Book Summary:

A celebration of Taoist art traces the influence of philosophy on the visual arts in China.